Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Made in Missouri and Kansas

Ta-Da we made it to the last
day! Hooray!
Today we will be looking at
two new cities and the products
that are made there.

Our first stop is St. Joseph,
Missouri which is located in
the northwestern part of the
Our feature product from St.
Joe is the Cherry Mash,
made by the Chase Candy
Founded by Doctor turned
candy maker, Dr, George
Washington Chase in 1876-
the same year that America
turned 100! Needing to add
to his family's income, Chase
opened a fruit and produce
but his teenage son
encouraged him to hire two
expert candy makers and the
Chase Candy company was born
on the second floor of the business.
The candy became so popular that
the family devoted all their time to
candy making.
Well known in the Midwest for it's
peanut candie and hand dipped
chocolates. BUT my ultimate
favorite is the Cherry Mash!
Created in 1918, it became the
best seller among candy bars.
The Cherry Mash is a delicious
mound of chopped roasted pea-
nuts mixed with a chocolate coating
over a smooth cherry fondant center.
Heaven!!!! It is the third oldest candy
bar in the U.S.
After several changing of hands the
candy company is still in St. Joe, where
it all began over 135 years ago, they are
still making all their wonderful delicious
yummies today.
If you can't find them in your area, you
can find them on the internet if course!
And if you have not had one, get one
try it---you WILL like it!

Our last stop on the tour will be
Louisburg, Kansas. We will take
some time to visit the Louisburg 
Cider Mill.
Louisburg is located about 20 minutes
from our house. Just down the road a
piece. The cider mill was constructed
from wood saved from an old barn.
They have been making cider since 1977
and their method of cider making dates
back 2000 years! After a two or three day
process the cider is bottled in gallon and
half gallon jugs. We are lucky enough to
be able to buy the cider in our local grocery
stores. One of the favs of visitors is the
there without having at least one. These
are some tasty morsels.

Some of the other things that are made at
the mill are:
Lost Trail Soda--A  western themed
product that was inspired by the travels
and adventures of one of the owners great
great grandfather. It is a micro-brewed,
draft style method of production. Giving
it and old fashioned taste. It comes in a
variety of flavors.
Fruit Butters and Preserves--
They are made using the "open kettle"
method. The fruit butter is a spread
made of fruit cooked down to a creamy
paste that is lightly sweetened and flavored
with spices.

Activities for visitors:
Ciderfest, Pumpkin Patch and Corn
Maze. Late September and Early
Mill Tours
Country Store

Check out their website for product

Information gathered for these posts
came from the internet and info that
I happened to know on these products.

We have come to the end of our tour,
thanks for coming along for the ride.

It has been fun and I am excited to
have some new followers--welcome.

I will admit that this has been a long
haul and I am headed for a small break.
Stay tuned to this channel for a new post

~Keep on Dreaming~

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Where in Missouri and Kansas is...?

Here we are at the end of
our city tour. I hope you
have enjoyed these posts.
While looking up the various
cities, I too have learned a

Our stop wil be in a "college
town" for W. Warrensburg.

Known to many as "The Burg."

Home to Central Missouri
State University--CSMU.
Their mascot is The Mule.

Warrensburg, MO was founded
in 1835 by settlers John and
Martin D. Warren.

It is located in the western part
of the state.

The city is near the site of a
terrible train crash that killed
30 people when the passenger
train they were on hit a freight
trian. The passengers were headed
to St. Louis for the 1904 State
Fair in St. Louis.

An education oriented city with 
many schools to choose from.

Two Persons of Interest:

Dale Carnegie--Famous for self help
David Cook--Winner of American Idol-
Season Seven. He is a 2006 graduate
of CMSU.

Now we will hop the state line
over to Kansas for Y and Z.
I found a Z--can you believe

First up is Yoder.

Located in the south central
part of the state--see the red
dot above on the map?

Yoder is popular with the Amish
community. The city name comes
from it's Amish founder.

It is an unincorporated city with
no city government but has a post
office and a zip code.

Aug 14th is Yoder Heritage Day.

Now we will head northwest for
Z. Our stop will be Zurich.

The population has decreased over
the years:
1990----151 residents
2000----126 residents
2012----99 residents.

At one time the city was located on
the Union Pacific Railroad.

