Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Garden Party---Part 3

We have arrived at our third
garden on this tour. We start
with a beautiful purple Clematis.
I love these and one day I WILL
get one to grow in MY yard!


As we contiune toward the backyard,
we are greeted by a very large wind
chime. This yard boasts TWO of these
babies. The other one is on the
opposite side of the yard. Yes, I did
have to make them chime--it's how
I roll.  :)

Wait--first, NO I have not lost my mind.
This was the view at the top of the wind
chime. The sun was hitting the tree just
so and I could not resist taking a picture.
Isn't it pretty? You would think it was
fall instead of spring.


When the homeowners purchased
the house 16 years ago the land-
scape was pretty barren. Fast for-
ward to today and one will see
many trees, shrubs, three patios,
and a 2,800 gallon Koi pond.


One of  the patios ready for a party!


I could not resist this cute train track
with the bug cars. It was set up around
one of the smaller trees off the patio.


Who are these people?????


Beside a lot of lush plants, there
were several sculptural pieces
in this garden.


One way to use a bird bath, if I
remember correctly-the brown
area does bloom eventually.


Well, look at this! Another fairy garden.
You knew I couldn't pass it up without
a picture. Love the fairy sitting on the

Don't look now but it's a guard bunny.
Be very careful!!

Number two is still my fav. What do you
think so far. If you have not seen one and
two check them out. We'll go to number
four next week--I think you'll like it.

~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. Hi Melinda,
    Oh my the Koi pond is amazing! and I love the little fairy gardens. I want one in my yard, now that we are about done inside of the house we have to work on the outside.
    Thanks for the tour, it was fun! Elizabeth

  2. This was an interesting garden.
    If you don't have a Fairy Garden,
    you need to make one!

    M :)

  3. Wow, I love that shot of the tree with the sun on it. You have a good eye for the camera! This is a beautiful garden tour and I too love clematis. I grew it in Louisville, but can't get it through the winter here.

  4. Thanks for the complement. I thought the tree was sooooo pretty.

    Glad you are enjoying the tour!
    Make sure to come back next Wednesday.

    Have a super weekend.

    M :)

  5. What a fabulous place to sit out with a cold drink and a book. Thanks for taking us along on the tour.

    1. Well, certainly!
      Check back Wednesday for
      the next garden.

      Enjoy your weekend!

      M : )

  6. How fun! Neat photos too! We are going on a garden/pond
    tour at the end of June. I wish they would have had it earlier because last year at the end of June it was sooo hot.

    1. Tours are hard when it is hot. Hope it won't
      be hot for you this year.

      M : )

  7. Love clematis. One of mine died this year. :( I think I cut it back one too many times to hang the Christmas wreath on the trellis.

  8. Sounds like you may have.
    I think.they can bea little fussy

    M : )

  9. The ladybug train is so cute! I for one am NOT suprised in the least that you had to ring the monster chimes. Mischief with a capital "M". Thanks for sharing!


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