Friday, July 30, 2010

Projects Part 2

I am soo excited to share this with you. I guess cause I'm pretty proud of how it all came out. At the beginning of summer, I chose red and green for the colors on the deck. I wanted round red placemats but ever- where I went they were sold out. So I decided I'd "make my own." I went back to the Dollar Tree and picked up four of these because I was going to paint my own place- mats. I picked up Apple Barrel- Bright Red and Leaf Green paint and some foam brushes.
The mats are 15" in diameter so
each section ended up being
approx--5" in diameter.
I painted the red section first
and after they dried I did the
green. Each side got three coats
to cover the white.
Ta Da!!!! Here is the finished
placemat! They are so pretty
and the napkins I got at
TjMaxx will go soooooo
well with them. I will show you
a tablescape when everything
is ready.
When you come in our front
door, this is the wreath you
see on the wall above the stairs
that lead down to our family
room. I picked it up at a garage
sale two or three years ago.
It went pretty well with our
decor at the time but then the
ugly mauve curtains came down
and up went the green ones.
( Mauve was not our choice--
previous owners) they were in
great shape though.
Anyway, when the green went
up I wanted to change the
wreath--it took me a while to
find the "right flowers and
ribbon" but I did and they set
for while till I could get to the
Yea!! Love it!!
I changed it up a bit just
so it didn't look the same.
Yes, I did make that bow-
which I am quite proud of.
Two more projects to cross
off THE list--WhoooHooo!!
~Keep on Dreaming~

1 sheep, 2 sheep, 3 sheep 4....

Good Morning -- Yes, it is 2:33 in the morning and I can't SLEEP! Having trouble with the allergies and they clog up my chest sooo much that it's keeping me awake! Our mold count has been through the roof lately --so it's been a little rough here. I had such a bad headache on Thursday afternoon and I took a nap, I don't think that helped the cause at all. I will have another post later today--a couple of more goodies I've been working on. Gonna try to go to sleep now- see you later. ~Keep on Dreaming~

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pardon the Interruption

We interrupt today's regular program for some Show and Tell I have been working on a few projects lately and I thought I'd share with you the finished products. **************************** First up: Found this while going through my purses a few weeks back. I put it in my sewing room, think- ing I'd use at some point for something. Turned it into this: a trivet holder.
Put it here because we no longer
have the large coffee maker that
held the trivets and we don't
drink coffee. I also got a new
clock for this corner of the cabinet.
Second up:
A photo album for Miss Emily.
I divided the album into sections
starting with the baby shower and
going through year five. Each
section was labeled using scrap-
book paper as a backing and then
labeled: shower. first year etc.
Now Mom has a place for Em's
pictures as she grows up.
This started out as a baby book
but has evolved as a toddler book.
This is for my friend who adopted
a little girl from Guatemala a
couple of years ago. I'm behind
I know...
There are pages for her Mom,
Grandmother, family and friends,
school etc. It's kinda like a picture
book for Miss Mattea.
Last but not least:
I have been wanting to redo
this small area in our dining
room for awhile. As you can
see we have "the leaning tower
of CD'S." I didn't want to take
up anymore space than the
tower did.
I found these storage boxes in
a variety of sizes at the Dollar
Tree. They are the foldable
type. I took two of the 10 x 10
boxes, organized the cd's into
categories and then put them in
the boxes with labels. The box on
the right has several categories so I
made divider cards for this
I just realized two things:
1--these two pics should have
been flipped.
2--I didn't take a "after" pic.
Right now they are stacked one
on top of each other and then I
put them where the tower
was but I might trade the boxes
with the player.
Thaks for coming to my Show and
~Keep on Dreaming~

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Something Yummy!

Sunday Savor--
Sunday's will be bringing
you a recipe each week
so pull up a chair and relax.
Today's recipe is good for
those times you have a little
bit of this and a bit of that.
Skillet Scramble
2 potatoes
2 slices of deli ham or
any meat you have
2 eggs
1 slice of cheese
Any veggies you may have
Cut your potatoes and veggies
to the size you like and place
in a skillet with a little butter
or oil. Cook until tender,drain-
when finished drain on a plate
with a paper towel, set aside.
*Slice up your meat
Whisk together the eggs
Throw everything in the
frying pan and mix together
till eggs are scrambled.
When finished, SERVE.
*If your meat is thinly sliced,
watch and make sure that it
doesn't get burned or dry out.
May need to add last as the eggs
are finishing.
~Keep on Dreaming~

Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Saturday Sale and the Farmer's Market

