Wednesday, July 17, 2019



It is a big day here at Country

10 years ago today I wrote my
first blog post!!

It is hard to believe I have been
blogging for 10 years. At that
time Mr. Ken was unemployed
and having a tough time finding
a job and I was home for the
summer. It was tough to say
the least.
My friend Nancy who at that
time was blogging over at Acorn
Cottage, suggested I start a blog.

To say that starting my little blog
saved me would be an understate-
ment. It gave me something to
focus on beside helping Mr. Ken
find another job. Back then blog-
ging was going full force and there
were lot's of readers and commenters,
today not so much as social media
has taken front and center.

Many times I have thought , well
is time to stop blogging and I say
"Oh heck NO!" I truly enjoy
blogging when I have something
to post about. Plus I like having a
way to document our adventures.

My blog will never be one that tons
flock to but that is ok. I am thankful
to those of you who pop by and
say hi. There may come a time when
it is time to close the gate and move
on but for now I will be around to
keep you updated on our adventures.

I do want to say THANK YOU to


I am always happy to see that you
have popped in to see what is going
on at Dreaming.

Come back soon, who knows what
we might be up too.

~Keep on Dreaming~

Monday, July 15, 2019

Christmas in July


Yes, you read my title right.

The whole world is celebrating it.

Today is PRIME day at the good ol'
Amazon. Big deals abound. If you
buy ahead of time for Christmas, I
guess this works well for you. Not
ready to really think about shopping
for Christmas yet.

So let's talk about the fun of the
holiday--favorite things about the
big day.

Favorite songs?
Traditional carols--
especially" Silent Night"
"I want a Hippo for Christmas"
I wait with big anticipation for my
radio station to begin playing Christ-
mas music, love hearing it on the way
to school.


Tree decorating--
we have gone from a large tree to a
pencil tree, some years I do a theme
tree (small one) and then I have a small
microfiber tree that was my mom's that
we put up. No more than that! I just can't
do a bazillion trees.

There are certain places that we go each
year. Union Station, the Magic Tree, The
Country Club Plaza to see the lights and
many more.
Hallmark movies! They are on now if
you enjoy them.

Usually we have ham or brisket on
Christmas day with all the fixings.
Christmas cookies and fudge.

Our family members are here and there,
sometimes we can gather and sometimes

We were married in December so our
anniversary has become part of our
Christmas celebration.
This year we celebrate 20 years! WOW!

What are some fun things you do at

Are you a shop ahead person?

What kinds of yummies do you have at

~Keep on Dreaming~

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Favorite Food (s)


Popping in with a short post (maybe). :)

Pizza is one of my most favorite foods.
I really think it should have it's own
food group. Ha!
As I was checking out Pinterest the
other day, I ran into a Two Ingredient
Pizza Dough recipe. Now I am not much
into making it at home but I could do this
recipe very easily. It is from Weight

Two Ingredient Pizza Dough

1 C Non fat plain Greek Yogurt
1 C Self Rising Flour
Extra for hands and/or
your work surface.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Combine both ingredients in
a mixing bowl, blend until
ingredients combined.
** if your dough is sticky,
sprinkle flour onto dough
until it feels solid and easy to
Continue to knead the dough for
2-4 minutes.
Flour your work surface and
divide the dough into 4 equal
parts then form into 7" circles.
Top with your fave toppings.
*1/2 C of sauce should be enough
for the 4 pieces. Less is best in
order to prevent a soggy crust.
I checked another site and they put
their pizza on parchment paper.
You may want a higher temp
depending on how crisp you like
your crust.

If you don't want to use your dough
right away, put in the fridge on a
plate then cover with plastic wrap.

To make your own self rising flour,
combine 1 1/2 C  ALL PURPOSE
FLOUR, 1 1/2 tsp Baking Powder
and 3/4 tsp Salt.


~Keep on Dreaming~

Friday, July 5, 2019

Butter--Did you now?


Happy Friday and the day after the
4th. Hope everyone's holiday was

Today we are talking BUTTER, yes
we are. No I have not lost it. ; )

Butter can be used in a lot of ways:

1. Calming your cat--
When visitors are coming put a bit
of butter on their paws to keep them
occupied while getting used to visitors.

2. Helping to make meds go down--
Trouble swallowing your meds? Rub
your pills with light coating of butter,
before taking them.

3. Bubble troubles--
Did you blow a big bubble? Got it in
your hair? Massage butter into the
darn wad to slide it easily from your
hair, I guess it beats cutting the
wad out of your hair.

4. Everyone knows this one...
Stuck ring on your finger? Massage
the finger with butter so it slides off 
your finger. Just don't do it over your
garbage disposal!

5. Most know this one too...
To prevent sticky fingers,
slather a thin layer over your hands
when mixing cookie batter or making
Rice Krispie treats, Messy but helpful.

Did you know?
It was a common practice in 16th
century England to give newlyweds
butter? It was considered a symbol
of wealth and fertility.

~Keep on Dreaming~

Autism Acceptance

Autism Acceptance

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Yea, We Did It!!!!
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