Saturday, January 26, 2019

Ahhh Saturday

Howdy do!

It is Saturday as you know---one of my
fave days.

Not much happening here. Playing catch
up with stuff that we did not get to during
the week.
That work thing sure gets in the way.  :)

The sun is out at least giving it a warm
look outside though it is not. I guess our
temps will crash later this week.

Tonight we are going to dinner with our
good friends, they are taking Mr. Ken and
I out as a "Thank you" to Mr for helping
them with a project they were working on.
It will be fun to see them!

A short post for now, hope your weekend

~Keep on Dreaming~

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Super Sunday Snacks

Happy Sunday to everyone!

We are two weeks from Super Bowl
Sunday and we await a big game for our
home team later tonight.

Today's post is a great little party
snack for those upcoming parties.

Ritz and Rolo's

48 Ritz Crackers
24 Rolo candies

Preheat oven to 350.
On a cookie sheet, place a layer of
Top each cracker with a Rolo.
Bake for 4-5 minutes.
Top each Rolo with another cracker,
pushing down lightly.
Let cool.


Super simple and fun. A little sweet
and a little salty.

~Keep on Dreaming~

Monday, January 14, 2019

A Wild Start


Well, here we are, January is half over.
Can you believe it?
I started back to school from break last
week and promptly got sick the second
day back while at school good golly,
home on Wednesday too. I'm doing

These lovely pics are from the snow-
storm we had over the last weekend.
We ended having around 7-10"
depending on the location.

My Father in law lost power as did
many of the people around the city.
He has been with us since Saturday
afternoon. Good news, he just found
out his power came back on!


This is the neighbor's tree towards
to the end of the storm.
Imagine a backyard full of tree limbs
and two people wielding a new chain-
saw to remove limbs off of cable and
power lines.
And they are still there because we
have to cut them up and figure out
what to do with them.

We have another a storm coming up
this week end too!!

How did your January begin?

~Keep on Dreaming~

Thursday, January 3, 2019

One More Time


Happy New Year!

Doing a little reflecting in today's post.


2018 brought a lot of ups and downs but
as I was going through pics for this post
I found more ups than downs. Which is
a good thing, right?


Found us celebrating the 20th anniversary
of our "first date."  We went to one of our
fave restaurants and enjoyed a very nice


Spring arrived (briefly) before it got
blazing hot, we enjoyed a trip to one
of the local gardens located in the heart
of the city. It is such a beautiful place.
We also enjoyed time with family and


THE PAINTING project is finished.
I haven't done a post on this project,
hopefully soon I can get more pics


So exciting to see a former student
graduate from High School. My kids
deal with special issues daily and to
see one of "my kids" achieve this mile-
stone is AWESOME!
Also looked forward to the end of school
and summer break.


Though we had some HOT days from late
Spring into June, summer arrived with a
vengeance! One darn Hot summer we did
Lot's of family and friend celebrations
during June.


As the heat continued, we hit the road
late in the month. We had a great visit
to Chicago!


The Mr had a birthday.
Last visits with friends before school
started back.


A month of festivals and fun. We
made our annual trip to see the
Sunflowers. Even with the intense
heat the flowers were so pretty.


Concert month.
Mr. Rod Stewart arrived ready to go after
postponing his concert earlier in the year.
Asmost of you know, Mr. Stewart is one
of my ALL TIME favorite performers.

And on the spur of the moment we decided
to go see Fleetwood Mac. We can say that
we have seen Rock Legends.



My birthday month.
Quiet Thanksgiving.
At the end of the month we had a "mini"
blizzard. Five inches of snow fell causing
a snow day for our first day back from
Thanksgiving break.


My hardest month of the year.
But we start with our wedding
anniversary. 19 years together!
Remembering my Mom--she
has been gone for 11 and it is
still hard to enjoy the season.

In the midst of the season, Mr. Ken's
dad had heart surgery (he is doing great),
tough time at school we were able to fit in
the sights and sounds of Christmas. We
had a quiet Christmas at home and visited
with family several days after Christmas.
We spent New Year's Eve with good friends
and watched the ball drop.
My break is winding down and I am trying
to put a positive spin on the return to school
and classroom staff that just don't get it.
Hopefully a break has helped all of us.

2018 is in the books and so far 2019 is
going well.
Looking forward to a good year full of
peace and contentment.

~Keep on Dreaming~

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