This morning we took off to do our usual Saturday errands and ran into a garage sale around the corner from our house and I spotted with my little eye these beauties. Most of you were here last Christmas when I posted about my village. It is not your typical village because I have made it up from a set I got from a garage sale. I've added other pieces as I have found them--now I have another home and a Police Station. Woo Hoo!!!!
I also picked these plant stands--
two white ones as above and one
green one as below. Hopefully
the critters will leave these
plants ALONE!
I spent all of $5.oo for every-
thing. Yea!!
Our next stop is the Farmer's
Market. We are lucky that
most of the neighboring
cities have one.
This one has a large covered area.
Here we go!!!!!
Tomatoes anyone??? This a one
big puppy, don't you think???
There is even a Quartet playing
some festive music for our
purchasing pleasure.
Beside produce to purchase, one
can pick up decorative items for
their homes.
Cute little melons were part
of the offerings from another
Here is our haul:
Fresh corn--6 ears
Green Peppers---3
Fresh Garlic---3
Green Beans
Yukon Gold Potatoes
Roma Tomatoes
Kirby Cucumbers---4
Focaccia Bread--1
Good eats will be taking place
here over the next few days. YUM!
~Keep on Dreaming~

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hot!, Hot!, Hot!

It's HOT! You don't need
me to tell you that though
do you? Some of you are
HOTTER than others.
Sooooo, to beat the heat
I thought (get it?) we'd
change gears a bit and
think about the upcoming
months. Wait! Come back
here. I didn't mean to
sending you running.
This post is supposed
to be helpful. :)
Let's get started:
For Aug. /Sept.
(depending where you
live) it's "Back to School"
time. Get "the list" and
go shopping for those
essentials needed. Make
it fun for ALL. Unless your
school is rigid then look for
fun pencils, notebooks,
folders. etc. Don't forget
to check their closets.
Have they grown out of
For October:
That period of time when
the days are warm and the
nights are cool.
Comfort Foods---Make a
list of recipes you want
to try or have again. What
are your standbys?
Outings---Orchards, farms,
pumpkin patches, fall sports,
picnics in the park. What are
your looking forward to?
Wardrobe---Ok, you fashion-
istas. It's time to check those
"fall fashions. " Make a list
of items needed ie: dark
socks/hose, what separates
do you need to replace?
Shoes--repair vs new.
Here's a good time to get
things together to donate.
For November:
For those of us that celebrate
Thanksgiving, think ahead
to where you may be or
if you are home what will
you serve? Months fly by
and we will be here before
we know it!
For December:
This month is filled
with a lot of celebrations.
Think ahead about those
that you participate in and
get those LISTS going!!!
Hopefully starting now will
keep the panic factor out of'
the next several months!!
Oh, Yea--Don't forget those
with birthdays, anniversarys,
births that will be coming up.
~Keep on Dreaming~

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Giveaway Reveal!!!

It's REVEAL DAY! One lucky follower of Country Dreaming will win the lovely package of goodies as seen above.
We are VERY scientific here at
L, Inc. All of those little pieces
of paper are your thumbnail pics
from my followers section. I cut
them out and laid them on a
placemat w/o looking at them.
Here we have my associate Mr. Ken
and he has chosen the lucky person!
This is THE very important envelope
that the chosen one's name will go in
Mr. Ken is putting the lucky name
in the envelope. NO LOOKING!
It will them be sealed and kept
Oh, the SUSPENSE, the DRAMA!
The envelope has been opened!!
Valerie from:
OR--From Our Front Porch Looking
Congratulations!!!! Yea!!
A GREAT big THANK YOU to all
of you that have followed me this
past year. It has been great getting
know all of you and I look forward to
visiting more with each of you.
As always more followers more fun
so if you like me and my silliness,
please recommend Country
Dreaming to your friends then we
can all have fun TOGETHER!!!!
~Keep on Dreaming~

Saturday, July 17, 2010


It's Country Dreaming's Anniversary!!! :) :) One year ago today we began our journey together. Before I began this post I looked back at some of my older posts. Pretty funny stuff. Blogging is a really cool way to keep track of what happend over a year. My first post highlighted what "goals" I had in mind for Dreaming: Food to Fun, Shopping to Sharing and just some down home silliness. We've had it all and then some. I have gotten my "blog feet" under me, seen many changes in our lives, I have done OVER 200 posts (amazing), and met A LOT of amazing people from all over the the world! Who would have thought????? I even had lunch with a blog friend!! Dreaming has had two giveaways and I have won a couple too, there's been some sharing and some learning going on, I have taken MORE pictures than I ever imagined, I have also been awarded several awards (more amazing)! I think when most of us started our blog journeys, we asked ourselves "Who would read about me???" Then we start getting comments, followers, and e-mails from our new friends! AND the lightbulb goes off -- they will! But the most important thing is that I have stayed TRUE to ME. This may not be the be THE crafty blog or THE foody blog or THE decor blog. (Those specific blogs are great too don't get me wrong) but it's mine and I am am happy with what I have done over the past year!!!! Thanks to all my FOLLOWERS and READERS for all the wonderful support and great comments that I haved received. I look forward to meeting more new FOLLOWERS and posting more fun and silly stuff. If you'd like to reccomend my blog to someone --- Go for it!!! I'd love it. Again--you gals/guys are truly wonderful!!!!!
We are having a
The lucky winner will win
the package of goodies
as seen above! There are
notecards, ribbon,
pencils, a magnet etc.
This is what YOU have to
do to win:
All my followers get an
entry, any new follower
will get an entry AND if
someone YOU
recommend to my blog
follows then YOU get
another entry.
This delightful ditty ends
Thanks again--Love
you ALL!!!!
~Keep on Dreaming

