Sunday, June 29, 2014

Helpful Hint


I have a fun hint for the
upcoming holiday. Most
Fourth of July parties have
ice cream as part of the
menu and ice cream comes
with drips.

Here's the hint, ready for it? 
If you are serving ice cream
in sugar cones drop a mini
marshmallow in the bottom
of each cone to prevent the
drip at the bottom of the cone.
Neat idea don't you think?

If you want to make your cones
fancy download the template
from Better Homes and Gardens.


~Keep on Dreaming~

Friday, June 27, 2014

A Pop Up Post

Happy Friday Everyone!
It is also Sunglassses Day
and my friends above are
celebrating it with us.
Sunglasses are a popular
fashion statement for most
of us. I know when I wore
them, I had to have a ton
of them. I never bought the
real expensive ones because
they ususally didn't last too
long in my hands--if you get
my drift.

There are many types, brands
and prices for sunglasses.
Some pay a pretty penny-me
not so much. Now that I have
Trasition lenses I don't have
to worry about "where did I
put those things?" They were
ususally on my head.

What kinds do you have?

As you can see by our friends
above that they have grabbed
theirs and headed outside to
read a book-about of course

Speaking of reading---I love
to read in the summer! Mr.
Ken and I hit a book sale
recently that was put on
by our county library system.
This year's sale was called
"Sizzling Summer Book Sale"
with over a 100,000 books
to choose from!!! Decisions
Here is my loot above.
The cookbook back on the
left is written by Jerry
Seinfeld's wife-I discovered
this as I was checking it out.
There are books for me and
stuff for school too. The
prices were right and I could
have brought more home in
my yellow bag but I held
steady with everything above.

So grab your shades a book,
a beverage and head outside
today and ENJOY!!!

**If you missed the last
garden on the tour --scroll
down one please.

~Keep on Dreaming~

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Garden Party---6


We have arrived at our last
garden on this tour. I hope
that you have enjoyed our

As the sign says "Come into
the garden..."Shall we? I say
let's go!


A garden greeter.


As we rounded the corner to
the backyard, I saw this out
of the corner of my eye and
it just cracked me up! Such
beautiful colors too.


garden fairy


fun! So cute.


Wouldn't you like to see this
from your screened in porch?


This beauty is called Lantana--
it is a butterfly drawer. I liked
it so much I had to get some
for our house.


Taking a break amongst
the pretty purple flowers.


I almost missed this! It was tucked
up on a small hill--so pretty.


This looks like a big
puff ball with the
purple flowers.


Of course! I had to take this
picture. How many fairies
do you get  to see playing
on a swing?

The fairy hangout behind
the swing.

A little bit about this garden.

It was built to accommodate the
physical challenges of the lady
gardener, issues with the soil
and making sure that the butter-
flies and other insects had an
environment that met their

The home itself is located in
a Villa community in order to
take advantage of the grounds
services provided by the home's

Recommendations from the lady
gardener if one is dealing with
physical limitations:

Raised beds--for sitting and
less bending.
Stone stairways--making a hill-
side easier to navigate.
Decorative finials along the
stairs--making the stairs safer.

Garden made easy for those
with limits!

Next week we will be viewing
a new garden so .... stay tuned!

P.S. Welcome to my new

~Keep on Dreaming~

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Do You Entertain Outside in the Summer?


Good Afternoon friends! I 
hope your Tuesday is going

Since it is now Summer, I
thought we would chat about
outdoor enteraining...Do you
have a porch, patio or deck in
your backyard?

Most of you know that we have
a deck and it is used as much as
possible! Even if it is chilly we try
to use it. That's what cardis and
hoodies are for right? If need be
we can break out the blankets.

This is our deck with our table and
seating for four, we can pull over
others if need be.


This is the view from the back
door. Straight ahead is the
"grillmasters domain." We are
big grillers--food just tastes
better off the grill as far as I
am concerned.

And...this is my domain! Reading
and a glass of tea--it's a happening
spot. I also supervise the "grill-
master" here  :) Sometimes my two
cents is needed.

We have celebrated birthdays, some
holidays, other misc fun and of course
many, many dinners have been eaten
on the deck.

