Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tomorrow IS THE Day!!!

Tomorrow is "LEAP DAY!"
**This occurs every four years
and gives us 366 days in a
Leap Year.
**Leap day has been around for
2000 years.
**Leap day was added
as a correction to the calendar
so that it stays in sync with the
seasons...that way the seasons
start on the same day from year
to year.
**Those with leap year birthdays
usually choose February 28th or
March 1st to celebrate their
birthdays in a non leap year.
**U.S. Presidential elections
and Summer Olympics occur
in leap years.
**Watch the 2010 movie--"Leap
Day" with Amy Adams.
Do you have a Leap year birthday?
Do you know someone that does?
I have a friend whose younger brother
has a leap day birthday--in school
we were so fascinated with this.
Since we have an extra day this year
what will you do for YOURSELF?
Take some time tomorrow and DO
something just for YOU!
Here is a fun website---
Have fun!!!!
~Keep on Dreaming~

Friday, February 24, 2012

60 Years of Fun

image: Google
Mr. Potato Head turns 60
this month! His debut
came in 1952 and was
the first toy ever to be
advertised on TV!
**It cost .98 in '52 to buy
a Potato Head--parts
only cause Mom or Dad
supplied the potato.
**The Mrs. was introduced
in 1953 and they were
married on Valentine's
Day of that year. They
renewed their vows this
year !
**In 1964, Hasbro began
selling Mr. and Mrs. with
hard plastic bodies that
held the pieces in the "tator
tush" compartment and that
is trademarked!
**100 million tator toys have
been sold to date.
** 30 licensed characters
have been created.
**There are 350 parts and
pieces available.
**Mr. got his AARP card in
Did you have a Potato Head?
A Mrs? I remember having
one as a child. Loved it!!
Now, I have a Valentine one,
an Easter one and a Halloween
one. My kids at school love
to play with them.
Oh, what fun!
~Keep on Dreaming~

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Light at the End of the Tunnel

For You~~~~
Just wanted to send EVERYONE
a bouquet of flowers for your
kinds wishes and prayers.
Mr. Ken and I are on the mend.
Both of us went back to work
today, I am a little tired and I
am sure that Ken will be also.
As I said in a previous post,
each of us had different issues.
Ken had the FLU and I had a
viral infection.
Again, THANK YOU for your
thoughts and prayers. We
really appreciated them!!!
On another note--Is anyone
else having problems with
their "reply" button in the
comment section? Have
you solved the problem?
~Keep on Dreaming~

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Coughing and Blowing, Blowing and Coughing

Ken and I have been "blessed"
NOT with the creeping crud.
Ken has something different
than I have and vice versa.
We will resume regular
programming soon. Please
stand by.
I may come by but not comment
just depends on how I feel.
Thanks for your patience with this.
We appreciate it.
~Keep on Dreaming~

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hearts and Fun

A little fun at school--a heart themed birthday treat day for those with February. The top photo shows part of the middle of the table and the photo below show one of the table ends. Heart plates, napkins, confetti, cutouts and felt hearts that look like paper cutouts. Click on the photo to see what I mean. The funny thing about the felt hearts were that they were in the ornament section at Target after Christmas. I must of made three trips back there to pick up more. At .30 a package, what would you have done? The mugs holding the forks were found in our cabinet at school. They are red rimmed which worked well with the theme. In the photo below, you will see the bookmarks that I made for Valentine's day for the gals I work with. These are the ones that I saw on someone's blog last year. (That I asked about in a post last fall). If these were on your blog, please let me know!! The gals liked them! The colors were chosen for each of them. I got the clips after Christmas in the Dollar Spot at Target. They have silver ones in their office supply asile if you want to make some. Super easy!!!
Mr. Ken and I had a lovely
holiday at home with dinner,
funny cards and gifts. I received
two books and some candy. Ken-
Mr.Tech wanted a fancy 3 hole
punch for home and work, he
also received some candy too.
Tonight we went to dinner at
The Elephant Bar and celebrated
our 14th anniversary of our 1st
date! It is a tradition that we
enjoy. Hope everyone enjoyed
their holiday fun!!!
~Keep on Dreaming~

Monday, February 13, 2012

Share a Little Kindness

image: Google
This week begins "Random Acts
of Kindness Week." Take time
to do some extra nice things
for those around you. If you
would like to blog about this
go ahead and pass it on. :)
Here's my kindness wish to YOU!
An update of sorts: The young
lady that helped Nezzy make
their Valentine's was a Sunday
School student not her Grand-
daughter. Sorry Nezzy. This
young lady needs our prayers
also, because she is fighting with
cancer--please remember her and
her family in your prayers. Thanks
~Keep on Dreaming~

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Will YOU Be Mine???

