Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Birthday Outing

Yesterday I took the day off to begin my birthday celebrating early! (Birthday is Monday) :) As part of my celebaration I have been wanting to visit a local place for a very long time. This place is located on the UMKC University campus in the Tureman Mansion. You asked "what is this place?" WELL, I'll tell you. As the sign above says: Toy and Miniature Museum. The museum was founded by Mary Harris Francis and Barbara Marshall when their own collections got too large they began work on opening a toy museum. They began operating out of the Tureman Mansion in 1982 and have expanded twice to it's current size of 33,000 square feet.
The museum has two floors of
toys and miniatures from all
areas of the toy world to a
variety of countries.
Doll houses-many that are
decorated in various periods.
One house is 9 feet tall! There
are churches, trains, cars,
dolls, bears, clowns, games,
and a marble collection.
The miniatures are sooooooo
detailed that it was unbelievable!
The "temporary" exhibit for the
last year was "50 years of Barbie."
Being a girl who played with Barbie,
I had to see this exhibit. It truely was
fun going through and remembering
all the fun times my friends and I had
getting together to play "Barbies."
They had the older ones, the career
ones, the Malibu ones and some that
I hadn't heard of. There was one
whole display with the theme dolls
and the holiday dolls. There were
houses, cars, and the airplane.
I picked up this cute little
container in the gift shop.
If you are ever in the Kansas
City are and want something
to do go to the Toy and Miniature
Museum--but go when you have
a lot of time, we were there for 3
hours. Here is their website.
~Keep on Dreaming~

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Big Question??????

Top Ten Halloween Costumes
for Adults:
This is according to Costumzee
1-Seven Deadly sins
4-Lady Gaga
5-Jersey Shore
6-Man's genitalia (why?)
7-Pin-up girl
8-Mad Hatter
9-Alice in Wonderland
10-Adult Barbie
Top Ten Popular Halloween
Costumes for Kids:
This is according to
1-Toy Story Characters
2-Harry Potter Characters
3-Shrek Forever
4-The Last Airbender
5-Alice in wonderland
6-Disney Princesses
7-Star Wars Characters
8-Thomas the Tank Engine
9-Michael Jackson
10-Hannah Montana
What are you going to be
this Halloween? We are
going to be Ken and Mel.
Happy Halloween
~Keep on Dreaming~

Monday, October 25, 2010

Playing Catch-up

The theme of my world right now is "Catch-up." Ken is feeling better each day and is back to his old self, so we are trying to get things caught up and for me that would include this blog. I have a slightly long post today so please, bear with me. *********************************** Today I found this little cutie in my mailbox at school, it came with a note. The note said: The Phantom Ghost has come to town. To leave you some goodies, I see you have found. If you do not wish a curse to fall Continue this greeting, This "Phantom" call. First, post this Phantom where it will be seen, And leave it there until Halloween. This will scare other Phantoms, who might visit, Be sure to participate, don't be a fis-bidget. Second make two treats, two ghosts and notes like this. Deliver them to two neighbors who might be missed. Don't let them see you, be sneaky, no doubt... And make sure they put their "Phantom ghost" out! Be quick! Leave at the doors where the phantom hasn't hit. Deliver at dark, when there is no light... Ring the doorbell and stay out of sight! Last but not least, come join the season. Don't worry, be happy, you need no good reason. Be cool, have fun and remember don't be seen. Share the spirit of HALLOWEEN!!! ************************************ This is a cute idea to share with coworkers, school staff, neighbors, locker buddies etc. You can use any ghost image you have to make the notes and Phantoms to hang up. A little fun for the holiday!
Meet Tom Turkey, I won him
in a giveaway from Katherine
Barrett @ Just a Thought. He
will make a nice addition to
my Thanksgiving decorations.
Thanks! Katherine. :)
Back in early August, I signed
up to join a "tag swap" with
Karla @ Karla's Cottage.
These two pictures show the
"creative part and some of the
finished tags that I created.
Each of us that signed up
made six tags and then we
sent them to Karla who in
turn turned them into tag
books for those of us who
wanted one.
Dorothy, the Tinman and the
Scarecrow were some I made.
Here are the tags that I recieved
in the swap.
A couple of up close shots of
the ones I recieved. Very much
fun! Thanks, Karla. :)
Thanks for sticking with me on this
long post. I really appreciate it.
Also, again Ken and I would like to
express our Thanks for all your
kind prayers, well wishes, and
thoughts. They have helped soooo
much! ~Keep on Dreaming~

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Update and a Fall Outing

Update: ******** I'm excited to report that Mr. Ken's surgery went well! We had to be at the hospital at 5:30 am! We didn't leave the hospital until 3:30 pm. LONG DAY! The Dr. was pleased and we'll know more on Wednesday. Hopefully everything was taken care of. We really appreciate ALL your thoughts and prayers for us. They seemed to work! Yea. Ken asked me to Thank you also. He appreciates your support. One day soon, he'll do his own post here. ***************************** Friday Night: ************** After a rest, we climbed in the car and drove two streets over to watch Fireworks! Yes, I said Fireworks. Our city put on a display to kick off the 24th annual Chili Challenge.
Saturday Morning:
After being cooped up in the
hospital all day Friday-we
decided a little fresh air and
a small amount of exercise
was in order. So we went
to the Chili Challenge for a
little bit.
The Chili Challenge is a contest
that decides the BEST chili.
Each team makes their recipe
and on Saturday for $2, visitors
get a plastic spoon and they go
booth to booth to sample any
and all the chili they want. Some
teams also make Salsa and Wings
to sample.
It can be an all day affair but we
lasted for about an hour. I think
this year had the most booths
covering 1 block and a half plus
if you went over to the Community
Center parking lot there was MORE!
Below are some pics from the fun.
We had a beautiful Fall weekend
and Ken is feeling better each day!
Again we want to THANK each
and every one of you for you
thoughts, prayers, love and
support. We still would appreciate
continued prayers for total healing
and NO MORE stones.
~Keep on Dreaming~

