Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Wednesday Write Up


Good Morning...

We have a little misc picture
post today.

The first pic above is of a new toy
a friend gave me...yes I said gave
me! Someone gave it to her and
she never used it!
So fun for me.

PLUS she gave me three boxes of goodies.
Two had scrapbook stuff in them and one
The third one had albums in them.

We have a new ice cream place called
Freezing Moo. You select your flavor
and the mix it up on a frozen disk then
they mix in your toppings THEN they
roll it into six rolls and put it in a cup.
Yummy goodness!

One last rose for the year.

For the last week these have been on
our street. This is a picture of our side
yard. Large holes, torn up driveway,
tree branches yanked out of the tree 
and mud everywhere.
The city and the water department are
replacing the main water line. Goodness
knows how long this will take. Makes it

hard to mow.


I have an eye appointment this evening,
not looking forward to it. I am not a fan
of people messing with my face and eyes.
But I have to renew my driver's license
by November 1 and I want to make sure
things are on the up and up.

That's it from here. Hope everyone is
doing well.

See you Monday!

~Keep on Dreaming~

Monday, October 16, 2017

Other Uses for...


Hello Everyone!

Today we are talking erasers.

What can you do with them
besides get rid of mistakes?

Here you go...

1. Remove sticker gunk
Works as a mild abrasive
to get rid of the sticky  
gunk left from a price

2. Secure your earrings
If you lose you earring back
use the eraser to poke the post
through. **Not too sure about
this one.

3. Polish silver
No, not your Grandma's flat-
ware but a piece of jewelry.
The rubber particles will
absorb the oil and residue.
Leaving your pieces sparkling.

4. Extend the life of a battery
Lightly brush the contact points
of a dying battery with an eraser
to remove the nickel or iron
oxides that build up.

5. Spruce up suede
Gently run an eraser over suede
shoes or clothing to remove
minor stains and marks.

One and three are my favorites.

See you Wednesday!!

~Keep on Dreaming~

Monday, October 9, 2017

Time for Pumpkins


Hello everyone, I hope your week has
gotten off to a great start!

Today we are talking pumpkins.

What do you do with them?


I love to decorate with them. Mr. Ken
and I made a quick stop at this
pumpkin stand two Saturdays ago.


I really like the white ones.
I got one and turned it into
a Boo pumpkin by adding

Here are some other ideas
when using pumpkins:

1. Carving several for your porch.
2. Make pies, cake or bread.
3. Clean the seeds and roast them.
4. Turn a cleaned out pumpkin into
a soup tureen.
5. Roast or grill pumpkin.
6. Turn a cleaned out pumpkin into
a centerpiece with flowers tucked
7. Of course, decorating with them
is fun. I put mine on my deck and
front porch. If you don't carve yours
most will last till Thanksgiving.
The small ones are great on tables
and mantels.
Some go a step further with theirs
and they decorate them:
Melted crayons dipped down the
Some paint theirs.
Mod podge with pretty paper napkins.
There are endless ideas for changing
a typical pumpkin into something

Those crazy kids amid A LOT
of pumpkins. Mr. Ken asked
the gal at the stand how many
pumpkins they had and she told
him that they unloaded around
2,000 pumpkins!
As usual we had a great time
wandering through the pumpkins
and choosing the "right" ones for
our house. We have one more
pumpkin trip to make because
I feel that one can NEVER have
enough pumpkins!

See you Wednesday!

~Keep on Dreaming~

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Wednesday Write Up


Welcome back to Lindsborg, Kansas!
Finally able to post the last set of this
extended post.

This post is about the Dala Horse.
It  is a painted wooden horse
originating in the Swedish
province of Dalarna. The one above
is an extra large size one that is in
front of a gift shop that specializes
in the making of the Dala Horse.


Lindsborg has 31 of these horses
set up around town. They are part
of a community art project that
has stayed put longer than most.
The Chamber of Commerce has
a pamphlet that lists all the horses
and visitors are encouraged to go
on a "Dala Hunt" to find them all.


Each horse has a identification plate
that lists the horse's name and the
person (s) who donated it .


Dala horses are a symbol of Welcome.
This one was above the door to Old
Stuga, the restaurant we had lunch at.
As we were driving around town, I
noticed that a majority of the houses
had one above their doors.

The rest of the pics are a sampling of
some of the Dala's.






We enjoyed our trip to Lindsborg.
The food was delicious, the Dala's
were fun to find and look at and
all sites we saw were awesome!

Thank you for your patience with this
post. I hope you have enjoyed learning
about Lindsborg. Google: Lindsborg,
Kansas to find out more.

Off to something new next Wednesday
but first, I will see you Monday.

~Keep on Dreaming!

Monday, October 2, 2017

Halloween Fun!


It's Monday and I am posting!!

Today we are talking Halloween.
I saw these cuties on Facebook from a
blog called Keeper of the Cheerios.

They are made from pizza pans and
cookie sheets.

Frankenstein is painted black on top and
the rest is green. Facial features are added
plus the spider and the big eyes.
Bolts were added to the sides of the pan.

The Witch is painted a pinky purple, felt
hair strands, a fancy hat, big eyes and
features were added.

The Skull was painted white lightly so that
some of the pan showed through. A spider
was glued onto the side of the pan and
features were added.

The Mummy was wrapped in gauze strips
by gluing the beginning to the back and
then wrapping the gauze around the pan.
A brown stamp pad was rubbed on the
gauze lightly. Eyes and a bow were added
to finish him up.

I think a pumpkin would be cute out of a
round pizza pan. You could paint it orange
or go wild and choose a different color. Add
the features you want and a stem, put a
hanger on it and you are set.

Each pan is painted on the back and a
"hanger" is attached to the "back" that
really is the front.

A Sharpie was used to make the features
for Frankenstein and the Witch. They did
not show much about the Skull in the
video, it's features are probably painted

I think these are just darn cute and they
could be made out of pans from a thrift 
store! Start now collecting for Christmas

See you Wednesday!

~Keep on Dreaming~

Autism Acceptance

Autism Acceptance

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Yea, We Did It!!!!
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