Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Word from Tinkerbell

Laughter is timeless--
Imagination has no age--
And dreams are forever.
Faith, trust n pixie dust. *************************** We can fly!! ************* I do believe in fairies-- I do-- I do-- I do!!!!!! **************************** When the first baby laughed for the first time, the laugh broke into a thousand pieces, and they all went skipping about. That was the beginning of FAIRIES! ****************************** First star on the right and straight on till morning. ~Keep on Dreaming~

Monday, April 25, 2011

F. Y. I

Hello Everyone! Just wanted to let you know, Ken's Dad is in the hospital, minor complications from hernia surgery that he had last Friday. He is doing well and may come home later this week! Please keep him in your prayers. We would appreciate it. :) +++++++++++++++++++++++ Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter, we did and I'll post pictures late this week. I'd also like to ask that you bear with me, I know I have been missing for a bit, but I'm still here and I'd love to keep my readers and followers. Thank You!!! ~Keep on Dreaming~

Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Hare Raising Tail ....

A man was driving along a
highway and sees a rabbit
jump out across the middle
of the road.
He swerves to avoid hitting it,
but unfortunately the rabbit
jumps right in front of the car.
The driver, a sensitive man as
well as an animal lover, pulls
over and gets out to see what
has become of the rabbit.
Much to his dismay the
rabbit didn't make it.
The driver feels so awful
that he begins to cry.
A beautiful blonde woman
drives by and sees the man
crying, she pulls over.
She steps out of the car and
asks the man "what's wrong?"
"I feel terrible," he explains,
"I accidentally hit the Easter
Bunny with my car and he
didn't make it."
She runs to her car and
pulls out a spray can.
She walks over to the
Easter Bunny; bends down,
and sprays the bunny.
The Easter Bunny jumps up,
waves his paw and hops off
down the road.
Ten feet away he stops, turns
around and waves again. He
hops down the road another
ten feet and waves again, he
does this until he is out of sight.
The man is astonished. He runs
over to the woman and
demands, "what is in that can?"
"What did you spray on the
Easter Bunny?"
The woman turns the can around
so the man can read the label.
It says..
(Are you ready for this?)
(Are you sure?)
(Last chance)
(Ok, here it is)
It says,
"Hair Spray
Restores life to dead hair,
and adds permanent wave."
Happy Easter!!!!!!! :)
~Keep on Dreaming~

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bunny Knowledge

All I need to know about
life, I learned from the
Easter Bunny...
Don't put all of your eggs
in one basket.
There's now such thing as
too much candy.
All work and no play can
make you a basket case.
A cute little tail attracts
a lot of attention.
Everyone is entitled to a
bad hare day.
Some body parts should
be floppy.
Keep your paws off other
people's jellybeans.
The best things in life are
still sweet and gooey.
~Keep on Dreaming~

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Is It Truly Real???

Reality TV is a cultural
phenomenon that is here
to stay and is a fast growing
trend on television.
Depending on what you
read, reality tv is watch
by viewers aged 2 to????
We see so much of it
on tv right now due to
the fact that costs are
inexpensive and they
are easy to use as fillers
if a series is cancelled.
What so you think...
Is it real or is it scripted?
In 2005, 82% of viewers
felt that it was scripted.
Reality TV is rumored to
make up 17% of program-
ming between public and
Do you remember----
America's Funniest Videos
America's Most Wanted
How about---
Big Brother
Fear Factor
The Real World
America's Got Talent
Today we have---
American Idol
Dancing With...
Amazing Race
Celebrity Apprentice
Extreme Home Makeover
and many, many more.
Which ones do you watch???
~Keep on Dreaming~

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Good Morning--

Hope all is well with you.
Dreaming is currently under reconstruction.
Come back another day.

~Keep on Dreaming~

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Just Some Funnies!!!

What did

zero say to the


Nice Belt!


Why did the

obtuse angle

go to the beach?

Because it was

over 90 degrees!


Why was the math book sad?

Because it had too many problems.


Why didn't the two 4's want any


Because they already 8!


From Me to You!--Happy


~Keep on Dreaming~

Monday, April 11, 2011

It's Me!

Hello EVERYONE! Just wanted to say I'm back and feeling much better! Thanks for all the "well wishes, thoughts and prayers. They are much appreciated. There will be new posts in the upcoming days. Look for them. ~Keep on Dreaming~

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I think I have STREP!!!! Going to the DR.
Will be gone for a bit!!!
See you soon.
**Reader Update--
Dr. confirms that I do have STREP!!!!!
~Keep on Dreaming~

Friday, April 1, 2011

A Little April Foolery !!!!!

The sun is shining, the sky is a pretty blue, the clouds look like cotton candy and BEST of all I didn't have to wear a coat OR jacket TODAY!! Yea!!! **************************** I thought I would share a couple of little ditties from my teacher friends. ***** April's Trick There's a bug on your back, And it's yellow and green. You've spots on your face, I'll bet you've not seen. There's a rip in your coat, And your hair's turning gray. Don't get upset though, It's APRIL FOOL'S DAY! ****************************** What has twelve legs, is gray and can't see??? Three Blind Mice :) ******************************* What is the longest thing in the world? A Smile :) There's a mile from beginning to end! Happy Aprils Fool's Day!! ~Keep on Dreaming~ Reader Alert!!!! I DID NOT WRITE THIS THIS WAY! I HAVE TRIED THREE TIMES TO EDIT THIS POST!!!!!!!

Autism Acceptance

Autism Acceptance

Yea, We Did It!!!!

Yea, We Did It!!!!
2015 World Series Champs!!!

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