Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Wednesday Write Up


Happy Wednesday!

We started out the week with a beautiful
Memorial Day.
These pictures are from a display near
our house.




We took a road trip to Lexington, Mo
on Monday. Tried our hands at straw-
berry pickn'.


Gorgeous fields to pick in.

Came home with a flat of beautiful
strawberries. We also enjoyed
Strawberry Slushies and Strawberry
Chocolate Fudge! It was a fun day!
While in Lexington we toodled
around the Lexington Battlefield.
If you are on Facebook there will be
a post later today with pics.

My break so far is going smoothly
with a mix of catching up on things
around the house and some R and R.
When it stops raining long enough I
will get some pics of my pretty flowers
to show you. June promises to be a
busy busy month.

**Reminder-- Misc. Monday will begin
next Monday. I didn't  want to start
a Misc post on an important holiday.

Hope you are doing well!

~Keep on Dreaming~

Monday, May 29, 2017

Remembering and Honoring


Today we remember and honor the
brave men and women who have
served and who are serving today to
keep us safe.



Misc. Monday will begin next Monday.
Have a great day!

~Keep on Dreaming~

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Wednesday Write Up



Well, it is Wednesday and we
know what that is
Catch Up day.

First off--Summer vacay began
But you would not know it with 
the cool temps we have had the
last two days.

Alert--This post is a bit long.
Thanks ahead of time.

Our rose bush has put on a beautiful
show this spring.




As some of you know Mr. Ken and
I went to the Garth Brooks World
Tour with Trisha Yearwood concert.

Heading in to the Sprint Center.


Not used to the beard.

Supporting the Royals on this evening.
He put on an AWESOME show and we
found out later that he had a bad head
cold but let me tell you that did not
stop him. If it would have been me,
they would have had to carry me off
stage.  :)

Ms. Yearwood came out for several songs.
Very nice lady for sure.

We were there with a couple of others.

The drummer played in this. It lit up,
spun around, could be elevated and
during one song Garth climbed up on
it! Such a fun evening--worth every

The last couple of days we spent some
of our time playing with BIG bubbles.


Last Saturday we got up early and drove
to Oklahoma City with my Father-in-Law
and his lady friend.

We went down there to celebrate with
this young man--our nephew and grand-
son plus other family members. He was
graduating from high school.


Here are some of the decorations my
Sister-in-Law put together. Diploma
Cookies made from the Pirouette Cookies
from Pepperidge Farm.

A candy bar. YUM!!

The kitchen table centerpiece.

Mr. Graduate.

The official picture with the diploma.
Which actually he will get this week.

A little crafting in between all this fun.
For the concert, I wanted a flannel shirt,
but I wanted mine to look more girly than
they usually do.
So I cut off the tail and added some pretty
lace. It is a big shirt but I wanted it that was
so I could were it as a jacket or tunic style--
buttoned up and flowy. You can it in the
concert pic above.

Stop by on Monday--yes Monday, I am
starting a summer series called
Misc. Monday. 

I will have craft projects, recipes, summer
ideas and anything else that might pop in
my head.

Take Care!!

~Keep on Dreaming~

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Wednesday Write Up


Hello Everyone!
I hope you are all doing great.

In our catching up today-which I
know should have been yesterday
but wasn't we are going to revisit
a topic from last week.
I mentioned that I participated in
the A-Z Blogging Challenge again
this year and have done so for the
last two or three years. My theme
this year was Famous Women.
I didn't have trouble finding 26
famous women to post about but
trying to choose from the lists was
hard! I didn't have an X or a Z but
I did finish the challenge to my
If you are interested in reading  any
of these post pop over to the April
tab and you will find my challenge
posts there. Some of the more inter-
esting women to me were Helen Keller,
Jacqueline Kennedy, Princess Diana,
Queen Elizabeth, Temple Grandin to
name a few.
The format was a bit different this year.
nest year I may or may not patrticipate
depending on the format for next year's

We celebrated National Teacher
Appreciation week and I made
these for some of the gals I work
directly with. I was quite pleased
with these and I think the gals
liked them too!

Kinda quite around here at this
point. But...

We have several things coming up and
I have a couple of projects in the works
which I will post about at a later date
once they are finished.

The MOST exciting thing coming up
is the LAST DAY of  SCHOOL.
We have 5 1/2 days left this year.
Since we didn't have any snow days
we get out early this year!

Saturday we are going to the Garth
Brooks and Tricia Yearwood concert!
So looking forward to going!!

Well, that about covers everything for

~Keep on Dreaming~

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Wednesday Write Up


Hello! We resume our regular
programming today!

As most of you know I spent the month
of April participating in the A-Z Blogging
My theme this year was Famous Women.
If  you missed it just scroll backwards from
this post and you can catch up on that .
Believe me it was a challenge!


Early in April we hopped on down to the
Country Club Plaza in Kansas City and
looked at the Bunnies. We do this every
year but our tag team was missing this
year so Mr. Ken and I went on our own.


Pretty flowers along our way.


Some of the bunnies were decked out
in KC Royals gear. Such fun!


These tulips fascinated me so much!


Mr. is decked out here with his jersey and fancy

More pretties.

Trying really hard to support our
boys in blue. They are having a
tough time right now but they
won last night!


One project complete for now!!
I found this on the side of the
street at a neighbor's house.
I brought it home and it has
been in our garage since.
We finally had some time to
haul it upstairs to our landing
behind our front door.


I wanted it to corral all of our winter
scarves, gloves and mittens. Because I
have a ton! I used the photo boxes
that you see at Michael's and
JoAnn's to hold them. I need a couple
of more though.


Covered the top with scrapbook paper to
pretty it up a bit. Still "shopping the house"
for things to dress up the top.
Above it on the wall, I have pegboard that
I need to incorporate with the cabinet.


Easter dinner was a quite affair for Mr. Ken
and I, the majority of the family were busy
with their own activities.

Toward the end of April, Mr. Ken
and I joined own family in this
beautiful old church for the
wedding of our niece. Very low key
affair but nice.

 The newly married couple.

A very beautiful cake.

Happy Aunt and a happy bride!


Besides ALL those fun things, we have
had weird weather like the rest of you,
Mr. Ken is busy at work ie: LOTS
going on, he is feeling good, early next
week he goes in for a scan to see how
he is doing.
School is almost OVER and I cannot
wait!! It has not been a bad year but the
last couple of months have been LONG!

That's about it here, for now. I hope
everyone is doing fine.

~Keep on Dreaming~

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Autism Acceptance

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Yea, We Did It!!!!
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