Thursday, August 25, 2016

Wednesday Write Up-Thursday Style


Good Evening, these days are flying
by, I am having a tough time keeping
up. I realized that I did not post
yesterday. So here we are.

Right before school started, Mr. Ken
took a Friday and Monday off . On
that Friday we took a day trip to
Wichita, which is south of where we

There are a lot of different
museums in Wichita, but
the one we went to was The
Mid-America All-Indian Museum.
This Totem Pole is directly outside
of the museum.


The museum has a library for guests
to use while visiting. Very extensive 

Never thought much about this, found
it very interesting.


This is Blackbear Bosin.

A Comanche-Kiowa sculptor and
painter. He passed away in 1980
in Wichita.

Beautiful artifacts to look at.

This is one set of jewelry on display.

This is The Gallery of Nations.
Each flag hanging represents
an Indian nation.

Many photos on display showing
adults and children doing a variety
of  dances at Pow Wows.


Gentleman. All of the photos were
beautiful. each one captured
perfectly the dance.

This is The Keeper of the Plains
Statue. It is located in a beautiful
park outside of the museum.
It is a 44 ft Cor-Ten steel
sculpture created by Blackbear

It was created in 1974 and placed
at the confluence of the Arkansas
and Little Arkansas Rivers. At
night the Ring of Fire is lit, lighting
up the statue and the beautiful park
it is guarding.

After our visit to the museum, we
drove through downtown. I had
heard about a Chalk Park. During
weekday lunch time they have food
trucks, seating and just a nice area
to hang out. The butterfly was above
the chalk wall. It is encouraged that
messages left are "family friendly."


Someone had a birthday while he was
on vacation. (Mr. Ken)

One lone rose popped out for
round two of blooming. The
rest were eaten or the heat got

We had storms last night and
this morning. Plus fog on the
drive to school.

School is keeping me sooo
busy to the point that I went
to bed at 9 p.m. last night,
unheard of in our house but
I could not keep my eyes

We have another day trip
planned for Saturday but
I can't day much because
"someone " might read the
blog and find out where we
are going. More later.

~Keep on Dreaming~

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Wednesday Write Up


Good evening!

Your blog writer is suffering from being
hot, tired and mentally exhausted.
Our building is experiencing air
conditioner problems which they have
been working on week. It has been in the
upper 80's outside and couple that with
two classrooms  with temps in the upper
70's makes for a rough time at school.

My post for today will be posted on
another Wednesday--the pic above is a
teaser for that post.

Hope everyone is doing well.
See you soon!

~Keep on Dreaming~

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Light and Bright


Happy Sunday to Everyone!

It is still hot here so for today
I have a refreshing recipe for
you so pull up a chair and

Pineapple Lemonade

1  C  Countrytime Lemonade
3 C Cold water
1  Can of chilled Pineapple Juice (46 oz.)
2  Cans of Sprite

Mix all ingredients and add lemon slices
and ice.


PS: For an "Adult " version you can add
your fave beverage additions.

~Keep on Dreaming~

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Wednesday Write Up

Good Evening friends!
Hope all is well with you.

Today's post is brief.

Can you guess where I went today?
Yep, I heard you...that's right friends, 
it was time to get up early and go 
Back to School! 
It was good to see everyone, we
had meetings most of the day but
time to catch up too.
My kids will arrive on the doorstep
bright and early Friday for 1/2 a day.
Yes, it does not make sense but no
one asked me. :)

Next week we will catch up more!

~Keep on Dreaming~

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Whirling Around

Hope you are having a GREAT Thursday.
This is me above --calm, cool and quiet.

This has been me for the last few days. A 
whirling top spinning around here 90 to 

Summer break is almost over and I have 
so much left I would like to get accomplished. Yesterday I gave myself permission to STOP. 
I realized that if I kept going at the pace I 
was going, I would go back to school unhappy 
and frustrated.

So I will do what I can and the rest will still 
be there to work on another day. I do have 
a couple of things that are "must dos", I'll 
focus on them and finish my summer break 

This school year promises to be vastly 
different with new staff in our program (6) 
and a very different schedule for the WHOLE building which we will be participating in. 
Prayers would be appreciated for a smooth 
start to this new year. Thanks!!

I will be MIA for a few days--enjoying the 
last of my break and some some "young 
man" in our house has a birthday coming 
up next Monday.

Take care, stay cool and I will see you back 

here soon. I will try to peek in and see what 
is up with you though.

~Keep on Dreaming~

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Autism Acceptance

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Yea, We Did It!!!!
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