Saturday, June 30, 2012

Going To Kansas City

A-- Our first stop will be at Arrowhead Stadium-- "Home of The Chiefs." Arrowhead is the 27th largest stadium in North America. Ground was broke in July of 1968 and Opening Day was in August 1972. Kansas City defeated the St. Louis Cardinals in their first game at Arrowhead. Since then many games have been played including college and major league soccer plus many a concert has been attended at Arrowhead.
Now, we will travel back in
time to the year 1954 when
Kansas City got it's first major
league baseball team.
The Kansas City Athletics came
from Philidelphia that year.
They played here until 1967
when they left for California.
Major League baseball expanded
in 1969 and a new team arrived
in KC.
~Keep on Dreaming~

Friday, June 29, 2012

Going To Kansas City

image: Google
The All-Star Game is coming to
Kansas City and we are looking
forward to the game!
Leading up to the game on July
10th, you will receive an all
expenses paid trip to KC via
my blog!
The "ABC's of KC" will introduce
you to many historic sites, land-
marks and places of interest that
can be visited if you were to come
to Kansas City!
The Chamber of Commerce here
at Country Dreaming hopes you
enjoy your visit!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Before: I picked up this cute tote bag a couple of months ago but it did not close. I think it would be a cute summer bag so...
I cut three velro rectangles
and stuck them to the sides
of the bag.
Viola' it now closes and
no one can get nosy in
my new bag. YEA!
I have had this tray for
years and wanted some-
thing different to put on
the "wedge" that is goes
with our sectional sofa.
Right now it is our "coffee"
table. Anyway--didn't care
for the bottom of the tray
I looked through my
scrapbook paper stash,
chose a red print, cut it
to fit the bottom of the
tray and taped it into
the bottom. I used tape
so I could chage it again
if I want to.
I took this off of an old
porch swing that we
had tured into a flower
bench. It was in major
need of TLC--cleaning
and painting so...
I got out some of my
paints and touched
it up here and there.
Now it is clean and
cheerful again. It
will go in the garden
I picked the candle
holders at a garage
sale last Saturday.
I bought them to
put on our deck table
but...they were the
same color as our table.
I got a can of black glossy
spray paint out (a bloggers
friend) and painted them.
Here they are last night.
I put them out on the
deck table this morning.
Looking good!
I am waiting on Marydon's
address before I post the
giveaway goodies. :)
~Keep on Dreaming~

Monday, June 25, 2012

And The Winner Is.....

17 names were put in a bowl for my SUMMER MYSTERY GIVEAWAY! My helpful assistant put his hand in and mixed all the names up. He pulled out a slip of paper and guess who won??? The winner is......... Marydon from "Blushing Rose." Yea! She will receive some fun goodies that I picked out! Remember it was a mystery giveaway-I will reveal the goodies after I mail them to her! *********************************** Marydon: please email me with your address. Thanks again to everyone for your wonderful comments, love and support! Love to ALL of YOU! ~Keep on Dreaming~

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Kick'n Back

Good morning friends:
It is going to be a HOT
one here today! YUCK!!
We are trying to get
stuff done before the
temprature rises too
much more. We also
have errands to run.
One being a trip to
Bath and Body Works
for the 75% annual
SALE!!! WooHoo!!
I stopped at the library
yesterday and loaded up
on goodies to look through
and read today, cause I
don't plan on being outside
this afternoon in the heat.
I'll just kick back and enjoy!
Lots of fun stuff here. :)
Of course, by my side will
be a glass or two OR more
of my fave beverage. ICED
TEA--lots of ice!
Stay cool if it is hot in your
neighorhood, have plenty of
YOUR fave beverages and
ENJOY the day!!
Dreaming would like to
WELCOME The Jones as
new followers. I am soo
excited to have you along
for the fun! I'll be by soon
for a visit. ~Keep on Dreaming~

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Today's Thought

Hello-- Welcome to Summer 2012! Hope you are enjoying your first full day of the season! Check out my posts from Tuesday and June 3rd-- there are great ideas for the Summer season!!! Have FUN!!!! "Daydreaming is the sweet wonder of Summer" ~Janet Potter Metzelaar~ ~Keep on Dreaming~

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Trivia Anyone?

