Sunday, February 28, 2021

Sunshine On My Shoulder


Hello and happy Sunday!

Today has been too nice to be cooped up 
in the house. After we ran some errands 
and enjoyed a picnic in our car at a nearby 
park, I decided to spend some time working 

It has been so cold lately and we have spent 
ALOT of time inside, it was time to be outside! 
Did some sweeping, put up the St. Patrick's 
flags, put out a different door mat, tied up a bit 
of our garage and generally putzed around in 
and out of the garage.

So amazing what a little bit of time in the sun
will do for a person. Hope you were able to 
enjoy some sun this weekend!


Last Thursday I was able to get my second 
vaccine dose. So nice to have that taken care 
of. Mr. Ken is till waiting though and I know 
that a lot of you are too. Sometimes working 
in Education has it's added perks. 

Take care friends. See you next month!

~Keep on Dreaming~

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Did you Know?


Hello from the tundra of Kansas! Been home 
from school since Friday, yesterday was remote 
training and the other days were remote teaching.

Today we are talking Coffee Filters and what you 
can do with them besides the obvious.

1. Use them as covers on bowls in the microwave.

2. Wipe windows, chrome and mirrors when 
     cleaning. They are lint free.

3. Protect your china by separating each plate 
     etc with a filter.

4. If you have a cast iron skillet, put ne in the 
     skillet to absorb any moisture and prevent 

5. When shining shoes, ball on up and shine 
     those shoes.

6. Taco Tuesday coming up?  Use the filters 
     to hold your tacos.

7. When potting plants, place one filter in 
     the bottom of a pot to keep the soil from 
     going through the drain hole.

8. During the warm months or when you have 
     popsicles, poke a hole in the filter to catch 
     any drips.

9. Place your fried bacon, fries, chicken etc on 
     a plate with several filters on it to catch the 

10. Use as sewing backing to embroidery or 
       appliqueing. They are easy to tear off.

11. These make great Christmas ornament 
       wrapping for  storage.

12. Popcorn and a movie? Great for holding 
       your popcorn treat during movie night.

Can you think of more?

~Keep on Dreaming~

Saturday, February 13, 2021

A Three Day Weekend (sorta)


Happy Saturday! Currently our temperature is 1 and 
the real feel is -2. Party city here!  It will get 
worse before we have 40's late next week!

It's a holiday weekend!

Valentine's Day is tomorrow!
Where has this month gone?
Since it is going to be so cold and we are not easting 
in restaurants yet, we are opting for carry 
out from one of our fave places. They 
have a nice four course meal that we 
will choose from.

What are your Valentine plans?
A little vintage valentine action on my little tree.

A very good friend of mine made this Valentine 
cutie for me. Love her.

 Hope your day is special and filled with lots of love.

Monday is President's Day and  we both have the day 
off. Going to try and finish up our painting. 
Then our looooong renovation project will 
almost be finsihed! Just a few little things 
after that. Who knew this project would 
have soooo many obstacles?

In my title for this post, I added "sorta" to the title.
I kinda had a four day weekend because we had
remote learning yesterday vis Webex. Kinda nice
to be at home but still see my kids. Plus we got to
see actual faces--no masks! 

Monday also is a big day here. 23 years ago Mr. 
Ken and I went on our first date! As most 
of you know we do celebrate this day 
each year, it is something fun to do and right 
now we all need as much fun as possible. Since 
temps will be dangerous to be out in, 
not too sure what our plan is but we 
will celebrate for sure!!

Take care, be safe and stay warn if it is cold 
where you are.

~Keep on Dreaming~

PS: Blogger is being naughty. Tried several times to 
fix the text.

Saturday, February 6, 2021

A Little Game Tomorrow

Good Afternoon!
In our house it is Chiefsmas Eve! As I am sure 
you know tomorrow is Super Bowl LV and we 
are so excited that our Kansas City Chiefs are 
going to be there again!!! We are hoping for 
another "W."
Nervous would be an understatement for how 
we are feeling, but we have confidence in our 
coaches, QB and team.
Regardless of who you support, it should be a 
good game.

Are you going to watch the game, commercials 
or something else?
If you are watching, what is on your Super Bowl
menu? We are having Chili, cheese and crackers, 
Super Bowl cookies that I am decorating and 
several munchie type yummies. It will just be Mr. 
Ken and I this year and that is fine.

Don't forget to peek in on the Puppy Bowl.
We love to watch the puppies run around
and play plus it is good to know that  
viewers can adopt the pups.

Enjoy your day tomorrow, you know where 
we will be at 5:30 pm.  :) Go Chiefs!!!

On another note, received my first
vaccine dose yesterday. Thankful for 
this. Praying for those still waiting
for theirs.

~Keep on Dreaming~

Autism Acceptance

Autism Acceptance

Yea, We Did It!!!!

Yea, We Did It!!!!
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