Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Holiday Weekend Wrap Up

Hello! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend! We were quite the social butterflies! Saturday--Lenexa 4th Parade:
We had a great time at the parade,
too much fun. It's the small town
feeling in a moderate size city.
Later in the day we went to some friends
house for the evening fun!
Our friends live in Basehor, KS and this
is what they get to look at daily! Rough
huh???? It is beautiful and all the houses
were dressed for the holiday.
It's getting close to THAT time! FIRE-
WORKS! Ken has his place picked out
and is ready for the action! The more
noise THE better. Their neighborhood
association sets up the fireworks
display on the dock. Plus everyone
else shoots off their own personal
As we all know fireworks are illusive
things to get the perfect picture of--
I got one that I was happy with. :)
They were all beautiful and the
finale of course was SUPER!
Sunday took us to Nancy's cottage.
Some of you know her from Acorn
Cottage (see my sidebar).
We have been friends for several
years after her husband and Ken
reconnected at a High School
As you can see from the picture
below, we had a feast! Burgers,
brats, potato salad, chips,
AND apple crumble pie with
homemade vanilla ice cream!!!
It was all DELISH!!!! See those cupcakes
:0 :0 good golly they were yummy too.
The boys thought they needed a power
nap soooooooooooo the girls decided
to play Scrabble. Nancy won both of
the games. I think she pulled out
better letters than I was able to !!!!
It was fun though and there was NO
competition at all between us. :)
We were unable to see fireworks on
the 4th due to a storm that came
through about the time to leave.
Oh well.....
Monday evening one of our good friends
came to dinner.
Here is an up close and personal pic
of one of the place settings.
Red place mats, white plates, everyday
silverware AND yes paper napkins.
I love, love, love holiday napkins, they
are soooo much fun and I don't have the
patience to wash linen napkins.
My wonderful husband gave me these
beautiful roses and the flag. He wanted
to "Thank" me for all that I have done
for him since he has been on the mend.
Such a sweetie! Captain Bear is keeping
an eye on them.
For a starter I served a corn salsa that
we got from a new friend with chips.
The chips are new to us to they are :
Calavo-Sea Salt Tortilla Chips.
The chips are very light and the sea
salt gives them a great taste.
Our dinner theme was "Summer Salad
Supper." Above is a Garden Salad with
traditional ingredients. Below is a new
recipe to us. Oriental Chicken Slaw. I
also served crusty bread. Our friend,
Sonja brought a Broccoli Salad.
Everything is ready.
Dinner is served. Help yourself!!!!
It all was yummy good. For
dessert (no pic--forgot) I served
Fresh Fruit Salad with Vanilla
After dinner we hung out and
chatted for the rest of the evening.
Sonja is a great friend and we love
it when she can come for dinner.
We had a great weekend, spending
time with friends we see often and
those we don't see as often as we'd
like. As I have said before--Friends
are some of the best people in the
world beside our famlies.
****Ken is getting better each day!!!
****Our Great Niece arrived on
July 2, 2010 at 9 pm. She weighed
7 lbs 8 oz. and we don't know
how long she is yet. They sent a
picture to Ken's phone and she is a
****Tuesday Trivia will be back
next week.
~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. This is why Independence Day is awesome. It's about family, fun, and celebrating our country. It doesn't involve gifts or holiday craziness. I love it!

  2. You really were the social butterflies of the 4th! Each even looks delicious and fun. Congratulations on the new baby niece!!


  3. Sounds like ya'll had so much fun......
    I am always so very hungry when I finish reading your blog...The food looks so good. Any new recipes? Send them my way.

    Glad you had a good, safe Holiday! Love reading your blog!

    Take care...Shug

  4. I need to register a complaint: There is waaay too much yummy looking food in this post!

    I love the parade pictures. Small town parades are the very best!

  5. Great pictures! Looks like you had a really fun(and yummy) weekend!

  6. What great food, friends and fun! (Hi Nancy!)

  7. All that food look delish. Hope you had a great 4th July! Looks like you did.

  8. How lucky you are to have so many wonderful friends! What a fabulous weekend! I just love Nancy!

  9. What a fun and yummy time. Dropped by from Marydon's.

  10. What a fun weekend! More exciting than our's. :)

  11. Looks like ya'll had just the perfect Fourth celebrations. Mr. Ken looks good, I'm prayin' for him girl!

    Thanks for all your support through all this debilitating shingle stuff, it means so much to me.

    God bless ya and have a glorious summer day sweetie! :o)

  12. I love your pix. Especially the food! We also had a great holiday with old friends and got to watch a spectacular fireworks display.

  13. Hiya Melinda! Looks like a fab holiday weekend. Mr Ken was awesome to send you those lovely roses, he's a keeper!!! The menu looks delicious, btw.
    I haven't seen Nancy (blog) in a while... I am glad y'all had a good time getting together.
    Have a great week ~ stay cool.

  14. You all sure did have a great 4th! so much partying! I want to come over too and celebrate with you guys, you had all the fun!.... LOL
    I am so happy Ken is feeling so much better. It was great to see Nancy in your photo's.
    Gary and I went to movie and then went outside to watch fireworks with the neighbors.
    Have a sweet day and hugs, Elizabeth

  15. What a fun and beautiful July 4th celebration you all had. The table looks so festive and the food looks delicious. The Scrabble game brings back memories for me. I really like that game. I like all the smiles on everyone's faces. Great post.


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