Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Since it has been sooo HOT for a lot of us this Summer, I thought we'd take a moment and cool down--you know "chill out." The origins of ICE CREAM go back to about 60 AD. The first ice cream parlor in America opened in NYC in 1776.

Haagen Dazs was created in 1959 by

Polish born New York businessman

Reuben Mattus. The Danish sound-

ing name was also invented by him

and the ice cream had a map of

Scandinavia on the carton.


In 1843, New England housewife

Nancy Johnson invented the hand

cranked ice cream churn. She

patented the invention but lacked

the funding to make and market it

herself so she sold the patent for

$200 to a Philidelphia kitchen


~~French ice cream is enriched

with egg yolks.

~~More ice cream is sold on

Sunday's than any other day

of the week.

~~Vanilla is the top flavor in the

US followed by chocolate, vanilla/

chocolate, fruit and cookies and


~~Favorite topping is CHOCOLATE

~~The world's first soft serve ice

cream machine was in an Olympia,

Washington Dairy Queen.

~~At one time it was against the law

to serve ice cream on cherry pie in


Top five ice cream producing

states: CA, IN, OH, IL and MI.
Here we have Mr. Ken in "Mel's
Diner" in Piegon Forge Tenn.
He is going to "try" their ginormous
banana split! Yes, folks he ate it
ALL!!! I saw it with my own two eyes.
The biggest ice cream sundae ever
made, was 12 feet high, made with
4,667 gallons of ice cream and
7,000 lbs. of toppings. 1985 CA
Take a page from this puppy's
book and ENJOY!!
All images EXCEPT Mr. Ken
are from Google Images.
~Keep on Dreaming~
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  1. Can I come and Chill with your guys! yummy, I do love ice cream. I think I could finish off a big ice cream just like Mr. Ken did.
    Now I need to eat ice cream!
    Have a sweet day, Hugs, Elizabeth

  2. One more fact for you - I'm the only person in America who doesn't like ice cream.

    Okay, probably not true but close!

    This is such a fun post!

  3. Beki--
    I work with a gal that doesn't like it either.

  4. The ice cream looks great except you've made me hungry, we live in the country and don't have any in the freezer since my husband's been on that P90X routine!!! Anyway, just wanted to thank you for the nice words on my blog-great to meet you!

  5. I think ice cream is one of the greatest gifts ever discovered. :)

    I'm impressed that he finished that whole banana split. WOW!

  6. I needed some of that today! I am so tired of this awful heat! I had to laugh about that KS law... we have a few strange ones on the books don't we?

  7. Loved this post. Ice cream is my all time favorite dessert. Glad to hear that Kansas straightened out the cherry pie law!

  8. I have very good ice creams in the north on my holiday place, but my husband is the one who eats a lot!!! hugs catherine

  9. Cool post especially these hot days. Now I am hungry for some icecream. Jackie

  10. OOoooo, I've been cravin' an old-fashioned chocolate ice cream soda. Ya know the kind ya get from a soda fountain that you rarely run across these days. Yep, ya just sparked that again!

    God bless ya sweetie!!!

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