So what happens at your house in the
Summer? Enjoy and have fun.

Being outside is good for you mood,
the sun provides vitamin D and time
passes at a slower pace when you can
enjoy the oudoors. I realize that there
are those with allergies but we can all
enjoy the outdoors in our own way.

~Keep on Dreaming~

Sunday, June 22, 2014

A Quicky

Hello Everyone! We have
had a fun and busy week-
end as I am sure you have!

Looking for something quick
to make for dinner? Well, I
have it!

Double Baked Potatoes

4-5 med white potatoes
washed and pricked
3 T butter
Seasonings of your choice

Place pricked potatoes in
a casserole dish. Making
sure that each potato has
room to cook. "Bake" until
fork tender turning occasion-
ally if needed.

After they are finished baking,
remove each potato and cube
each one placing back into the
casserole dish.

Add the butter and potaotes,
stir till all of the potatoes are
coated. If you need more
butter--go for it.

Place potatoes back in the
microwave and "bake" for
5 minutes more.

Stir again and serve.


~Keep on Dreaming~

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Garden Party---5

Good Evening, hope everyone
is having a wonderful week!

We are here at the fifth garden
on the tour. This is a heavy pic
post and I think you will under-
stand why. If you are interested
in structural/architectural
elements this is the garden for

WELCOME! The tour begins on
the south side of the house in
front of the garages.


In the side yard, we see an old
ladder as a plant stand.


A sitting area on a side porch.


A multiple plant stand in front the
pool fence. I need one of these!


use of the sewing table as
a plant stand.


Look closely, this is a HAND
PAINTED tablecloth! The
plants show different stages
of blooming. It a vinyl material
with a hole in the middle for
the umbrella. If I remember
correctly, the homeowner did
the painting. WOW!


What a great area right outside of the
backdoor! Another sewing table, a
great plant stand and don't you just
love the barber pole?!


Our friend here is dressed
for a garden party, she is
sitting to the right of that
fab table.


These fascinate me. I may
plnat a version of the Allium.
So fun.


When guests step off the deck
and go to the left they will find
this quiet place to take a break.


A large ceramic leaf with some


Moving around the towards the
west side of the yard, we find
another cozy spot for a rest.




This house is situated so that
the south side faces one street
and the west side faces another.
This is a side porch to the front
porch. The front door is off to the
left of the chair.


This combo is just to the left of the
chair we just saw...teapots and a
great big iron cauldron greet
arriving guests

More lovelies to greet guests.

A little bit about this garden.
It borders a golf course, so
you see a lot of greenery with
pops of color here and there. 
They deal the wildlife--ie:deer
by planting in the containers
and pots and
around the deck
where it is fenced in.
Entertaining and antiquing are
favorites of the homeowners
as we saw in the backyard and
garden spaces.

One more garden next week
and then we will move to
another  garden and who
knows where else we will

~Keep on Dreaming~

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A Cool Treat


In honor of Summer's arrival
in four days and the GRAND
OPENING of Baskin Robbins
here in our fair city, today's
Trivia is about....can you

Ice Cream!

A variation of ice cream
was first recorded around
200 BC.

Ice cream as we know it
was invented in the 1600's
by the chef of Charles the
1st of England.

The "walk away" cone made
it's debut at the 1904 St.
Louis World's Fair.

According to August issue of
Midwest Living--a vendor at
the 1904  St. Louis World's
Fair ran out of cones so
another vendor nearby who
was selling waffles, began
rolling them up in a cone
shape and ice cream was
put in them.

Last night we paid a visit
to our new ice cream store
and I had a cone with
Chocolate Chocolate Chip-
no sugar added and Mr. Ken
enjoyed a cone with Black

What is your favorite ice
cream flavor?

Do you prefer hard or soft

Another added bonus for us
here in the Kansas City area
is that the Belfonte Ice Cream
is made right here! So when we
are in the grocery store we can
purchase ice cream right here!

Celebrate SUMMER and enjoy
a dip OR get wild and have
TWO!!!  :)

~Keep on Dreaming~

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Autism Acceptance

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Yea, We Did It!!!!
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