The makings of Valentine's! If you remember several weeks ago I invited my readers/followers to make Valentine's for the children at our local children's hospital. One of the radio stations here sponsors a card shower each year and invites their listeners to participate. Sooo I invited YOU to to join ME in brightening a child's day. Five of you plus one daughter and a grandaughter jumped on board with me, making it EIGHT of us making cards this year. Yea! That is an increase of five more from last year! Here is the proof: These are the one's I made. These are the one's Karen from Colorado made. Very very cute! These lovely little envelopes hold valentine's made by Leslie and her daughter, they are from Maryland. Pretty fancy!
These lovelies (below) came
from Katherine in Canada!
Our farthest Valentine's!!!!!
She even labeled them from
Canada on the back! Pretty
Miss Nezzy and her sweet
grandaughter made these.
They are from Missouri.
I know somebody who likes
to color! Quite colorful. :)
And....last BUT not
least Jenny made
these. She put a lot
of work into these.
I like the flash card
idea!! Jenny you were
thinking outside of the
box!!!! These came after I
delivered the others BUT
they will get to the kids--
This was one of the delivery
sites--I dropped off 45 special
Valentine's cards after work.
The last eight will go out TODAY.
First National co-sponsors the
card shower with the radio
Thanks again! You ROCK.
I know the kids will get a
big kick out of these.
I REALLY appreciate the
time EVERYONE took out
of their days to do this with
me! I have THE BEST followers!!!
~Keep on Dreaming~

Monday, February 6, 2012

Party Decorating for Little or Nothing and THE GAME

Yesterday was GAME DAY and our friends Dan and Nancy (Acorn Cottage) came over . In order to get ready for our fun, I did an inventory of party decorations and paper goods saved from previous parties and activities. I tried to use as many things I already had. Above you will see (top right around the table) red dinner plates, football napkins, red cups, foam football cutouts, confetti, football snack dishes, white plastic forks, red silicone cups and in the the middle are football cutouts to hang up. When I buy these type of items I ALWAYS save anything that is leftover--one never knows when they will need it. This way I hopefully don't have to buy anything for the next party or event. These are then stored in a spare closet for the next use. The items above are the only things I bought. Out of all the tablecovers that I have I did not have a white one---go figure. Total spent $3.00. :) THE GAME---getting ready for the appetizers. THE PICKS---I have had this chalkboard since I was a little girl! THE TABLE---before. Here is a peek at the confetti. THE TABLE---after it is laden with round one food. There was a mishap with round two so no pics. Lost a pizza in the oven! :( THE WINNERS!
Next year, Dan--Nancy's husband
and I have vowed that we will be
Great fun was had by all.
~Keep on Dreaming~

Friday, February 3, 2012

A Fun Gift

Last Saturday, I wrote a post
that included a couple of
weblinks for fun stuff related
to Valentine's Day.
One of the sites suggested giving
a TREASURE BOX as a gift to a
friend but I think this could be
expanded to kids. In the picture
you will see that this box is geared
toward CARD MAKING. Silicone
baking cups were used to hold
goodies like bits of ribbon, thread,
string, small rubber stamps, buttons,
felt balls and plain cards. All of it
was placed in a hinged wooden box
and then wrapped with a pretty bow.
Be creative with your containers, as
they say "Think outside of the box."
Themes for GIRLS:
Crafts/Jewerly making
Small games
Themes for BOYS:
Small games
These are great for Valentine's
Day but they would be fun for
birthdays too!
~Keep on Dreaming~

Autism Acceptance

Autism Acceptance

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Yea, We Did It!!!!
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