Saturday, August 30, 2014

I'm so Happy, I'm So Happy!

Good afternoon !
I hope everyone's holiday weekend is
off to a great start!

As you can see from the picture above 
I am doing the Happy Dance---for
several reasons.

1---I have my laptop back!! Mr. Ken
the "Computer Wizard" got it back up
and running. Apparently laptops are
NOT fond of ice tea being spilled on
them. Who knew?  :) I did really. So
I will be posting again and I'll come
by soon to see everyone.

2---A three day weekend! School has
gotten off to a hectic start, I think we
are getting the groove on but we still
have a ways to go. Looking forward
to down time, R and R and hanging

3---Great weather! It has cooled down
some here. We had several days
recently that were down right uncom-
fortable!This summer's weather has
been unusally "cool" (upper 80's) no
100's we had a few upper 90's just as
school started--of course.

4---I am feeling better. Besides the
laptop being sick so was I. Last
Saturday I woke up with what I
thought was a summer "cold" but
NOOOO it turned into a fever, chills,
cough and feeling downright miserable.
On Monday, when I got to school
I found out that our whole class had
some form of the same thing! We
had kids out with it and I just kept
shoving medicine down me. I think
everyone is on the mend and having
three days away from each other will
be time for all of us to get rid of the

Thanks to those who are working
this holiday to keep us safe!

~Keep on Dreaming~

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Big Issue

Warning computer on the fritz,
will post when I can.

~Keep on Dreaming~

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Oh Baby, It's Hot Outside!

Hello Everyone!

Well, summer has arrived with a
vengance. We are having a slight
heat wave with a heat advisory
possibly till Tuesday! The heat
index could top 108 today. Now,
you have to understand that up
until a few days ago, we were
having summer temps in the
upper 80's. And... now we
are having the temps we
normally have here in the

So to combat the heat and the
(restless natives) my students.
I broke out the Jelly Belly Ice
Shaver. This one is hand cranked
but I think they have an electic
one also. Picked this up at Target
earlier this summer. Too much fun!

The original recipe was trippled
times two so that we would have
enough to go around.  We had 20
enjoying shaved ice.
So three cups of water heated to a boil.
Three for each flavor.

(Wrong pic) Six pkgs. Kool-Aid.

Three cups of sugar! Yes, that's right.
Put in the boiling water and remove
from the heat. Then add three pkgs
of Kool-Aid.

Let cool down and put in a
pour bottle. Store in the

Ta-Da cherry flavored shaved

For the grape I just made it "like"
Kool-Aid. Each was a little different
but the flavor for both was great!
My kids loved it and so did the staff!

If you are doing this with mulitple
flavors, I would do it like I did the
grape one, that way you won't have
the "wait" time in between flavors.
The only thing you won't have is the
heaviness of the "simple syrup" that
the red one made.

Here is the original recipe:

Shaved Ice Syrup

2 C  sugar
1 C water
1 Pkg of Kool-Aid

Bring water to a boil, add sugar
and stir add Kool-Aid and remove
from heat. Let cool.

I cut the sugar amount in half and believe
one cup is enough. You could even do
a half cup sugar or do a sugar free version
with a sweetener of your choice.


~Keep on Dreaming~

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A Public Garden---Part 2

Today we are back at The
Ewing and Muriel Kauffman
Memorial Garden.
This two acre garden is located
in the heart of Kansas City.

I'm sure this picture is in the first
post but I wanted to tell you a
little about this building.
This is the Orangery and it is the
major architectural feature here
in the garden. It is one of the first
things you see as you turn the
corner and walk into the garden
itself. Orangeries originated in
Europe, where aristocratic families
built conservatories with the windows
only facing south to allow the citrus
to ripen in the winter months. In this
garden it is used for a gathering place
for visitors and a site for fragrant and
seasonal plants.

In the photo above and below
visitor's are greeted by these
very large trees as they enter
the Orangery.

Each of the trees had beautiful
flowers growing around the

There were several of these
hanging from the ceiling.
you can see how tall those
trees are.

I thought this sculpture was adorable.
There was a plaque but I could not
get a good picture. Look closely
and you will see what the boy is
sitting on while reading his book.

Another pretty one.

I think this is an orchid growing
at the bottom of this tree.

Let's go back outside again.


