Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Wednesday Write Up

Good Wednesday Afternoon!

It is cloudy here but still very
humid! The clouds are a nice
change though.

Well, I have been a bit of a social
butterfly these past several days.
I have had breakfast and lunch
with a couple of gals that I used to
teach with.  So much fun to see them!
We just jump right in where we left off
the last time we saw each other. Of
course Facebook helps too. 

Last Saturday, Mr. Ken and I to a
reunion /get together with former co-
workers from the developmental pre-
school that I worked at before I met Mr.
Ken. Above is my former boss welcoming
us to the reunion.

Some of these people I have not seen in
17 years! I see several on Facebook and
some I am in contact often. Some people
had a bit of a problem recognizing me due
to my hair. When I left I had much longer
hair--who would have thought? :)

Here we are playing a silly game called
Heads or Tails. I lasted two rounds.
It was so fun seeing these people and
listening to memories and funny stories
of when we all worked together over
dinner and during the social hour. 
Working at Sunshine Center was one of
my favorite jobs. But I said yes to Mr. Ken
and off to Kansas I went. No regrets. :)

When we left the restaurant to come
home it was getting ready to storm.
We had no idea this was getting ready
to happen due to no service in the
party room. This was taken about 20
minutes into our drive, we are being
pelted with rain and lighting and the
wind was horrible!
Driving on the highway at about 10 miles
an hour because we can hardly see!

Lighting was coming fast and furious!

Getting closer to home! Whew!!
A lot of people lost power from this
storm. Some are still out, though the
majority of the people we know have
power again.
What a mess !

These little teeny post it notes have
become quite my friend over the last
several months. I have used them on
our calendar for things that don't
necessarily need to be ON the calendar
ie: little reminders for a specific day. Put
the note on and take it off.
My calendar isn't as messy at the end of
each month which makes me happy!

I will see you NEXT Wednesday, Mr. Ken
has some much deserved vacation time
coming up so I am going to spend time
with him, we have three days of fun
scheduled and the other days we'll get
some stuff done at home.

Take care!

~Keep on Dreaming~

Monday, July 24, 2017



Good Monday Afternoon to you!

Today we are going very random with
this post.

I have a question for you:

Where would you rather be today at
this exact moment?

For me: see the pic above?

I'd like to be on one of those lounge
chairs reading a book.

Though it has been so hot and miserable
the last several days, maybe I should say
a snowy mountain top.

I'm on the downhill slide before school
starts so I am making fast like a bunny
and trying to finish things I have started
and get things organized so I can go back
to school without a lot of "I didn't get
________ done" on my mind.

See you Wednesday!!

~Keep on Dreaming~

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Wednesday Write Up


Hello and happy Wednesday!

Hope everyone is staying cool.
We might hit 100 here later this
week!! Uggg.

It has been a tough week in my head,
lots going on. It has caused me to
pretty much stop everything I have
been doing to focus on all things
flitting through my head.

See I finished my 17th year at school
this past May--I know, unbelievable!
I ran across an ad from a neighboring
school that sounded really interesting.
But my brain just couldn't wrap itself
around a change. So I mulled and
mulled this over for days!!!!! After
some research and talking to a gal I
know, I decided to not try for it.

It was a traveling position throughout
that district, I wouldn't really have a
home base and the small raise in pay
wouldn't really cover gas, wear and
tear on my car and learning a new job.
Mr. Ken and I have been talking about
this position for days too and I think
he is glad that I have come to a
decision that I am happy with. :)

I am at peace with this decision and
it is a relief to have that monkey off
back! I'm still a bit unsure that I really
want to go back to school but I probably
will. There is so much I would miss if I
took another job but there are several
things I wouldn't miss too, I realize
that it is like that with any job.
I just really want to be a millionaire!! :)

Soo, I have almost three weeks left to get
EVERYTHING accomplished that I
wanted to this summer! NOT!!
I will try my best to do what I can and the
rest will still be waiting for me.

Last Friday, I had lunch with a friend. We
were finally able to celebrate her birthday.
And I got to give her that little wreath and
name tag that I made her.

Lots of things are in the planning stages, I
have a couple of writing projects that I am
going to start up--more later and artsy/
craftsy stuff to finish. Plus I am going to do
a little work on myself, I'll let you know how
that goes since I have a tendency to argue
with myself.  :)

That's about it from here. Thank you again
for all your nice comments on my blog-
versary. I really enjoyed them.
The picture above is a sunset that we had
recently. It has been so hot here that the
evenings have been a hazy ( goes along
with my head issues).

See you Monday--Stay cool and hydrated.

~Keep on Dreaming~

Monday, July 17, 2017

Big Day!


Good Monday Morning!!