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Lots to think About...

As my title says--there's a lot to think about around here and I have been working hard to get caught up with my thoughts. Leslie at A Spoonful gave me this award earlier in the week. She said some very kind things things about Dreaming--Thanks Leslie!! I'm supposed to tell you 10 honest things about me and then pass the award on to others. ************************************ Here goes: 1-I'm eating Vanilla Wafers right now. 2-I think Jim Cantore from the Weather Channel is a HOTTIE!! (Ken knows) :) 3-I could eat Pizza everyday. 4-I can't wait for Fall. 5-Some of you know this but I am a magazine-a-holic!!!!!! 6-I drive a red Kia Sportage and I named HER Rubee. LOve it!! 7-I used to have longer hair but like the short stuff better. 8-I enjoy playing games like Farkle, Uno, Sorry Express etc. 9-Purses and bags are one of my downfalls. 10-Dreaming will have exciting news on SATURDAY!!!! (not Friday) ************************************* Passing on to: Kimberlynn at Autumn Living She has some wonderful recipes and she's a sweet gal to boot. check her out. Shug at Confessions of a Razzle Dazzle Housewife. Don't you love her title? Shug is currently working on her "bucket list" she did a pretty amazing thing the other day. Go to her blog and find out what is was. Jenny Matlock is a very creative AND Funny woman--the stories she tells and the trouble she can get into will have you splitting your pants with laughter. YOU GALS ROCK!!!!!
See these pretties? These are handmade
by Carol J over at Raise Your Hand If...
She makes all kinds of these pretties
in her very cute Studio. I'd like to have
a studio! Thanks Carol!!! Love them!!
I won this adorable print!! My friend Jenny Matlock had a giveway and this
was the prize! I repainted the frame
and embellished it with ribbon.
I got to pick which print I wanted and
then Jenny had it mailed to me. This
is a Catherine Holman original. It even
came with a Certificate of Authenticity
signed and dated. Catherine has both a
blog and an etsy shoppe.
Here she is......Miss Emily Michelle
being held by Auntie Mel. Isn't she
a doll???? She ate and slept the
whole time here but that's ok--
dolls need the beauty rest!
Thanks to all my blog friends
for the awards, gifts and give-
aways. You guys are THE BEST!
~Keep on Dreaming~

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Planting, Pampering Plants and a Power Nap

Today I finished planting what flowers I had to pot! These came from a 75% off sale at our local Westlake Ace Hardware store. The water can goes in front of a chair in front of our double garage, the geraniums will go on the deck , as will the ferns and the little green plant on the third step up will set next to a plant I have on a chair on the front porch. Planting has been a little rough this year due to all the rain, the heat and trying to get a lot done elsewhere. We were able to get the tomatoes staked before it got so blasted HOT!!!! The garden is still a bit "weedy" but we'll get to that soon. At least the tomatoes don't look so out of control. As soon as everyone gets to their new homes I'll get some pics up for you to see. We wee soooo hot and tired after being out in the heat, it was time for a "POWER NAP!" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ For those of you who might of missed my stimulating Trivia on July--see yesterday's post. :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ DON'T FORGET THAT FRIDAY IS AN EXCITING DAY HERE AT DREAMING!!!!!! ~Keep on Dreaming~

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Happy Tuesday

The seventh month in the Gregorian
calendar. It is one of seven with 31
days .
Flower(s)---Sweet Pea or Water Lily
Zodiac---Cancer--the crab
through the 22nd
Leo--the lion
the 23rd into next month
National Hot Dog Month
National Ice Cream Month
National Anti-Boredom Month
1-Canada Day
2-National Literacy Day
3-Compliment your Mirror Day
4-Independence Day (US)
5-Work-Aholics Day
6-National Fried Chicken Day
7-Chocolate Day---OH YEA!!!
8-Video Games Day
9-Sugar Cookie Day--7 and 9
together! YUM!
10-Teddy Bear Picnic Day
11-Swimming Pool Day
12-Pecan Pie Day
13-International Puzzle Day
All Star Game Tonight
14-Bastille Day
15-Gummi Worm Day
HUG WEEK--15th-21st
17-The Happiest Place on Earth
18-National Ice Cream Day
19-National Raspberry Cake Day
20-Moon Day
21-Monkey Day
22-Hammock Day--Bring it on!!
24-Cousins Day
25-Merry-GO-Round Day
26-All or Nothing Day
27-Summer Olympics (every 4 years)
28-Hamburger Day
29-National Lasagna Day
30-Father-in-Law Day
31-Jump for Jelly Bean Day
Is yours this month?
Happy Birthday to you!
Due to the holiday last week--this
post is behind a week.
~Keep on Dreaming~

Sunday, July 11, 2010

It's EXCITING !!!!!!

