Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Famous Women---U, V, W and Y


Our Famous U is:

Uma Thurman (1970-    )


Quick Facts:

Father was a Buddhist Monk.
Mother was German nobility
Received a Buddhist upbringing.

Began at the age of 15.
Magazines to her credit Glamour
and British Vogue.

In eight grade, she found her love
for acting.
Has many films to her credit. One
being Pulp Fiction.
Dropped out of  Prep school to
pursue acting.

Mom of three.

Active in several charities.


Our Famous V is:

Vanna White (1957-    )


Quick Facts:

Television personality:
Hostess on Wheel of Fortune.

Her first appearance in a game show
was on the Price Is Right as one of the
first four contestants. She did not make
it though.

She took over the hostess spot as a sub
on wheel in 1982. Later in the year she
became the full time hostess on Wheel.
Still fippin' letters today.

In 1992, Guinness Book of World
Records recognized Vanna as
"televisions most frequent clapper."

In 2006, Vanna received a star on the
Hollywood Walk of Fame.

She is mom to two children.

Avid knitter and crocheter.
Has her own line of yarn.


Our famous W is :

Whoopi Goldberg (1955-    )


Quick Facts:

Her stage name "Whoopi"
came from the Whoopee

Movies to her credit--The Color
Purple, Ghost, Sister Act, Sister
Act 2 .
She has won an Emmy, a Grammy,
A Tony and a an Oscar award.
She was the second black woman
in the history of the Academy
Awards to win an acting Oscar.

From 1998-2002, she was the co-
producer for the Hollywood

Black Comedy, Musical Comedy,
Satire and Observational Comedy
on a variety of subjects.

She has written a number of children's
Whoopi's Big Book of Manners
Sugar Plum Ballerinas Books 1-5
Sugar Plum Ballerinas: Dancing Divas

Is it Just Me? Or Is It Nuts Out There?

Television Host:
Whoopi has been on The View since
2007 when she took over for Rosie
O' Donnell.


Our famous Y is:

Yvonne De Carlo (1922-2007)

Internationally famous
Hollywood star in the 40's
and 50's.
Played Sephora in The Ten
One of her best known
characters was Lily Munster,
wife of Herman in The Munsters'
from 1964-1966. She reprised
her role in Munster Go Home!
and a role for TV, Munsters'

For her work in a variety of
films she received two stars
on the Hollywood Walk of

Made several recordings.
Genres: Blues, Jazz and

Worked in nightclubs.

Ms. De Carlo passed away
in 2007 from heart failure.


Well, that is it I have completed
THE challenge! A little differently
but it is complete.
I hope you have enjoyed these posts
and picked up something interesting
from them. I know I have.
Thanks to those who have stopped by.!

We will resume regular programming
next week with "Wednesday Write Up"
so pop by!

~Keep on Dreaming~

Monday, April 24, 2017

Famous Women---T


Our Famous T is:

Temple Grandin (1947-    )

Quick Facts:

Autism Spokesperson

Autism is a neurodevelopmental
disorder that is seen or discovered
in early childhood.

Those dealing with Autism have
Difficulty with communication--
most are nonverbal and use
communication books or devices.
Forming relationships--playing or
interacting with others
They have restricted or repetitive
behaviors--some are very regimented
in routine, some enjoy repetition of
noises, moving their hands, tapping
Sensitivity to sensory stimulation--Too
loud for some while others prefer
swinging, spinning, "saying" gibbersh
and or making noises with their mouth
and voice.

Temple's life:

She was never formally diagnosed with
Autism as a child or youth.

At  two, it was said that she had a
"brain damage" and corroborated much
later at 64.

As a child her mother refused to put her
in an institution. Instead she found a
school that would work with her and
Temple so that Temple would have a
good school experience.

Middle and High School were tough years.
The kids did not understand her different
behaviors and they taunted her a lot.

When Temple was in her teens, her mother
came across an Autism checklist, after
going through it, her mother hypothesized
that Temple's symptoms/behaviors
were explained by Autism.

At a private boarding school for children
with behavior problems, Temple met a
Science teacher who had worked for NASA.
He became her mentor and helped her with
her self confidence. Followed her after she
left school.
This teacher suggested she that she build a
"hug box"--a deep pressure device designed
to calm hypersensitive people.
**At school, when our kids get a bit "wound
up" we find that the deep pressure helps to
calm them. We lightly squeeze their
shoulders, arms or hands. Some even like
a bit of pressure on their head. Kinda like
when we press on our heads when they hurt.

In 1970, Temple received a Bachelor's Degree
in Psychology.
In 1975, Temple received a Master's Degree
in Animal Science.
In 1989, Temple received a Doctorate in
Animal Science.
As we see here, anything can happen,
individuals with Autism can go all the way

Temple is one of the first individuals on
the Autism Spectrum to publicly share
personal experiences with Autism.

She is a highly sought out speaker on
Autism and her experiences with it.

