Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Garden Party---Part 2


Welcome to garden two on our tour.
This lovely home was purchased 46
years ago, with no place for the
children to play, the backyard was
transformed by an 85 year old land-
scape expert some 40 years ago!
This gardener has worked on several
Kansas City gardens and our very
own Shawnee Mission Park.
This garden is mostly in the shade
so or course most of the plants are
shade lovers.

This is a picture heavy post as it is
my favorite garden on the tour.
Please don't let that deter you, I
think you will enjoy the pictures.


As you walk up the drive, you
are invited to sit and enjoy the
scenery. Such a cute sitting

As you go down the sidewalk to
the front door you will find this
whimsical vinette. The fairy on
the tire swing just cracked me


Love the birdcage. 


One fun way to hang a plant.


A different use for a iron basket.


A creative way to use a very small
area. The homeowner enjoys taking
window frames and putting mirrors
in them. She has them in several
places around the backyard.


So pretty!


Fun color scheme.


Loved the patio area. The table
and the rolling cart were set for
a garden lunch.
In the background of each picture
you can see how flower boxes
were used.


I want one of these carts!!!!!


A new use for a birdbath. are now in the SECRET
GARDEN. This garden came about
when the homowners found out they
need to move their back fence.
She has made several fairy gardens
there, I took a lot of pictures but only
posted two--I think you can tell what
is going on.


Such fun!!!!!

At the end of the Secret Garden was
another mirrored window and a fun

I think the reason I enjoyed this
garden so much because it wasn't
stuffy.There was a lot of fun here!!

~Keep on Dreaming~

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Letter Fun

It's trivia time!

The pencils are nubs, there are
no more crayons to color with,
all the glue is gone and all of the
paper has been used. School is
out for the summer!

On that note we are going to
have some fun with letters

I am going to test your knowledge,
below are several questions for you
to answer--answer them in your
head or you can write them down.
The anwers will be at the end but...

1. What does the second "A" in
NASA mean?

2. What does the "E" in GEICO
stand for?

3. What does the "S" stand for

4. The "P" in ESPN is for ?

5. What does the "H" mean in

6. What does the "S" stand for
in M*A*S*H?

7. Forgetting where you are,
you order a QPC at KFC.
What did you order and from


1. Administration

2. Employees

3. Stock

4. Programming

5. Home

6. Surgical

7. You have ordered a Quarter
Pounder with Cheese at Mc Donald's. :)

How did you do?

~Keep on Dreaming~

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Thank YOU!


Mr. Ken and I went to

our favorite flag display


for this holiday that remembers

and recognizes those you have
served and those that continue
to serve our country.
We thank YOU for keeping us safe!

Happy Memorial Day!

~Keep on Dreaming~

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Garden Party---Part 1

Last Saturday Mr. Ken and I went
on one of our favorite garden tours.
It is held every other spring.

At the first garden we were greeted
by the big man above.


To me, this garden was mostly
about the landscaping and updating
that the homeowners have accomplished
over the three years they have lived
in the house.


When they bought the home, the
backyard was mostly grass and
a lot of overgrown Ivy and yews
by the pool. If you look closely
at the pic above you will see a
stand-there were several scattered
around the yard. the stands held
"before pics" of what the area looked
like they started making changes.


In and around the backyard there
were several art type pieces. The
homeowners added these to
"enhance the beauty of the plants."


Some pretties. The pool area was
edged with  a variety of plants some
that bloom and some that stay green.


They were two of the raised
garden beds. Each side mirrored
the other. There were herbs, flowers
and vegetables growing each bed.
Looking at the pic, you can see
gravel paths in the beds and between
each one.
I will tell you right now. that I was so
envious of these. I need these at our
house. When I mentioned this to Mr.
Ken he said "Better get busy building"
said with a big grin on his face. I told him
" no, you build them for me" said with a
big grin on my face.

Next Wednesday we will be off to garden
2. Stay tuned.

Sorry I am behind with this post but I was
unable to do a post last night. We had field
day, the all school picnic AND a farewell
reception after school, needless to say I
Tomorrow is a half day and then we are
DONE for the summer!

~Keep on Dreaming~

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

TV Trivia

Tuesday Trivia is back!

I know some watch tv and
some don't. Some watch
variety tv and some don't. Mr.
Ken and I watch a little bit of
it when we are at home.

Let's talk competition shows

I enjoy Dancing with the Stars
and we both enjoy The Voice.
We don't watch American Idol

Dancing with the Stars began in
2005. They have had one host and
four co-hosts over the years. They
have three judges that sometimes
rotate during the season with a
guest judge.
This year they decided to kick the
show up notches by changing the
musicians and co-host. They were
looking to draw a younger audience.
Whether that has worked remains to
be seen. They have been picked up
for another season.
The final is this evening. We'll see
who gets the mirror ball tonight.

The Voice and Idol are singing
competitions where contestants
compete to get to the finals.

