Thursday, July 28, 2016

Wednesday Write Up (a day late)

It's been busy and I am behind. What's 
new? Anyway, today we will have a 
belated version of Wednesday Write 

Starting with the pic above.
Several months age I bought the print 
in the middle, hung it on one of the walls 
in the family room and there it stayed.
I knew I wanted to do something fun with 
it but wasn't sure until I ran across the two 
clocks at a garage sale--then I knew what I 
wanted to do. Before hanging the clocks I 
set one to "local standard time" (left) and 
one to "Daylight Saving Time." (right) Now 
I really love the print.

I have been wanting to change things up 
in our  living for awhile but no inspiration 
was "ringing my bell" until now--this is the 
"before" pic and ...

this is the "after" pic. I had picked up some 
blank letters at Michael's, decided to cover 
them with paper and now they are above 
our mirror. Other changes are in the wings.

Mr. Ken took a couple of vacation day last 
week, so on Friday we did our "day tripping"
to Bonner Springs, Kansas.

First up: lunch.
We stopped at at a little and I do mean little 
diner and had the most delish lunch.
I had the fries with my burger.

Mr. Ken and the onion rings with his burger.
This place is close enough to home that we 
could hit the road and get a good breakfast sometime.
Oh yea!!!

Our trip continued to Moon Marble Company.

Got to see a marble making demo while 
there. It is hard to see but she put a 
Chinese dragon on a medium size marble--
go figure. Not in my ability to do this. 
Very fun to watch.

THEN it was time to find my marbles...
they have tons!
You can buy tubes of marbles small and 
medium--your choice of which ones you 
like. Both of us got at tube of medium size
marbles 9 total in a tube. Plus we bought
4 large ones too. They also have games 
and toys to purchase too. A great place 
for kids little and big to go on a HOT day.

Here are two of the big kids out in the 
heat!! Crazy kids!!

In the evening we drove to Weston, Mo for 
dinner at an Irish Pub. The Weston Brewing
Mr. Ken had Bangers and Mash with a roll.

And I had Beer Battered Fish and Chips with
homemade sauce. For dessert (can't find the 
pics) I had Chocolate Pecan Pie OH MY! Mr. 
Ken had homemade Apple Pie with homemade 
ice cream. I had a taste of it --yum! I'd say that 
it was a pretty good vacay day all around!

I had seen on Facebook, Wine bottle Tiki
Lights and I wanted to make some. A
friend gave me two empty wine bottles
and I covered them with twine. They will
be weighted down, filled with oil, a wick
and lighted for outdoor pleasure of an 
evening. Still have a couple of things to 
purchase, but basically I had everything 

Remember my deck "buffet"? This is 
their home when not in use. Once the 
oil is in the bottles they may "live some-
where else  for safety purposes.


Last weekend we went to an Open House
at Mr. Ken's brother and fiance's news 
house. Fun, fun but another HOT day!

Tueday I had lunch with a former co-worker
we had a nice lunch and got caught up too.

Well, I hope I haven't tired you out but
we are a busy bunch here. More to
come and guess what???
I go back to school soon!!!!

~Keep on Dreaming~

Monday, July 25, 2016

Merry Christmas!!

Happy Monday AND
Merry Christmas!!!
Today is the official day of 
Christmas in July.
(See I haven't lost it)

Today we are going to
have a "Christmas 
in July" party!

First off--An "Ugly Tank Top 
Prizes for:
Worst design or saying
Ugly Color
Rips or tears??

Treats and beverages will be:

*Eggnog coladas-serve in Martini
glasses (Hopefully you can find 
Eggnog right now)
*Christmas cookies and serve
chocolate milk with them
instead of hot chocolate.
*Make Smores with candy canes 
in them.

Now showing--
*Christmas movie marathon
*Sing or play Christmas music
*Read Christmas stories

We will decorate our tree with a 
beach theme and top with starfish.

Other things that we can do:

Turn  pool noodles into
candy canes.

Have a balloon fight instead of a
snowball fight.

Build Frosty from sand instead
of snow.

Turn on your twinkle lights too.


This idea came from the "Music 
Choice" channel when they were 
playing Christmas music. They 
have a "Did you Know" spot with 
trivia about the music they are 
playing. This time they threw
in party ideas.

This could be a fun Summer party--
might help break up the monotony 
of the Summer heat. Have fun!!

~Keep on Dreaming~

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Wednesday Write Up

Well, hello from the HOT Midwest.
We are under an "Excessive Heat
Watch" until Saturday evening. 
Aaaaaaa ! Really tired of it already.
I am feeling under the weather today
my allergies and the heat are getting 
to me. 

Hit another garage sale and found 
several goodies. Two scarves a
cute wagon (will use in the fall for
decorating), a bell (love it, I put it
in the kitchen and ding it off and
on) there were two so we went 
back the next day to see if it was 
still there--Mr. Ken wanted that
one and guess what it was!!
I also got a bracelet and a "scarf
tail clutch" my term. It is the item
with the crystal on it.
We went to another sale and I
picked up some board and
card games.

It was "Christmas in July" at my house
Saturday afternoon. the postman left
a big box on my doorstep.
My blog friend Robin from Virginia 
was so kind and sent me some 
goodies for school.
Thank you Robin, we will put all of 
this to good use!