Professor of animal science

Consultant to the livestock industry on
animal behavior.
**I did not tough on the animal science
part ofher life but after reading some I
feel she applies her experiences with
Autism to how she handles the animal
behaviors. Please read more if interested.

Tomorrow will introduce you
to Famous U, V, W and Y.
There is no X or Z.

~Keep on Dreaming~

Famous Women---S


Our famous S is:

Sandra Bullock ( 1964-    )

Quick Facts:

Born of  German-American descent.
Mother was German, Father was
Has dual citizenship

In the media, she has been given
the nickname "America's Sweet-
Because of her friendly, direct
and unpretentious nature.

Best known for her films Speed
and Blind Side with many more
to her credit and has been the
recipient of many acting awards.

In 2005 received a star on the
Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Founder of her film company
Fortis Films.
She has produced several
of the films she starred in and
She was also the executive producer
of the sitcom George Lopez and made
several appearances on the show.

As a small child, Sandra enjoyed
Ballet and Vocal Arts.
In high school she was a cheerleader
and performed in theatre productions.
She graduated from college wit a BFA
in Drama.

In 1996 and 1999 she was People
Magazine's on the 50 Most Beautiful

In 2010, she was People Magazine's
"Women of the Year.

Sandra is a busy mom, career woman
and is also active with many charities.

Later this evening will introduce you
to Famous T.

~Keep on Dreaming~

Friday, April 21, 2017

Famous Women---R


Our Famous R is:

Rosa Parks (1913-2005)

Quick Facts:

Activist in the Civil rights Movement

Congress called her "the first lady
of civil rights" and "the mother of
the freedom movement."

Best known for refusing to give up
her seat in the "colored section" of
the bus she rode to a white
passenger. This was expected when
the "white section" filled or white 
passengers  were standing.
As we remember from our time in
History class this happened during
the time of segregation.

She was arrested for violating the
Alabama Segregation Law for
civil disobedience.

Ms. Parks was tried in a court of
law on charges of disorderly conduct.
After being found guilty and fined
$10 + $ 4 for court costs, she appealed
her conviction and formally challenged
the legality of racial segregation.

And so her many years of work began.

After being away from "the movement,"
she founded the Rosa L. Parks Scholar-
ship Foundation for college bound
high school seniors.

In 1992, she published her auto-
biography Rosa Parks: My Story
geared toward younger readers.
In 1995, she published her memoir:
Quiet Strength--focusing on her faith.

In 1994 a section of highway near St.
Louis was named: Rosa Parks High-
way. The KKK had applied to have
their name associated with this section
at the same time.

Mrs. Parks passed away on October 25,
2005 in Detroit.
On the evening of October 29, 2005,
after lying in repose in her Alabama
church her casket was transported to
Washington D.C. to lie in honor in the
rotunda of the U. S. Capital.

Mrs. Parks left a legacy in the History
books, she gave the country something
to think about.Something we continue
to "discuss" today in 2017.

Among the many awards she received,
Mrs. Parks was awarded:

The Presidential Medal of Freedom
The Congressional Gold Medal.

These awards are given to people
who have made an impact on
American history.

Tomorrow will introduce you to
Famous S.

~Keep on Dreaming~

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Famous Women---Q


Our Famous Q is:

Queen Elizabeth II (1926-    )

Quick Facts:

Elizabeth was born during her
Grandfather's rein.

She is named after her Mother.

Princess Margaret, her younger
sister was born four years later.

Both were educated at home
by the Mother and a Governess.

At a young age, Elizabeth was
seen as a tidy child who liked
orderliness and enjoyed

She became "heir apparent" after
her Grandfather died in 1936 and
her Uncle took the throne but after
a family scandal her uncle abdicated
the throne making her Father the
King. Which made her second in
line due to not having a male

Elizabeth met her husband in
1934 and 1937. They are second
cousins once removed and third
cousins through Queen Victoria.
After another meeting in 1939,
and only 13 years old Elizabeth
fell in love with Phillip.
She was 21 when their engage-
ment was officially announced.
Elizabeth and Phillip were
married on November 20, 1948.
They had four children.

Elizabeth became Queen upon
the passing of the King (her
Father) in February of 1952.
She is the Queen of the United
Kingdom, Canada, Australia and
New Zealand. 
Her Coronation took place on
June 2, 1953.

She is world's oldest reining mon-
arch as well as Britain's longest

Throughout her rein she has seen
many things several standouts are:

1952-the passing of her Father.
1992-the breakup of her children's
1997-Princess Diana's passing
2002-the passing of her Mother
and Sister.

Proud moments include:
1953--her Coronation
1977--Her Silver Jubilee-25 years
2002--Her Golden Jubilee--50 years
2012--Her Diamond Jubilee--60 years

On February 6, 2017, Elizabeth
celebrated her Sapphire Jubilee
marking 65 years on the throne.
She is the first British Monarch
to commemorate a Silver Jubilee.

In 2015, she surpassed the rein
of her great-great-Grandmother.

Tomorrow will introduce you to
Famous R.

~Keep on Dreaming~

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Autism Acceptance

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