Tuesday, January 26, 2016

I Need Help...PLEASE

Calling all crafters, scrappers, card 
makers and anyone who enjoy's 
making a child's day.

It's time for :
The Valentine Card Shower.
We have come together as a blogging
community for several years to make 
Valentine cards for the kids who will
be spending the holiday in Children's
Mercy Hospital.

One of the local radio stations and 
grocery stores co-sponsor this fun 

Here is what you need to know
according to the hospital:

~Cards must be homemade.
~Please do not use "Get Well"
or any religious phrases.
~Cards must be appropriate 
for children.
~Please do not send candy or 
toys with your cards.

Please let me know if you would like
to participate. Hope to see the oldies
and some newbies this year, it's
a lot of fun!!

***I will need your cards by February 
8th so that I can get them to the radio 
station in time for them to get the 
cards to the hospital.

Gather all your friends and family,
make an afternoon of it and 
have fun!

~Keep on Dreaming~

Saturday, January 23, 2016

January Adventure

Well folks, I did it! I planned an 
adventure for Mr. Ken and I was 
We went downtown to the Sprint
Center to see the Harlem Globe-

Pre-game entertainment.
A Kansas City Line Dance

This is Globie.

Globie is playing musical chairs
with some of the kids.

Here they come.

Their famous trick. Spinning the ball
on their finger.

Putting on their moves.

Big G.--another mascot.

Ace--their female teammate, showing 
a little girl how to spin the ball.

More smooth moves.

Halftime entertainment.

Hanging around during the game.

After much back and forth
the Globetrotters won!!
It was a nailbiter. Wow.

Mr Ken bought me and official
Globetrotters ball and I was able 
four autographs.

We had a blast and I am so glad
that I was able to keep the secret
and surprise him!!

~Keep on Dreaming~

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Question for You

So my question is:

What happens at you house
in January?

At ours we are we are putting
things away, cleaning piles that
have been put here and there.

We are trying to purge some
clothes and  other things that
we don't need anymore.

I have put up a few "Winter"
type decorations. It is so
bare after Christmas. Soon
Valentine's decorations
will be put up.

So let's hear it...

~Keep on Dreaming~

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Looking Back Part 2


Back with part 2 of Christmas 2015.
Above is : "Before opening presents."

And here we have : After opening 

Here is our third tree and one that 
am so proud of!!
This is our Kansas City Royals
World Series Tree. Blues, silver,
white and hints of gold were
the colors for this tree. I used
a Royals flag as the skirt and
Ken got me a Royals Beanie
Ball--he is tucked in under the 
tree. I made the crown out of 
sparkle scrapbook paper. So fun!!

Mr.Ken got me this beautiful necklace 
and earring set. It is hard to see the 
earrings, they are smaller versions 
of the necklace. 
He was so proud of himself, getting 
out to the store and after a moment 
of panic in the store (couldn't find 
them) one of the store owners came 
by and helped him out and the crisis 
was averted. Love them!

This is a holiday lights show at 
Deanna Rose Farmstead. During 
the warmer months, families can 
come out to see the animals, 
different areas of interest, the 
fishing hole and many more fun 
things to do.
But apparently for the last few 
years they have put on the wonderful 
light show set to music that you can 
listen to in your car while you are 

The farm animals were singing.

Mr. Ken all aglow from the lights.

Frosty the Snowman.

The Lucy and Linus song.
Very well done. So fun to 
watch the characters move 
to the music.

And last but not least a
tribute to the World Series
Champions--The Kansas
City Royals!!!!!

Some holiday silliness.

Christmas dinner was an informal
meal but festive:

Baked Ziti
Green Salad
Garlic Toast

It was afun holiday season at our
house. Lots of time spent with 
family and friends. We are truly 

Hope your 2016 has started off well,
we are off to a running start and I 
don't see us slowing down much 
this year. :)

See you soon.

~Keep on Dreaming~

Monday, January 11, 2016

Looking Back Part 1

Happy Monday Everyone!
I have tried several times to get 
this posted but life is there to 
keep us busy. Plus two days down
with the "creepy crud" did not help.

Anyway we are going to look back at
our wonderful holiday season.

First up is:
The Lee's Summit Magic Tree.
This unassuming little tree sits off the
highway during the  "off season" but
come  Christmas time ii is decorated
with many lights and people come 
from all over to see it.

It is free to see but donations are taken
and shared with a variety of community
charities. Also visitors may drop of
non perishables for the local food bank.

This is a drive through wonder for 
the eyes. If you blink you might 
miss something!

Donations are taken at the end
and shared with a variety of
charities in the county.

Look who I ran into on the way to a
holiday concert! 

One Sunday, we went down to Union 
Station and as a surprise for Mr. Ken 
we went to see "The Holiday Express.

The Conductor working hard to 
make sure everyone went the 
right way.

On the way to the train we ran into
this fellow.

Three train cars were fully decorated.
A flat car held Santa's sled and the 
front car was the engine named 

Here we are in front of Rudy.

Someone was in heaven to see 
these two lovely ladies.  These 
two Kansas Chiefs Cheerleaders
were doing some 
fundraising by 

selling their calendar.
Yes, we bought one. :)

Trees at the Station.

This year we put up three trees. 
The tall one is my pencil tree, it 
had our family ornaments and 
my White House ornaments on 
it this year. The small tree to the 
left was my Mom's Fiber Optic 
tree. The third tree is on the 
other side of the living room.
It will be in the next post.

I am especially proud of my 
bow because I made it! 
Normally I have a gold bow 
but I wanted a new one this 
year and since our color 
scheme was red,green, silver 
and gold, I went with the plaid. 
You can see it's length in the 
photo above.
The top of the tree does not hold 
anything very heavy so I do the
In part two, I will show you the 
third tree which I was very 
excited to create plus some 
other fun stuff.

Thanks for hanging with me on 
this lengthy post.

~Keep on Dreaming~

Autism Acceptance

Autism Acceptance

Yea, We Did It!!!!

Yea, We Did It!!!!
2015 World Series Champs!!!

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