Thursday, April 10, 2014

Where in Kansas AND Missouri is Independence...?

Today we are doing something a little
different. I am featuring 1 city but in
both states. By the end of the challenge
I have a couple of days without letters, so
I thought this would work. This will be long
so please bear with me. Thanks!

Today is I day and we as I said above
we have one city but it can be found
in both states and that would be

We'll start in Kansas. Independence is
located on the Kansas/Oklahoma border
along the Verdgris River.

It is the County Seat for Montgomery
County and was designated so in
1870. The land was first settled by
the Osage Indians, they purchased it
for $50 !

The first night game of professional
baseball was played here in April
1930.The Muscogee (OK) Indians
beat the Independence Producers

Miss Able a rhesus monkey and
Miss Baker a squirrel monkey were
the first two monkeys to go into space.
They returned alive on May 28, 1959.
But Miss Able passed away four days

In late October on can attend the
Neewollah Festival. (Halloween
spelled backwards) This began in
1919 as an alternative to pranks.
It began as a three day event but
has grown to a ten day celebration!
There are parades, food booths, crafts,
a chili cook off and much much more!

One area attraction I found interesting
was-that near Independence one can
find the childhood home to Laura
Ingalls Wilder and her family. This
was the area that Charles Ingalls
family lived in between 1869-1871.
It has been designated as an Historic
Site. These were some of my favorite
books to read!

Mr. Ken and I may have to check this
hidden gem out!

Now we are off to Missouri to
find out about the Independence

This is my home town, I lived
here from the time I was a year
old up to the year I moved to
Kansas and Mr. Ken and I got

I attended elementary, junior and
senior high here. In high school,
I worked at the public library and
then during college I worked part
time in childcare. When I graduated
from college and began working full
time in the Education field.

Independence had another popular
resident (other than me :) ) President
Harry Truman our 33 rd president. Mr.
Truman AND his wife Bess grew up here
on the same street! Before becoming
President, Truman was a judge-
administrative not judicial. Also in this
lovely city one can find the Truman
House and the Presidential Library. I
have been to the the Library but
not to the home. Who tours their
own hometown?

Some of the other interesting things
about Independence, MO are:

It is the fourth largest city in Missouri.
It is considered a satellite city of
Kansas City, MO and part of the
KC metro area.

Back in the day Missouri and Osage
Indians inhabited the area.

Independence was founded in 1827
and became an important Frontier town.

Independence became part of the United
States with the Louisiana Purchase of

Lewis and Clark dropped by in 1804.

1831 saw the arrival of the Latter Day
Saints and is home to the headquarters
to the Community of Christ church.
They have a temple and a visitor's
center also.

There is so much more but I will
stop now. If you are ever in Indep-
endence, MO  stop by the historic
square and find out more in regards
to the history of my hometown.

Thanks for bearing with me through
this post. I appreciate you taking the
time to read it.

On another note-Tomorrow is
National Pie Day. Enjoy a


~Keep on Dreaming!


  1. How interesting there's an Independence, KS, too! I love the Little House books! I Love visiting Independence, MO! My favorite thing to do there is eat at the Courthouse Exchange! Best bread pudding and applesauce EVER! We've been to the Truman Library and seen their 'White House' from the outside. That LDS church is amazing, but we've never toured it.

    1. Oh, we do love The Courthouse Exchange.
      When you come back, check out the historic houses they are awesome.

      M : )

  2. These posts are so interesting. I also loved Laura Ingalls Wilder.

    1. I'm so glad that you are enjoying my posts.

      M : )

  3. I have a friend who lives hear Gettysburg and only went there as a boy scout... wow.... I have been twice for a week at a time. I love Independence, Missouri, too and YES I have been to the Truman home. I love the Bingham Waggoner and the Vaile, and everything downtown. And guess what? I've been to Independence, KS, too!

    1. When were you a boy scout?

      I knew that you had been to
      Independence, MO but not Kansas.

      M : )


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