The Voice began in 2011and is on
season 6. Season 7 is around the
corner. They had/ have 8 judges
that change for each season. The
host may change next season
according to the rumor mill.
We like this show mucho better
than Idol because the judges are
more friendly with the contestants
but give criticism in a way that helps
them. Tonight we will find out who
"The Voice" will be.

Idol began in 2002, it is a singing
competition show
also. The ultimate
end is the final.
The have/had 11 judges and one
host over the various seasons.  We
tried to watch this season but just
couldn't do it.
Tonight we will find out who the Idol

I know I have written this as if you
have no idea what these shows are
and there may be someone who
doesn't, so I gave a bit of trivia
for each.

Do you watch any of these shows?

~Keep on Dreaming~

Sunday, May 18, 2014

A Super Weekend!

Hello Everyone!

I am a little behind on posting due
to school finishing up for the year
and the awesome weather we had
this weekend. This week may be
the same.
School's out for the summer on
Friday!!!!!!! I CANNOT wait.
We are going to be soooo busy
at school I'm not sure if we will
know which end is up. So forgive
me if I am absent for a few days,
I will try my best to post.

This weekend's weather was
PERFECT!  Comfortable
temperatures, a little breeze
and SUN, SUN, SUN! Yester-
day we went on a Garden Tour,
we toured six beautiful gardens
around town. There WILL be
posts on the tour--don't worry.
Today we went to the garden
center and picked up some
more flowers-can't have enough
of them, pepper plants, tomato
plants-salsa anyone?
We came home and spent the
WHOLE day outside. Mr. Ken
planted the peppers and the
tomatoes in the garden and I
planted the flowers in containers.
Mr. Ken also mowed the yard and
I helped clean the driveway and
front porch. Do you have those
helicoper things that the Maple
trees drop? We have a billion of
them and they are diving me crazy.
They are everywhere! It was so nice
to be out side. We also enjoyed
dinner on our deck.

How was your weekend?

~Keep on Dreaming~

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Remember this nifty little gadget?
(See my post on March 26th.)

For the "newbies"... back in March
I bought my friend here. A gal I
work with has one (different than
mine) and she tracks her steps with
a group at her church.
Well, I became curious and wondered
"just how many steps did I take a day."

As of today with the total from March
up to last night I have --

Taken 362,629 steps
Gone  144.88 miles
Burned  24,016 calories

Each night I write my daily totals down.

Woo hoo!

School keeps me busy, so it will be interesting
to see what my totals will be over summer
break. I'll have it on don't you fret.

On May 19th I will have had my friend for
two months. You would be surprised how
you will push yourself to get those totals
you want. If I am shy of the 10,000 steps,
you can find me walking my hall or around
the kitchen just to get there!

~Keep on Dreaming~

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

Happy Mother's Day to all!
Enjoy your day.

~Keep on Dreaming~

Friday, May 9, 2014

The Wedding Gift

I went for something a little
different for the gift.

Ta-Da, it's a picnic basket
with a big turquoise(ie)
blingy bow! That was fun
to make, cause I ended up
blue glitter all over the place
in our hotel room plus on me
too! The liner is in blues, greens
and yellows.


Inside, we filled the basket with
all things "pinicky". A tablecloth,
four reusable plates in blues and
yellows, 4 clear plastic tumbler 
glasses, paper napkins, clear plastic
wear, wipes, hand sanitizer, a food
tent, glow sticks (for fun), a first aid
kit,  A can opener/corkscrew and an
ice pack.

Happy picnicing to
the newlyweds!

If you missed the wedding post,
go back one post.

~Keep on Dreaming~

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Here Comes the Bride

Hello friends, I am back
and we will spend some
time catching up over the
next few posts.
If you remember, near the
end of the challenge, I was
away for a bit. We took a
trip out of town to Oklahoma
to see my niece get married!
The photo above shows the
letter to her new last name, it
was projected above the altar.

Here is my niece Jennifer
her groom Shaun and her
parents Cindy and Gregg
my sister-in-law and brother-
in-law. The bride's mom is
Mr. Ken's sister.

The altar with the unity candle.
In the choir area behind the
altar you can get a glimpse of
the candles placed in the

In the reception area, this table
held a a bucket of streamers,
pens and questionnaires that
Jennifer and Shaun came up
with for guests to fill out
as the reception began.
The streamers were giving to
guests right before Jennifer
and Shaun left the church.


Here is one of the many tables
in the reception area. Their
colors were turquoise, yellow
and red. Each table was sprinkled
with candy wrapped in these colors
and in the middle of the table is
a blue cloth with a glass teacup
overturned on it. Under the glass
is a yellow flower and on top of
the glass is a red votive candle.

The wedding cake--I think it
speaks for itself. The draping
IS frosting though it looks like

Chatting with guests. Love this shot!

Time to cut the cake.

A whole lot of loot for the
newlyweds. They are going
to open these sometime after
the get settled from their honey-
moon in Florida.

Jennifer and Shaun designed
their own invitations and the

Next post will focus on our gift
that I made.

~Keep on Dreaming~

Autism Acceptance

Autism Acceptance

Yea, We Did It!!!!

Yea, We Did It!!!!
2015 World Series Champs!!!

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