Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Wednesday Write Up


Today's post is dedicated to those
who live in Texas especially
So much has been said about this
storm and devastation caused.
I am sure that EVERYONE knows
someone in Texas, so let's say extra
prayers, donate money, supplies,
your time or whatever you are able.
These people have a long way to go
before their lives are back to what
they call "normal."


We will be back to regular programming
on Monday. See you then!

~Keep on Dreaming~

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Wednesday Write Up--Saturday to Sunday Style


Good Morning, I have time now to finally
get Part Two posted.
The main reason that wanted to go to the
Ag Hall was to see this exhibit.

These tags describe the exhibit plus they
had books to look at too!

"Working Aprons."

More detailed ones with needlework and
embroidery on them, the one on the top
right was made from a dish towel.

Lighter weight - Spring aprons.

Gingham checked ones.

"Company aprons."

"Holiday aprons."

More "working aprons."

Of course, we can't leave out "The

This gives you an idea of how many
displays they had.
It was great fun looking at all of these
aprons. Many good memories floated
through my head as I looked at these
All of the women in my life--
my Mom, Grandmas and Mr. Ken's
Mom wore aprons at some time in their
lives. Mr. Ken's Mom was still wearing
them in the 90's. I have my own aprons,
I don't wear them much but do have
them if I need them.
Mr. Ken's Dad gave me my Mother-in-
law's apron which I cherish.

Here is bits and pieces of what this
card says.
"Aprons are more than Kitch. They
symbols of family and motherhood.
The word "Apron" comes from the
French "naperon" a small tablecloth
or napkin, suggesting they have been
worn for centuries to keep from
spilling on ourselves."
Most of these aprons are handcrafted
one-of-a kind aprons.
Click on the pic to enlarge to read
the whole piece.
What are your memories? Do you
wear an apron? Cooking, crafting
or gardening?

See you tomorrow!!

~Keep on Dreaming~

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Wednesday Write Up

Good evening!

I am swamped with school stuff
so our post for today will appear
on Saturday.

Come back then. Thanks!!

~Keep on Dreaming~

Sunday, August 20, 2017

It's Coming!!!!!


Hello Everyone!

Well, Monday is a  BIG DAY! I am
sure that you have heard that there
is going to be a total eclipse today.
The last one was on June 8, 1918.
Of course, not everyone will see a
total eclipse, some will see a partial
eclipse and some will not see anything.

Where are you in the path?
We are right there in the
100 %  area.  Should be
interesting for sure!
Our school district provided
appropriate eyewear for
students and staff. So we will
be prepared and Mr. Ken got
his glasses from our friend.
They are the right kind too.
The eclipse will begin here
around 11:41 and be at it's
peak at 1:08 then finish around
2:45 ish.
Our kids will observe from inside
due to the fact that most will not
leave their glasses on and we as
staff will rotate outside to view
the happenings. The rest of the
building will go outside with
their grade levels and watch the
This has become a BIG event
all over the metropolitan area.
Some schools are closed, there
are watch parties and a lot of
kids will be absent tomorrow
to be with their families. Many
have traveled from all over to
see the eclipse.

Can't wait to see what takes
place. If I get pics, I'll post them.

I believe NASA will have some-
thing on their website for those
who can't see it in their area.

Be safe if you are in the viewing

See you Wednesday!!

~Keep on Dreaming~

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Wednesday Write Up


Happy Wednesday!

I gave you a tease to this post last
week so here is Part One.
Our second day of our "Day Trip
Vacation" found us at The
National Agriculture Hall of Fame.
Their purpose is to educate the
public on the past and present
historical value of American agri-
Founded in 1961 by a federal 
charter,they are funded by private
and public donations.

Some of the beautiful gardens.

and flowers.

A blast of the past.

The following pictures are of a doll
house and barn that was handmade
by a donor.

Front of the house.

Front of the barn.

Back of the house with so
many details.

Back of the barn.

The patio off the back of the house.
I could have looked at this display
all day and what would have been
better is if I could have played with

 Cute murals.


Loved this display.

More next week....

School is off to a good start. The new
kids are so little and cute.

Sad occurrence...lost a very good friend
last week. Very unexpected. Finding
my way through this.

Looking forward to the weekend!

See you Monday!

~Keep on Dreaming~

Monday, August 14, 2017

What to do with...



With summer coming to an end
in the next month or so I thought
we would talk about pool noodles.

