Monday, November 27, 2017

What to do with Cinnamon



Look who is actually posting on a Monday!

Tonight we are going to look at other uses
for Cinnamon.

1. Hair Booster--
Mix a 1/4 c each of cinnamon and honey,
apply to the scalp for 15 minutes and rinse.
Cinnamon increase blood flow and could
stimulate hair growth.

2. Moth Repellant--
Combine 2 T cinnamon with 1/2 c
each black peppercorns and whole cloves,
pour into sachet bags for closets and

3. Soothe athletes food--
Cinnamon is an antimicrobial.
Boil 10 sticks in 4 cups of water and
let cool. Soak feet for 20 minutes
and dry completely.

4. Perk up your drive--
Use a cinnamon scented air freshener
in your car. Research states: that the
smell decreases anxiety and improves
alertness when driving.

5. Hide scuffs--
Use a Q-Tip to rub ground cinnamon
 into scratch marks on wooden floors
and furniture.

Did you know?

Cinnamon was used as an embalming
agent in ancient Egypt.

Hope everyone's holiday was great!

See you Wednesday!

~Keep on Dreaming~

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Wednedsay Write up


Good Morning!
It is Thanksgiving Eve. Are you ready
for the big day?

Hopefully we are. Lot's going on
around here.

Thanksgiving this year will just be
Mr. Ken and I. The rest of the family a
re doing their own thing.
I am not making a big turkey, we ordered
smoked turkey and ham from our local
BBQ stop and I will make some sides for

We are getting ready to transform our
bedroom ie: paint and new bedding.
That will occur after the holiday but
ALOT of prep work will take place
first. A big dumpster lands in our
driveway today! need to get rid of the
old mattress and box springs plus a lot
of other junk we have to get rid of. Might
as well do it in one fell swoop.

My car is in the shop from when it
was hit at school, I don't like driving
rental cars. I should get my car back
today. Hopefully that will restore some
normalcy to my life.

During your thanksgiving prayers,
please say a little prayer for Mr. Ken
he is dealing with another medical
issue, one that can be resolved with
a little work, he just needs some
prayers right now. Thank you!

We would like to wish you and your
family a blessed Thanksgiving. Enjoy
your time with family and friends.
Think of us as we paint. (not my
favorite activity for Thanksgiving
break) :)

See you next week!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

~Keep on Dreaming~

Monday, November 13, 2017

What to Do?



Well friends, we have little over a
week to go till Thanksgiving!
Are you ready? Guest list? Menu?
Are you traveling? Lots of questions
at this time of year. If you are home
with a boatload of guests, have you
thought about how to entertain
Never fear! I have ideas for you.

Note these ideas are for the holiday
plus weekend.

1. Play a board game or card game.
Always fun to bring out the old

2. Go for a walk after the big Thanks-
iving meal. Fresh and exercise is good
for everyone. Have the kids look for
specific things along the way.

3. If the weather is not cooperating
build a blanket fort (s). Take a nap,
read books, watch a movie etc.

4. Make Christmas cards or gifts for
friends and family.

5. For dinner on the Big Day have a
"leftover potluck" having leftovers
is part of Thanksgiving so enjoy!

For Friday, Saturday and or Sunday:

1. Go to the Zoo, park or any outdoor
venue weather permitting. Helps with
the boredom factor.

2. I know some of you go "Black Friday
Shopping--have fun. I'll be in my warm
cozy bed.

3. Does your city have a Rec Center?
Head over there. They have something
for everyone.

4. If you have extra hands available,
dig out the Christmas tree and get
an early start on your decorating.

5. For  those still hanging around, go
out to breakfast. This gives every-
one a chance to visit and no one has
to do the cooking.

Hope these lists give you some fun
ideas for those overnight guests.

See you Wednesday!

~Keep on Dreaming~

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Wednedsay Write Up


Yesterday came and went sooo fast
that I forgot to blog! So here I am
on Thursday.