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Just an F. Y. I

Tomorrow morning we will leave
the house and be back at the
hospital at 5:30 am!!!!
Crack -o -Dawn I tell you.
Mr. Ken is set to have another
out patient procedure on those
darn kidney stones AGAIN.
They are like a reoccurring
time they will get everything.
We'd appreciate any prayers
for a successful surgery.
Thanks so much!!!
Hope to be back Saturday
with an update.
~Keep on Dreaming~

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Candy, candy, candy

One of my favorite things about this
season is the yummies above. I like
them separate or together. This
would be Brach's Autumn Mix.
The Indian corn is delish and
so are the little pumpkins.
Now for our candy trivia:
~~If Brach's lined all of the candy
corn and mellowcremes they sell
end to end it would circle the earth
4 times.
~~Brach's is the number one candy
corn maker in the nation.
~~American's consume an estimated
20 million pounds of candy corn
each year.
~~October 30th has been designated
as National Candy Corn Day. Pick up
a bag and celebrate!!!
~Kepp on Dreaming~

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Barn Sale Fun

Here are the goodies that I picked up last Saturday's Barn Sale. Top row: L to R-- Small thread holder, pipe and tobacco holder, jar of beans. Bottom row: L to R-- Cow bell, lunch pail and S and P shakers. Here an up close and personal look at my little thread holder. It has been cleaned out and reorganized. It is now checking out the sewing room.
Here are the S and P shakers up
close. Aren't they great? I think
they may go on the stove--maybe.
Way too much fun at these sales.
Depending on how busy I get this
afternoon there may be a Sunday
Savor--we'll see.
~Keep on Dreaming~

Friday, October 8, 2010

Weekend Wildness

We are looking at another busy weekend. Ken's sister will be stop- ping by on her way home from a trip to Chicago-- Monday night and getting back on the road Tuesday sooooooooo we are trying to get some things accomplished before she gets here. I'll be freshening up the guest room for her overnight stay AND putting some order to the week's end. I don't know about you but by the end of the week some parts of our house looks like a tornado came by. Of course there will be laundry to do, furniture to dust, floors to vacuum and sweep plus groceries to buy. We are looking forward to seeing sister! I'm off to get some sleep so I can get started on "stuff" tomorrow. ~Keep on Dreaming~

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


October is Breast Cancer
Awareness Month.
According to the Kansas
City Star--Sunday's
Edition, the first ribbon
was handed out nearly
20 years ago. Ever since,
the color PINK has stood
for something SPECIAL.
Today we see totes, t's,
mugs, pins, hats, scarves
etc, in the pink.
I think everyone has been
touched by this beast and
I'd like for us to take a
moment to remember those
who have fought the fight,
those who are fighting the
fight and their families who
are helping to fight the fight.
~Keep on Dreaming~

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Here and There

Today we are doing a Sunday Sampler. We will return to our regular program next week. *Alert: Slightly long--some next with pictures. Enjoy! **************************** Friday Evening: Oktoberfest---
Food served to choose from:
Brats, meat pies, sauerkraut,
red cabbage, German potato
salad and chips.
Red Forest Cake and
Apple Strudel.
Lots of music too!
Barn Sale
What fun we had at the sale.
Lots of goodies--I'll show the
things that I picked up at a
later date.
Boxes, jars, antiques, furniture
large and small, baskets, little
trinkets--I could go on and on.
It was a beautiful day for a drive.
We enjoyed lunch at a mexican
restaurant and then we moved on
Faulkner's Ranch
and Pumpkin Farm
These are just some of the
pumpkins to choose from.
Little ones and Big ones,
Orange and White ones
AND Multi-colored ones!
Oh, my!!!!
It was a great day!
Church dinner
Another beautiful day with
cooler temps.
We drove to a little town called
Perry here in Kansas and had
the most yummy lunch of:
Ham, turkey, dressing, mashed
potatoes with gravy and green
beans ALL freshly made AND
homemade desserts!!!!!!!
Oh, YEA!!!!!!
Well, I guess you could say
that we had a very full and fun
~Keep on Dreaming~

Friday, October 1, 2010

The Weekend

Happy Friday to you!!! We are going to have a great fall weekend! Tonight: Oktoberfest in Shawnee Food and fun. Saturday: Barn Sale in Oak Grove Lunch at Habanaros Pumpkin farm visiting Sunday: Church dinner with Dad Have a Super weekend and enjoy the weather (if it's good for you)!!! ~Keep on Dreaming~

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Autism Acceptance

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Yea, We Did It!!!!
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