This was a beautiful garden back
in June and I am sure it was pretty
during these summer months when
Zinnias, Celosia, Coleus, Marigolds
and other beauties are in bloom.

If you missed Part One you can find
it here. You will need to scroll past
Part Two to find Part One.

~Keep on Dreamimg~

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Update, Update, Update


We are going to have an update
catch-up post. Life has gotten a
bit busy and I am a bit behind. :)

Up first--a DIY project. I bought
this black case at a garage sale
earlier this summer.


I thought it was bland so I
blinged it up with pink poka
dots! Love it!
The person who had it first
used it as a laptop case. But
I am taking it to school for  
field trips. We will use it in
a variety of ways. A lunch
carrier, books and small toys


Country Dreaming turned 5 during
our vacation-staycation. Thanks to
those of you who come by often and
comment, those who come by and
visit quietly and those who have
been a faithful reader for the past
5 years!!!! I appreciate you and
your friendship.


Mr. Ken had a BIG birthday earlier
this month!


We had a backyard FULL of people
helping Ken celebrate.


He got to wear this button at his
party and THEN on the day of
his birthday a week later. It
lights up! What fun!!


More birthday fun--we enjoyed
luch here. An authentic German
restaurant in the Freight District
of  Kansas City.


Ken and I had Goulash with
Spatzel, he also had Red Cabbage
on the side. Ken said that his 50th
birthday--ALL of it was AWESOME!!!

Last but not least---School has
started!  My first day was August
11 with inservice and training in
the morning and then time to work
in the room in the afternoon. Our
1st and 2nd graders began on the 12th
with a 1/2 day and another on the 13th.
Kindergarteners began on the 14th with
a full day for ALL of us.
Talk about hitting the ground running!!
The kids have adapted well to being back,
the adults---well, we are working on it.

That's it. We had an awesome summer
and now we are back to getting a routine
in place. Summer will be enjoyed in an
abbreviated way now.

~Keep on Dreaming~

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Lighthearted Humor

Today calls for a little fun...

*What did the Pacific Ocean
say to the Atlantic Ocean?

Nothing he just waved.

*What did one wall say to
another wall?

I'll meet you at the corner.

*What did the paper say to
the pencil?

Write on!

*What has four wheels and

A garbage truck.

*What kind of car does Mickey
Mouse's wife drive?

A minnie van.

Hope these put a smile on
your face today.

~Keep on Dreaming~

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Week of Fun---Part 3

Today we are going to The
Strawberry Hill Museum
and Cultural Center.
Back in the day the museum
belonged to The Scroggs
Family and was "one of the
most outstanding examples
of the Queen Anne Style
house" erected in Kansas
City, Kansas.


As the marker says-it was built
in 1887 and the family lived
here for 32 years. Many years
later the home was turned into
an orphanage in order to accom-
odate the many orphans that were
left behind due to a horrible flu
epidemic. Today visitors can see
the additions made for the children
and many of the home's original
pieces of furniture, decorative items
and beautiful stained glass windows.
In 1988 the Museum opened when it
was acquired by the Strawberry Hill
Ethnic Cultural Society. The society
promotes and preserves the ethnic
heritage prevalent in Kansas City,
Strawberry Hill is primarily a
Croatian community but also
represents the cultural diversity of
the community. While touring the
museum, visitors will learn about
Danish, Polish, Slovakian, Russian
and several others cultures.
For those of you who are local and
if you visit here make sure that you
see the Pope John Paul's bed and
personal items from his private
trips to Kansas City via TWA.
Lastly this house has gone
through A LOT over the years but
it is still a beautiful and well preserved.
Volunteers take care of the house and
grounds, guide tours, run the gift shop
and the tea room. A job well done!


This is the city view from the
front porch.
There are no pictures from the
inside due to not being allowed
to take any.


In the evening after our museum trip
we came here to watch our Minor League
team play baseball.


It was First Responders Night at the
ball park.


The Kansas City T-Bones played the
Winnipeg Goldeyes. PLAY ball!


Lots of fans.


A cool treat for a hot night. Yum!


A beautiful sunset.

Those crazy kids. My seat neighbor
was kind enough to take our pic.


Fireworks to end the game and a
fantastic vacation-staycation!
I hope you enjoyed the various
places we visited.

~Keep on Dreaming~

Autism Acceptance

Autism Acceptance

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Yea, We Did It!!!!
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