Are we ready for some
Summertime Trivia?
Better Homes and Gardens
Magazine asked it's Face-
book fans:
What is your favorite
kind of Summer party?
72%--Backyard BBQ
23%--Drinks around the
fire pit
4%--Picnic in the park
1%--Ice Cream Social
I like all of them BUT
I would say that mine
would be the BBQ.
What about you?
I may have asked this
in a past post but for
the newer readers.
What is your favorite
summer beverage?
Iced Tea-unsweet, sweet
or flavored
Iced Coffees
Mine as most of you
know is ---Ice tea WITH
LOTS of ice! :)
For those of you who
prefer a little kick in
your Summer beverage:
What is your favorite
Summer beverage?
Thank YOU so much for
the wonderful comments
on my last post. I really
appreciate your kind
Stay tuned there is
more fun to come!
~Keep on Dreaming~

Sunday, June 17, 2012

I'm So Excited!

This is my 500th POST!!!!!
For almost 3 years I have
been chit chating about a
variety of things with you--
my fellow blog friends!
Blogging helped me during
the years that Ken was out
of work. It gave me a
distraction from the "what
now" questions we were
dealing with at the time.
Now I enjoy getting to
know all of you more and
making more new friends.
It is also fun to find new
crafting ideas, recipes
amd learning about new
products being used in
Sharing our lives with you
and you letting us share in
yours has been great too!
To celebrate this milestone
I am having a SUMMER
This is my way of thanking
you for hanging out here
with me.
All you have to do to be
entered is: tell me something
that you have taken away
with you from a visit.
It could be a recipe, a craft
idea, a piece of trivia etc.
I'll put the names in a basket
and Ken will do the big draw
NEXT Sunday.
Thanks again for hanging out
with me AND Ken, we have
enjoyed your company.
If you know of someone who
would like to hang out here
let them know about us here
at Country Dreaming.
Happy Father's Day to all the
Dad's and those who Father.
Enjoy your day!!!!
~Keep on Dreaming~

Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Whole Lot of Fun!

Our neighborhood had their
garage sales last week and
did I pick up some bargains!
First let me tell you about the
above pic--ALL FREE. Yep,
FREE. The stool is waiting for
me to give it a home and the
plates will be used under my
plant containers instead of
those ugly plastic things. The
three yellow ones will get happy
faces on them! Woohoo. Okay,
now on to the sale stuff.
A very cute chair-new paint soon, a
teapot, a bundt pan--this will be
turned into a planter--I borrowed
the idea from Leslie at "a spoonful"
hers is on her deck table under her
umbrella. So cute! Two greeting cards
and a scarf.
The stool wanted to help here.
Next sale-A really big hat box,
a wrought iron shelf for the
sewing room, two small
containers for the sewing room
AND some really cool bright
yellow boots!
Next sale-above and below- a
garden print. Some changes
will be made on this. Not sure
just yet where it will go.
Below--two little trees for my Christmas Village. They are
modeling some bracelets and
a necklace three books and
more jewelry.
At the next stop, I picked up a
game for school and you got it
more jewelry. :)
We are coming to our last
sale days here. Above-I
found a new flag for Fall
and a basket that is on
the front porch now holding
a begonia. Below- I found
another scarf, another bracelet
WITH ladybugs on it and a
Christmas CD for school-it
comes with a book of craft
ideas that I can use with
my kids.
Well, that's all folks! Thanks
for sticking with me on this
long post but I just had to
show YOU everything!
My next post will be an
EXCITING one for me.
Stay tuned my friends!!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Some Trivia and Gift Suggestions

image: google
Father's Day is this Sunday. Are you
As we know--Father's Day is the third
Sunday in June. The US and many
other countries celebrate in June, some
at other times.
This is a day that we celebrate Fathers,
fatherhood, paternal bonds and the
influences of Fathers in society. We
can also recognize those men that
aren't biologically connected to
us BUT play important roles in our
After many attempts by others, the first
Presidential proclamation for Father's
Day was made by--President Lyndon B.
Johnson in 1966. This proclamation
designated the third Sunday in June as
FATHER'S DAY! Six years later, the day
became a national holiday when President
Nixon signed it into law. Whew!
For those of you still looking for that "perfect"
gift here are some ideas for you:
1--For the business man:
Gingham Handkerchiefs
2--For the guy who loves sports:
Team cufflinks--College or Pro
$60 a
3--For the griller dude:
Fajita Rub
4--For the entertainer:
Beer and Pretzel Carmels--
Carmels infused with chocolate
stout and sprinkled with pretzel
chunks. Ken would be in heaven:)
$16 for
5--Check out for
other unique Father's Day gifts.
Good Luck!
~Keep on Dreaming~