There you have it. Tomorrow
will be the "Made in Kansas
and Missouri post. I think you
will enjoy this one. I have a couple
of fun items to feature.

Come on back!

~Keep on Dreaming~

Monday, April 28, 2014

Where in Kansas and Missouri is...?

Regular programming has resumed.
Today we are on the road to U and
V with a little bit of a political twist
to our posts today.
First up is Ulysses, KS.

Aptly named after Ulysses S. Grant
our 18th president.

As you can see, it is located in the
southwest corner of the state.

It was established in 1873.

The first town site was founded in
June 1885 and was surveyed by
George Washington Earp, the
first cousin to Wyatt Earp. The
site was located approximately
two miles east of the present day

The town's motto is "A City On
the Move."

Now we will cross the state line
for V and locate Van Buren,

It was founded in 1833 and named
for then Vice President, Martin Van

It is located in the southeastern
Missouri Ozarks on an edge of
the Mark Twain National Forest.

This is another city on the move.
In the beginning the city started
in one county and ended up in
the present day county it is in.
The present day site was purch-
ased for $495 in 1867. A log court-
house was built before the new
city site was even fully laid out.

Phone service arrived sometime
after 1907 and electricity arrived
20 years later in 1927.

The area around Van Buren is
well known to folks who enjoy
fishing, floating, and canoeing
on the Current River.

There you have it two states
named after political figures.
Pretty cool don't you think.

Tomorrow we will be checking
out the last two cities that will
be featured in this challenge.
I don't have cities for X and Z
so on Wednesday I will doing a
"Made in Kansas and Missouri"

Thanks for hanging with me
during the challenge.

In a later post I'll tell you about
our "family weekend."

~Keep on Dreaming~

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Life Interrupted...


We have family activities
all weekend that will keep
us busy so we will put the
challenge on hold till Monday.
Since I don't have a X and a Z,
I will be doing some doubling
up to finish the challenge on
time next week.
So please hang with me and
we'll get this done.

Thanks to all who have stopped
by it is good to see you.

See you on Monday for U and V.

~Keep on Dreaming~

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Where in Missouri is...?

We are back in Missouri and
we are trotting down the road
looking for T. Up in the north-
ern part of the state is where
we will find Trenton.

Trenton is nicknamed:
"City of friendly citizens."

Trenton was established in

The have an agricultural based
economy. But back in the early
days mining was big business.
There were three coal mines and
the railroad helped to move it
where it was needed.

The city's big claim is that
they are the world's largest

producer of Vienna Sausages
Their biggest employer is
ConAgra-site of the sausage
making. So if you like these
little things you have Trenton,
Missouri to thank for that.

Trenton is also home to
North Central Missouri
College, it was established
in 1925 as Trenton Junior
College. They offer many
different programs but
has become most popular
with those intersted in
Nursing or Agriculture.

Tomorrow we will double up
states with a bit of a surprise.
See you then for U and V.

~Keep on Dreaming~

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Where is...?

Today we are playing catch-up.

We are heading for the hills in
both states. We will do a little
back tracking and begin with R
as in Rock Hill, Mo

Rock Hill's settlement dates back
to 1800 (ish).

It recieved it's name from an old
church that was named by a
Presbyterian minister who came
upon two steep and rocky hills on
the way to the church's founding

The French pioneers lived here
in the early years.

The city has a total area of 1.09
square miles--all of it is land,
with approx 4,636 people
living there.

Rock Hill has seven city parks
for their residents enjoyment.

In the fall, the community
gathers for the Annual Rock
Hill Fall Festival and Parade.
Visitors enjoy good food, a
variety of music and much
more. Fun for the whole

Moving on to another hill
on the Kansas side. This
is  S as in Spring Hill.

Spring Hill is located in
two counties in the state.

Named after a town near
Mobile, Alabama by the
first settler to the town.

In 1990 the population
was 2,191 and in 2010
it went up to 5,437
people living there.

Spring Hill was home to
the first female doctor in
the state, who it was said
was part of  the Under-
ground Railroad.

As with most cities Spring
Hill enjoys their community

During the year they have:
~~The King of the Hill BBQ
~~The Spring Hill Fall Festival
~~Hometown Holidays

The city also has an award
winning golf course. Sycamore

Lots to do and not far from where
we live!