Stickers, craft kits, holiday decor,
and Birthday certificates. Fun!

I'll be away till next week, Mr. K
will be on vacation and we have
some daytripping to do.

Stay cool and hydrated friends!!

PS: if you missed my recipe for
Watermelon Granita just scroll

~Keep on Dreaming~

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Celebration Time AND A Recipe

Happy Sunday to Everyone!
Exciting things happening 
around here today!

I am happy to announce that
this little ol' blog, that I have
enjoyed so much is celebrating
7 years with being my 1036th
post!!! Wow, that is amazing 
to me. 
As always I would like to say
"THANK YOU" to all
of you! I appreciate your 
love and support!

In keeping with this celebration
Sunday Savor has a refreshing
recipe for you today.
So pull up a chair and relax.

This Summer has had some
interesting weather patterns
come through the Midwest
and we are about to have 
another hot one come 
through. AGAIN!!! 

So I thought since it is HOT,
why not something cool and

Pioneer Woman is providing
us with this tasty treat.

Watermelon Granita

1/2 a whole seedless 
watermelon cut into 
chunks. Rind discarded.
(about 8 cups)
2 limes, juiced
1/3 C sugar

Place 1/2 of the watermelon, 
lime juice and sugar in a blender. 
Process and pour into a separate 
bowl. Repeat the process and 
pour into the bowl.

Transfer the mixture into a 9 x 13 
baking dish. Freeze for 2-3 hours, 
then begin the process of lightly
scraping the top, frozen layer.
Return pan to freezer with the 
shaved ice on top; remove and 
repeat the process a couple of 
hours later.Repeat the process
until the entire mixture is shaved.
Store covered with plastic wrap
until serving time.

Serve in pretty glasses with a twist
of lime.

**NOTE: If you use a seeded
watermelon, lightly blend first
then push through a strainer
to remove the seed particles 
and continue the recipe above.


~Keep on Dreaming~

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Wednesday Write Up

Good Wednesday morning to 

Well as you can see by the pic 
above what is on my mind today. 
We have storm clouds brewing 
up above. Hopefully it a fast 
moving storm with NO damage! 
Here it comes!!!

More projects are getting 
accomplished, I finished one 
yesterday that just wasn't
working for me BUT I found a
nice solution and now I can 
cross that one off my list. 

I have been visiting with friends, 
lunches, birthday and retirement 
celebrations plus 
a couple of pop in visits.

Reading , reading, reading.

Lots of KC Royals watching in 
this house. So proud of our ALL 
STARS last night!

Watching Christmas movies on the 
Hallmark Channel. So fun!!

What is up with you??

Hoping this storm goes away soon,
DO NOT want any rain in our

~Keep on Dreaming~

Friday, July 8, 2016

Happy Friday!!!

The weekend has arrived!!!

Projects abound in our house and I 
have been working fast and furiously 
to get a lot of them accomplished 
before I go back to school in ONE 
MONTH and THREE days!!!

One project was to finish putting 
away my garage sale finds AND finish 
posting about them.

Above you can see a cute painted 
bucket, a Fall towel (brand new with 
tag still on it)  a small three drawer
goodie holder and The Joy of A Peanuts
Christmas--50 Years of Holiday Comics.

The bucket and three drawer holder will 
go in my sewing room. The best thing 
about all the sales that I went too was 
that everything was so reasonably 

I also picked up these--they are made 
of heavy duty cardboard--they are going 
in my closet to hold my purses. Both were 
ONLY a buck !!! Bargain, Bargain!!

Some of the other things that I didn't 
take pics of  are art goodies for school, 
a new platter that will be perfect this 
Fall, kitchen gadgets (brand new), a
cute little shelf with three cubbies, 
and two little signs "FAITH" and 

My soon to be sister-in-law had a sale 
last weekend and I came home with 
two prints for our living room --pics 
later, a microwave for my class--
another bargain, and a cargo tote for 
the back of my car, it is from "31." 
Sales are winding down here I guess, 
haven't seen any this week. but I am 
pleased with all of my goodies. 
Picked up anything good recently??

~Keep on Dreaming~

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Wednesday Write Up

Wow! These weeks are going FAST!!

This Wednesday finds me playing a 
lot of "catch up" since we had the 

But I have found time to get some
Summer reading in. I think I have 
read about eight or nine books 
already with more to go.


Below is some of our holiday decor.
The first pic is form last year but
I used the same place mats that I
made last year.

Of course, this post would NOT
be complete with out our city's
parade pics!

Mr. Ken is practicing his "model's 
pose." As usual , we enjoyed our 
parade, it seemed a bit longer this 
year which was nice cause last 
year's seemed short. Who knows?

On Saturday we took a small road 
trip to Clinton, Mo to see Mr. Ken's 
brother and fiance's new to them 
house. Great time was had until 
we got close to home and had to 
drive the rest of the way home
in a raging rain storm. We were
very glad to get home that night!

On a sad note, over the weekend,
I found out that one of my co-
worker's husband passed away
suddenly--extra prayers for her 
and her family would be 
appreciated. Thank you!!

Take care, of it is HOT where you 
are, stay cool and hydrated.

Edited: have no clue why this 
posted twice???

~Keep on Dreaming~

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