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Saturday Sightings

On Saturday, we went with Ken's dad and some friends to a small town Rantoul, Kansas--population slightly under 200 people for dinner. One of the gals that went with us has family in the area and they knew about the place we went. Next door to the Fire Dept. was a cozy restaurant called "The Soft Rock Cafe." The porch had cute planters made from repurposed items, potted plants on little chairs and other cute stuff sittng around the porch. The cafe is a well known place by the locals for a great buffet dinner! They were serving a catfish/ boiled shrimp and fried chicken buffet. There was fried potatoes, green beans, cabbage, baked beans, cream gravy and two types of bread. could move on to the salad bar part of the buffet! There was tossed salad with fixings, COLE SLAW according to Ken, chocolate and vanilla pudding. THEN...there was dessert! Chocolate cake, chocolate cherry cake AND brownies to choose from. Oh, Yea was it good!!!!! Down the road from the cafe was this "junkyard " for old airplanes, I tried to get a pic of the name but it came out blurry. Bummer!!! Anyway--on both sides of the road were these planes just sitting there. According to Ken's Dad, they take all the good parts from the old planes and use them on planes that are still in service. In the pic above, off the the left in the valley you could see alot of parts and pieces of planes.
It was fun seeing all of the planes
just sitting in the farm fields hanging
out. A good way to use an old plane!
One never knows what is down the
~Keep on Dreaming~

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Summer Ideas

I found this idea in the latest
"Better Homes and Gardens"
It is called a "Sand Pail List"
These are the things you'd
like to do this summer.
They broke their list down
in categories but I think I'll
just list my ideas.
1--Go to a concert or play.
If you can find one's that
are free or low cost--all
the better.
2--Do you have a public
garden in your area? If
so, take a day to wander
through it.
3--Check out your local
museums for free or low
4--Learn something--
the library is full of
ideas or look it up on
the internet. While at
the library find some
books you'd like to read
too. Sign the kids up for
their Summer Reading
5--Play in the backyard--
There is Bocce ball, Bad-
minton, Frisbee, Croquet,
Pitch and catch etc. etc.
6--Have a water day--
sprinklers, water guns,
slip n' slide or baby pools.
Don't forget the bubbles
7--Ride your bikes together
or go for walks in the neigh-
8--Grow something and
then make something from
9--Watch a sunrise or sunset.
10--DO NOTHING--Take a day
and relax!
Whatever you do this summer
Reader Warning---
If you buy Banana Boat Sunscreen
Products--BEWARE of the one's
that are Aerosol based.
A man in Massachusetts--Brian
Sigworth sprayed some on and
then went to turn something over
on his grill and HE caught on fire!
The can says not to USE by open
flames but nothing about using it
and then turning food over on
your grill! Major burns on this
guy! He is recovering pretty
well. Banana Boat is looking
into this issue---JUST A HEADS
UP for everyone! Who would
of thought this??
~Keep on Dreaming~

Friday, June 1, 2012

Neighborhood Sales

Two of the neighborhoods near ours had garage sales today! Off I went---I hit three or four sales but wasn't seeing anything I really wanted UNTIL I stopped at the sale where I purchased that cute little clock above. I got it for $5.00 AND it works! Don't YOU think it's cute? I'm not sure if this IS the place the clock will live, but for now it is resting quietly. I also pick up this heap-big (new word) basket $4.00 and two pillow forms $1.00. I was glad I was holding the basket when another customer came up or I might have lost it to her! Lesson to be learned--ALWAYS pick up what you might buy you can always put it back. Several sales later and nothing to show, I found this. I have always wanted one and it was only $3.00. It is seven in one pieces and I don't think it had been used because it was all still neatly wrapped up. I went ahead and washed everything to be on the safe side. So that's it! Just a bit today. Most of the sales were to high priced for my blood or NO PRICES at all and I hate asking "how much?" It is just easier when an item has a price on it. :) I'll show you later in a new series called "Before and After" what I do with the basket and the pillow forms. ~~Happy June! ~Keep on Dreaming~

Autism Acceptance

Autism Acceptance

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Yea, We Did It!!!!
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