Tomorrow is T. So trot on back
and see where we are headed.

P.S. It is National Jelly Bean Day!
What is your favorite jelly bean?

~Keep on Dreaming~

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Bunnies, Bunnies, Bunnies!

The bunnies were on the
Plaza again this year in
their Easter finery.

To celebrate baseball season
some of the bunnies were
dressed in hometown blue.

Go Royals!

This young bunny is ready to
hit the field.

We would like to wish each and
every one of you a blessed and
Happy Easter.

See you Monday when we resume
the challenge with R.

~Keep on Dreaming~

Friday, April 18, 2014

Where is...?

I am being a rebel today! I
am doing today AND
tomorrow's today and doing
my Easter post tomorrow.

Back to regular programming.
Our first stop is P-Pleasant
Hill, Mo.

Before 1865 the whole town
was situated on a hillside-
hence the name Pleasant Hill.
Then it moved to a valley closer
to the trains.

The Historic Downtown is
listed on the National
Register of Historic Places.
Downtown used to be the best
place to watch the trains.

In and around downtown
visitor's will find many
other historic sites to see.

If you are in town in mid-
July, look for the fair. It is
sponsored by the Chamber
of Commerce.

Home to the Kansas City and
Pleasant Hill National Weather
Service Forcast Office. This
office serves 37 counties in
northern and western Missouri
and seven counties in Kansas.
You will not miss the "golf
ball" shaped radar tower located
on the grounds. The Pleasant Hill
office provides radar services and
supplies images to all local and
regional  TV meteorologists.

Our second stop is Q-
Quinter, Kansas.

Named after the
Reverend James B.

It is located in western
Kansas halfway between
Kansas City and Denver.
Most would say "out
where it is flat."

In the early days it was a
farming community, now
they rely on small industry
and a growing and bustling
Main Street.

Interesting facts:

They have the shortest
highway in the US.
Highway 212

In November 2006, Waldo
McBurney, resident was
named the "Oldest Worker
in America." He was 104!
He was a beekeeper until
shortly before he passed
away in July 2009 at the
age of 106!!
There's hope for all of us.

~Keep on Dreaming~

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Where in Kansas is...?

Well, friends here we
are on day 15 of the
challenge. We are past
the midway mark. I truly
hope that you have enjoyed
these posts.

Today is O day. We are back
in Kansas looking for it and
we have found Overland

This city is the next one over
from the city we live in, so we
feel like we live there too.
I work in "OP" and the school
building that I work in is
named Overland Park

It is the 2nd  most populated
city in Kansas and is the
largest suburb in the Kansas
City Metro Area.

Overland Park was founded by
William B Strang Jr. a railroad
magnate in 1905. Mr Strang's
view for the community was
a "park-like", self sustaining
and and well planned areas.
He felt that commerce needed
to be strong as did education,
there needed to be vibrant
places to live, places for
recreation and convenient

Mr. Strang sponsored the first
airplane flight west of the Miss-
issippi in 1909.
My school building is located
just east of Downtown OP and
this is an area that has a history
with flight.

In 1960, the city population was
21,110 and in 2012 it was around
178,919 people running around the

There are three school districts in
"OP." The district I work in has 5
high schools the other two have 4
and 5. Each district has many
elementaries and middle schools.
there is one community college
which is the largest undergrad
institution of higher education in

Visitor's coming to Overland
Park may enjoy:

~~Overland Park Arboretum
and Botanical Gardens. There
are over 300 acres of nature
to walk through here.
~~Deanna Rose Children's
Farmstead. It is a 12 acre
park offering over 200
animals, hayrides, a fishing
pond and much more to do
and see. It is a popular
destination for visitors and
residents alike on a weekend
~~Historic Downtown Overland
Park is where it all began. You
will find a variety of shops, rest-
aurants and on Saturdays in the
spring and then also on
Wednesday's in the summer you
will find a spectacular Farmer's
~~The Nerman Museum-located
on the campus of the community
college. It is a nice size museum
full of great art. They also have a
wonderful cafe.

I/we have been to all of these
places, each has offerings for all
ages. So if you find yourself in
"OP" let me know and we'll make
a day of it.

Tomorrow we are off to find P.

~Keep on Dreaming~

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