Good Afternoon my friends: Something exciting is happening today in Blogland!!! Do you know?? Well-----wait for it----- Are you READY for it? Really?? OK here is is~~~~~~!!!!!!!! ****THIS IS MY 200th POST!!!!!!!!!!!********* I say "what better way to celebrate" than with a recipe.
Remember this???
This is called Vegetable Salsa and
you will want to take this to every
event that calls for food to be
Mr Ken asked for this recipe from
a friend's friend at the 4th of July
party and we recieved it yesterday.
2 15 oz cans of petite diced
tomatoes, drained well,
reserve liquid
1 medium green pepper
1 clove garlic
1/2 c red onion
5 green onions
1/2 cup cilantro
1 can shoe-peg white corn
(not sure whether to drain
or not--I probably would)
1 can black beans--drained
1 can black-eyed peas--
3/4 c Zesty Italian dressing
Finely chop all vegetables.
Combine all ingredients,
adding enough reserved
liquid from tomatoes to
desired consistency. Serve
with tortilla chips.
~~~Now if you are like me,
you don't follow a recipe
always to the T. You change
it around.
This would be a perfect
recipe to serve the veggies
chopped BIG, throw in
some different veggies,
different beans, yellow corn.
You get the idea. Enjoy!!!
In other news---FRIDAY
will be another BIG day
for me here is Blogland!!!!
~Keep on Dreaming~

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Roll'n, Roll'n, Roll'n

I found some really nifty ideas
in a couple of magazines that I
THOUGHT I would share with
~~~~Save the hotel "freebie"
shower caps. Use them to
cover shoes before packing.
Now your shoes won't get
anything dirty. If you don't
use them for this--save them
to cover shoes at another time.
~~~~A marrriage rule to NEVER
break. "Steal time." For a kiss,
a whisper, a date, time together
on the couch etc.
~~~~Crafty ideas::
**Change a flat front frame
from BORING to bold with
"Grasscloth wallpaper."
Measure frame and photo
opening. glue paper on,
let dry and your good to go.
Trim any excess.
**Find inexpensive glass or
acrylic coasters and cover the
bottom with pictures you have
found or print out your own
photos--cut to fit the bottom of
each coaster and glue on with
clear drying glue stick.
Kids pics, pets, gardens,
vacations etc. would work.
These would be great for as a
little gift too.
**It will be "Back to School"
time way too soon but help
is on it's way for those of you
Mississippi --7/30-31
Alabama --8/6-8
Connecticut --8/15-21
DoC --8/7-15
Iowa --8/6-7
Louisiana --8/6-7
The states below --8/6-8
New Mexico
North Carolina
South Carolina
Texas --8/20-22
Source--Good Housekeeping
July 2010
Fun activities to do with the kids
this summer:
Play Water Limbo--
Each player goes under the nozzle
stream. Last dry player WINS
Blow Bubbles--
My suggestion--try Scented Bubbles
you can find them at the Dollar Tree.
Put on a Play--
Create costumes, develope a story
and the play can begin. Get fancy
and "sell tickets." Maybe some
Paint Outdoors--
On an old sheet hjug on a clothes
line or hang butcher paper on a
fence for the kids to paint on.
Five foods that fight inflammation:
see pg. 86
++Tart Cherries
Recipe for Fruit Dip
Serves 12 approx.
Makes: 23 Tbsp.
Serving size 2 Tbsp
1 point for those on Weight
1 8oz bar Weight Watchers
Reduced Fat Cream Cheese
Spread (room temp)
1/4 C Marshmallow fluff
3 T Sugar Free seedless
raspberry preserves
Combine all ingredients.
Blend thoroughly. Serve
with fresh fruit.
For fun party ideas see pgs. 61-66
Source Women's Day
July 2010
I'll be back over the weekend---we
have out of town company coming
over. We haven't seen this family
for a couple of years, due to them
moving with the military. It will be
a BLAST!!!!!
~Keep on Dreaming~

Autism Acceptance

Autism Acceptance

Yea, We Did It!!!!

Yea, We Did It!!!!
2015 World Series Champs!!!

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Debbie's Angels

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