Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Wednesday Write Up


Here we are" Thanksgivng Eve."

I hope everyone is ready for their
family feast. Our veggies are cut,
the cheese is sliced, the Crack bread
is made and the platters are packed.
So I think we are ready to head out
of town for our family gathering.

Mr. Ken and I would like to wish
everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.
Enjoy your time with those you
celebrate with.

I will be back next week, we have
lots to do around here so we will
catch up more next week.

~Keep on Dreaming~

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Hoilday Yummy


Hello Everyone!
Hope this Sunday finds you well.

Sunday Savor has returned with
a recipe for the upcoming holiday
or holidays that are on the horizon.
So pull up a chair and relax.

Cheese and Garlic Crack Bread

1 loaf Crusty Sourdough Bread
3/4 C  Mozzarella Cheese

Garlic Butter:

7 T  Unsalted Butter--softened
2 large Garlic Cloves--minced
3/4 tsp Salt
1 T fresh Parsley, finely chopped

Preheat oven -- 350
1. Combine butter, garlic and salt
in a bowl, melt in the microwave.
Stir in parsley.
2. Cut bread on a diagonal into 1"
diamonds but DO NOT cut through
the bread.
3. Using your fingers or knife, pry
open each crack and drizzle in a
teaspoon of butter and stuff in a
pinch of cheese. Save a bit of butter
to drizzle over the crust.
4.Wrap bread in foil and bake for
15 minutes until the cheese is melted,
unwrap and bake for 5 more minutes.
Serve while warm.*

*Can be made ahead of time. After
covering with foil, cover with cling
wrap and put in fridge. Before baking,
remove the cling wrap and bake
according to directions.

This will be part of our Thanksgiving
menu this year!!

If you try this, let me know what you
think. I will do the same.


~Keep on Dreaming~

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Wednesday Write Up


Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Well, we have spent the last two
Sundays cleaning up LEAVES!
Last week it didn't even look like
we worked in the yard.
Tonight the wind is blowing and
the leaves are fluttering around
as they are in the picture above.
I just wish they would flutter
somewhere else besides our yard.

Here we are one week away
from "Thanksgiving eve."
Can you believe that we are
this close to the big feast day?

What are your plans? Are you
hosting or going somewhere?

We will be going to Ken's brother
and new wife's home for turkey
and the fixings. We will be
contributing to dinner with a relish
platter, rolls and a dessert.

Mr. Ken and I wish everyone a blessed
Thanksgiving. Enjoy your time with
family and friends. Take time to rest
and relax. Maybe put up the tree if
you choose. Whatever you do ENJOY!!

~Keep on Dreaming~

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Wednesday Write Up


Howdy everyone!
Tried to post this to
no avail. Gotta love
the Internet.

So here we go.

Back in October my friend
Nancy and I went to see the
Kansas City Symphony Jazz
Orchestra play Broadway
tunes. Such fun!


October brought the Barn
Sale that we like to go to.
Sadly this was their last


Lots of fun things to look at.
We picked up a few goodies
to take home with us. Next
year we will have to find
something else to fill the
sale spot.

Chili Fest time. Upon
arrival you get a spoon
and go to as many booths
as you want and try all sorts
of Chili.

My neighbor gave me this
beauty but I don't have a
clue what it is. Does anyone
know what this flower is?
So pretty and delicate.

Halloween 2016 at school.
Our parents were very generous
with the yummy treats.

How was your Halloween?
Our weather was so nice we sat
outside and passed out our candy.
Pretty fun!

This cute sign greeted me on
Tuesday morning. Sneaky crew
I work with. :)

Yummy spread of birthday treats

Speaking of sneaky--Mr. Ken would
not tell me what we were doing for
birthday!! Can you believe that?
Anyway we went here for dinner.
A quaint French Bistro. A guy at 
work told him about it.
Very interesting menu items for
sure. I had Pan-Seared Chicken in
a Brandy Cream Sauce and Mr. K
had Wild Boar. I like my chicken

For dessert I had a delicious
Layered Chocolate Mousse
and Mr. K had an Apple Tart.

I think that wraps it up and we
are caught up.

My friends surgery was yesterday, 
still not sure what the extent of the
cancer is but she went home today
and is feeling pretty good she said.

My other friends are doing well

Thank you for your prayers.

~Keep on Dreaming~ 

Autism Acceptance

Autism Acceptance

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Yea, We Did It!!!!
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