So I had a birthday as most of you
guessed. It was on the first, so we
celebrated officially last Saturday.
Started off at JoAnn's. They were
having a sale on Cricut accessories.
I picked several things.


Later that evening we went to the
restaurant above. The Owner/Chef
is from Sweden and so most of the
dishes have a Swedish flair.


Our server took our picture.


Dinner is served.
From front to back:
Mine: Swedish Meatballs
with mashed potatoes and
a cucumber salad. Rolls,
Mr. Ken ordered Red Cabbage
to go with his Braised Lamb
and Root veggies.
Lingonberry Tea to drink.

I took my birthday off so
when I got back to school
on Wednesday this cute sign
greeted me on my class-
room door. Plus my direct
coworkers threw me a

It is always fun to extend the
celebrating. After school , I
went out and celebrated again
with the gal that is our librarian.
It is a tradition to celebrate our
birthdays. Lots of fun.

One last birthday treat. A free
Nothing Bundt Cake. Red
Velvet is waiting for me in our

In other news:

My eye appointment went well,
not a lot of change in the eyes,
just a stronger prescription and
new frames.

Hit the DMV for a new driver's
license. As most of you know
now you have to be "compliant"
with the airlines so I had to find
my birth certificate and my
Social Security card plus several
other things. What a pain but
now I am "compliant."

Yesterday afternoon, we had a
shower for a gal I work directly
with. She and her husband are
official Foster parents and
we showered her with gifts
to use when kids are placed
with them.

Can't think of anything else
right now so I think I will go
to bed. Good Night!!!!!

See you Monday!

~Keep on Dreaming~

Monday, November 6, 2017

A Smooth Thanksgiving


Good Evening!

Well another holiday is upon us...

Are you ready? Me either.
This year we have "Thanksgiving Break"
at school instead of the Wednesday-Friday
time off so our house may (probably) will
be a mess. We are getting ready to redo
our bedroom!!
Prayers please!

So in the holiday spirit, let's talk about how
to keep the day as stress free as possible.

1-Use a cooler as back up to your fridge. Fill
with ice and store extras in it.

2-Before baking your pie crust, line with foil
and fill with pennies to weigh down your
crustso it doesn't puff up.

3-Use aluminum foil sheets roiled into coils
to elevate your turkey off your roasting pan.

4-To keep your mashed potatoes warm while
tour other side cook, place in a buttered crock
pot. Stir every hour.

5-Use a coffee thermos to keep your gravy
warm. Before serving , pour into your gravy
boat or bowl.

6-Spoon chicken broth over your turkey slices
to keep them moist upon serving. Also helps
to "heat" the turkey after it has gone cool.

7-Give the guests who want to "help" chores.
ie: filling glasses, hang up coats, or any
activity outside of the kitchen, this will
allow you to focus on the meal.

If you put any of these into play, let us

See you Wednesday!!

~Keep on Dreaming~

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Wednesday Write Up

Hello, it is I your lost Blogger!

I have tried to load this post for over
an hour and when I loaded the pics
these were the only ones to load.

Anyway wanted to show you some of
my Halloween d├ęcor even though the
big day is over for this year. BTW we
ONY had 6 little visitor's this year, It
was a pretty cold Halloween though.

So above you can see a little setup with
some cute S& P shakers with my mug.

Don't be scared, everyone is friendly.
This a tray on our trunk in our living
room. I just love the teeny pumpkins.

My friends here are ones I made in a
"Make and Take" class that did.
The pumpkins were pre painted and
we stenciled the faces on then tied on
the ribbons.

More friends on the cabinet that I redid
on our landing.

This young lady sporting her awesome
biking attire is celebrating her birthday
today! Her Mom took the picture 51
years ago. It is in color but this pic
was used for another project.

Please come back if you left, we have
been so busy the last several weeks and
I could not get to the blog. Will try better.

Hopefully I'll be back Monday AND
MAYBE my pics will load. Mr. K is
going to check the problem for me.

~Keep on Dreaming~

Autism Acceptance

Autism Acceptance

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Yea, We Did It!!!!
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