Today is a big day here at Country
Eight years ago I started my little

A friend of mine had suggested that
I start one and at that time I was not
interested in having a blog but then
Mr. Ken got laid off from a job
that he had had for 20 years!!
Having a blog gave me a distraction
from the stress of our situation. It
has also given me a new way to make
friends. Which I have many.

Blogging has changed so much since
that first post, but I keep plugging along
because now my blog is a way to leave a
footprint for those in my family and any
who come along down the road.

I would like to say THANK YOU to all of
you are still hanging with me and those
that have come and gone. I have learned
so much from you!
Thanks again for making these eight
years a lot of fun!!

See you Wednesday!!!

~Keep on Dreaming~

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Wednesday Write Up--Today's Version


I missed yesterday because it is HOT!


I am moving like this and...

it is making me frustrated!!! Sorry for
the rant. Trying to get stuff done before
school starts again and we are taking a
short trip at the end of the month, I
would like to get ahead of the game.
Guess I can only do so much.
I have been reading and even the books
have not been the best.

Hope you are having a better time than
I am. As my Mom used to say "this to
shall pass."

See you on Monday! Thanks for listening.

~Keep on Dreaming~

Monday, July 10, 2017

Ice Cube Trays


Good Monday morning to you!

Today we are talking ice cube trays...

Now I am sure that in your day to day
life you have said to yourself 

Self:  "What else can I do with this
thing besides make ice?"

Well, I am here to answer that question.

Freshen your drain--
Fill a tray with white vinegar and citrus
peels. Freeze, then grind a cube in the
your garbage disposal when the drain
starts getting smelly.

Mix paint--
Use the tray to keep paint separate
for touchups  and small craft projects.

Tidy your junk drawer--
Gather those tiny items rolling around
your drawer. Use the tray sections for
things like tacs and paperclips.

Keep herbs fresh longer--
Freeze herbs in oil so you have an
instant start to sauteing foods.
**I would use a different color tray
to remind myself that this was an
herb tray NOT an ice tray.

Make wildflower seed bombs--
Mix two parts potting spoil with
five parts pottery clay and one part
water. Add local,  noninvasive seeds
and press the mixture into the sections
of the tray. Dry for one to two days and
store in a shady place before sowing.

Summer always reminds of the times as
a kid, we would make Kool-Aid and pour
the Kool-Aid into and ice tray, freeze and
viola Kool-Aid cubes. One of the best things
about summer!!
Now I suppose you could make "adult cubes"
if you know what I mean. :)

Now you know what to do with those darn

See you Wednesday!!

~Keep on Dreaming~

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Wednesday Write Up


Good Wednesday morning to all!

I am still busy with projects, I did
not post this one last time. Above is
BEFORE. Mirror, sconces plus letters.


This is AFTER: Gone are the scones
(another project) and in their place
Fabric Covered Canvas'. I wanted
something different there and I
am pleased with the results.


I belong to a "group" on Facebook that
is a Food Forum.
Restaurants in the KC metro area are
discussed and we post pics of our food
and talk about what we liked and
disliked (within reason) about our visit
to a particular restaurant. Anyway they
had a contest on the forum-
Describe your favorite pizza. Crust,
sauce and toppings.


Several of our posts were chosen and
we all met at a Pizza place in Midtown
KC to meet each other, talk pizza and
enjoy an All You Can Eat Pizza "buffet."
First they brought out appetizers (two
pics up) , wings sorry no pics-they went
FAST, a variety of pizzas thick and
thin crust and different sauces, THEN
Mr. Ken and I had a ball!

Above and below was the dessert
Pizza crust stuffed with Nutella AND
chocolate THEN drizzled with MORE
chocolate and sprinkled with powered
sugar. OH MY!!!

Above: Sopapilla Dessert Pizza.
Gone in a flash!!

Such fun, yummy food , great time
making new friends and a fab new
place to eat!

If you are in Kansas City check out
Artego Pizza.


I made these for a friend's birthday.
A door wreath for the 4th--I used
and embroidery hoop and some fun
flowers for the wreath and her
name from Scrabble tiles.

I hope everyone's 4th was fun.
Ours was a soggy one--no parade
this year.: (
We did have a nice time with friends
though at their house. My friends
husband was able to get the burgers
and brats grilled between rain showers
though. We hadn't planned to go to any
fireworks displays so I don't know which
ones went off. We had some rain come
through about the time they were to go
Hope your day was filled with fun!!

Pop back by on Monday!!

~Keep on Dreaming~

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Happy Fourth!

Mr.Ken and I would like to
wish everyone a HAPPY FOURTH
of JULY to everyone!
Enjoy your time with family
and friends and be safe!!

~Keep on Dreaming~

Autism Acceptance

Autism Acceptance

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Yea, We Did It!!!!
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