Did you know there are other uses
for them besides swimming?

Here are some ideas for you:

1. My favorite--

Stick them in your boots when
you are not wearing them, keeps
the tops from flopping over. Of
course, cut them to fit your boot

2. Use them for a saw cover--

Slice the noodle the length of the
saw blade, then make a slight
incision vertically down the middle.
Gently press the blade into the noodle
to create a protective sleeve.

3. Make a pin cushion--

Velcro a section of the noodle to the
side of your sewing machine. Put your
pins,  needles and safety pins in the
noodle for handy access while you sew.

4. Protect your car doors--

Cut a noodle in half lengthwise and
use double stick tape to attach the
noodle to the your garage wall where
the door hits when you open it.

5. Protect your walls--

Glue strips of a noodle to the backs
of  picture frames before hanging on
wall. Frames should not scuff the
wall now.

Did you know??

One of the original names for pool
noodle was "water woggle."
Pool noodle makes more since to me.

See you Wednesday!

~Keep on Dreaming~

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Wednesday Write Up



Quick post tonight.

Today was the first day back at
school. I think we have a good
year a head of us! A bit tired
tonight but ready to go tomorrow.


These next pictures are a tease
from the next day trip on our



More on our trip next week.

See you  Monday!!

~Keep on Dreaming~

Monday, August 7, 2017

Ode to Summer


Good Monday Morning Everyone!

Well.....for a lot of us it is time to
say goodbye to summer. Now I
know technically we still have a lot
of summer left but for those of us
going back to school, may it be kids,
young adults or adults weekday
summer fun is about wrapped up.
Time to start that morning routine,
plan what clothes will be worn
and what to pack for lunches.

So make the most of it if you are one
of these people.  Go for a walk, hit the
park, maybe the pool one last time? A
jammie party one more time, stay up
late or sleep in just one more time.
What ever you do ENJOY!

I have the rest of today and tomorrow
then it is back to the wonderful world
of school for me. I am not really ready
to let summer go but I am looking for-
ward to seeing my kids and how much
have they grown and changed since

It seems like summer ends so abruptly.
Pools close, vacations are over, school
starts and Halloween appears in the
aisle over from the school supplies!

So enjoy the last bits of summer, have

Wednesday's post may come out early
since that is my first day back. See
you soon.

~Keep on Dreaming~

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Wedneday Write Up



These crazy kids are back to their
routine after taking some days to
play. One has gone back to work
and the other is getting caught up
on her blog and email plus a
thousand other things.

For the next three Wednesdays-
counting today, I will be posting
about all of the fun we had while
Mr. Ken was off work.
Today we start with last Monday's

This is where we went. The museum
got it's start in the early 90's in a
one room office. After much
discussion and planning it expanded
in 1994, to a 2,00 square space in
the same building a s the early 90's

According the Visitor's Guide,
"Within the story of baseball
lies one of the triumphant
chapters in American History.
Shut out from the game by a
"gentlemen's agreement,"
black men, for the simple love
of the game, began an incredible
journey through pain, joy,
suffering and celebration that
would last six decades."
Visitors like us are able to see,
read and absorb all that these
men went through to play
professional baseball.

This is the Field of Legends-
Home plate with bronze
sculptures of  legendary
players are featured here.

This ball was signed by Buck O' Neil.
he played for the Kansas City Monarchs
from 1938- 1955. In his later years he
was a scout for the Kansas City Royals.
He was also very instrumental in seeing
that this museum was built. Mr. O'Neil
passed away in 2006 at the age of 94. 

Pitcher, second base, out-
field and third base.

This would be pitcher Satchel Paige,
another Kansas City Monarch and
teammate of Buck O'Neil's. Mr. Paige
played ball from 1940-1947, he passed
away in 1982 at the age of 75.

Autographed baseballs reside in
this long cabinet.

Look closely at this pic and read the
names of teams we know today as
another name.
Kansas City Monarchs=Kansas City
Royals today.

This display is called Vintage Colors.

A bronze statue of Buck O'Neil
watching the game.

Just couldn't resist this
very large bat!

I hope you enjoyed your tour.
If you come to Kansas City or
know of a baseball fan, tell
them about our great museum!


One week from TODAY, summer
break ends and it is BACK TO SCHOOL
for me. The time off has been fun and
productive, some projects will have to
wait but I know they aren't going any-

See you on Monday!

~Keep on Dreaming~

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Autism Acceptance

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