Friday, August 30, 2013

Happy Weekend

Aren't these unusual looking?
We saw the bouquets in our
grocery store floral department
The certainly fascinated me!

Enjoy your Labor Day weekend!
Be safe and if it is HOT where
you are stay hydrated.

Regular programming resumes
on Tuesday!!

~Keep on Dreaming~

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Park Fun


Saturday was a
beautiful Summer
day to
wander the
park. Ken had a call
to make at one the
county parks, so I
went with him.
After he was finished
working we drove
around the park.

The ducks were out
and about.

The lake was so pretty
with the sun shining
on it.

People out paddling.

Lots of boats!

Kids and Dad fishing--
so fun.

~Keep on Dreaming~

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Impromptu Stop

Ken and I stopped
at a moving sale
recently and these
are the goodies I
picked up.

Above: A heavy wooden
stand--$2.00 A bargain!
I think I will put it to use
when I do my Fall

Two metal trays--$1.00
for both of them! Each
one had it's original tag
from Pier 1--$10.00
A BIG bargain here!
I think I may paint one an
Antique White. I don't think
I want two that look alike.
We'll see.

Any bargains for you lately?

Regular programming will
resume after Labor Day so
stay tuned!!

~Keep on Dreaming~

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Random Drive

We were out driving a
couple of evenings

As we were going along
I spied this!

A hot air balloon!

It was playing peek a boo with us
at times.

As we rounded a corner,
there it was! I had Ken
stop the car and I got out
to get this shot. You could
hear them firing the balloon 
to get it higher. It was a
beautiful summer evening
and this was an added

~Keep on Dreaming~

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Summer in Review

The sun is setting on
Summer activities for
me. School is in session
now and that means no
more late nights and
sleeping in. Now it's
bedtime earlier and
getting up earlier.
"Oh bother" as Pooh
would say.

We had a great summer
and here is what we did:

*Two Garden Tours
*I enjoyed lunches with
*We endured a Garage
  Sale :)
*Father's Day Celebration
*Ken and I both had friends
  with June birthdays
*Went to a cookout with
  another group of friends
*I met a blog friends from
*Ken and I enjoyed a night
  out at our Theatre in the
  Park--we saw 9-5, so fun
*Lots of  reading

*Out of town friends were
  in town and we met them
  for dinner-great to see
*Fourth of July Festivities
*Neighborhood Party
*Country Dreaming's 4th
*Kindergarten friend's
  Milestone birthday
*More reading

*Enjoyed breakfast with
  Ken's Dad and his girl-
  friend (for Ken's Birth-
*Ken's Birthday--I took
  him to dinner--Yummy
*Preparing things for
*We were invited to our
  friend's son's Firefighter
  Graduation and celebration
*Ms M went "Back to
*Ken and I went to the
  Theatre in the Park for
  the last performance of
  the season--Hairspray,
  The Broadway Musical--
  great fun
*More lunches with friends
*Meeting a blog friend for
  a visit

Plus we threw in "around
the house stuff " too. We
had a super summer filled
with family and friends-
what more is there?

Now it is time to reacquaint
ourselves with the "Fall
routine,"  making  lunches
for 2, picking out clothes,
being more organized,
etc, etc, etc.

I realize that there is still
LOTS of summer left but
the winds are blowing in
another direction now as
Fall approaches.

Enjoy the rest of your

~Keep on Dreaming~

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Time and a Request

Hi---Popping in for
a minute.

See that clock up
there?  Yea, THAT
one...Tomorrow at
THAT  time my Summer
vacation will be OVER
and I will officially be
back at school!
Actually, I am looking
forward to it. As some
of you know, last year
was a bear! We are
pretty confident that
this year will be MUCH
better. Really it can't
be worse that last

So let's raise our glasses
to a new school year and 
wish ALL going back THE

On a serious note, we have
a blog friend that needs our
Katharine at JUST A THOUGHT
has recieved some news
regarding her health and we
need to send prayers her way.
I know she will appreciate them. 

~Keep on Dreaming~

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Organization with a Twist

Here is a great
idea for kids
AND adults!

Paint five clipboards
with chalkboard paint
then write the days of
the week at the top.
I'm thinking they used
vinyl letters of their
Don't forget the chalk 
and eraser!

For Kids:

1. Class schedules
2. Sports activites
3. Extra curricular

This will give your
child a visual cue as
to how to dress for
the day.
ie: PE-pants or shorts,
comfy top and tennis

For Adults:

1. Meetings for the
2. Children's sports
3. Specific "To Do's"
4. Appointments

Have fun!

This will be my last
post for a bit. I am
taking a break.
School starts on 
Friday for me and
I need to get myself
back into "school mode."
I'll be checking in on
everyone when I can.

~Keep on Dreaming~

Friday, August 2, 2013

So cute!

Earlier this week my
best friend (known
each other since
Kindergarten) came
to dinner. We celebrated
her 50th. I can't believe
we are at this milestone !

When I was at The Dollar
Tree, these glasses were
front and center by the
front door. I knew right way
that I needed to get one for
THE birthday girl!!

There were a couple of
versions. I liked this one
because it had the candles
on it.
I think I might go back get
a few to have on hand for
upcoming birthdays. They
are as cute asncan be.
Don't you think?

~Keep on Dreaming~

Thursday, August 1, 2013

August 1st

It is THAT time for a
lot of us. But for those
of you who don't have
to go back or don't have
kids going back, think of
it as a time for getting re-

I love all the "Back to
School " sales! New pens,
pencils, post-it-notes, markers,
crayons etc. Oh boy. It's like
going to a candy store!

Here are some of the goodies
on sale:

Crayons in 10 Individual Hues
8ct. @ .78 a box.

Dollar General-
Stick Pens in 5 bold colors
10 ct. pkg. $1

Office Depot-
Glitter Folders
$1.79 each

Feed USA Snack Pouches
(a new line)
2 ct. $8.00
Each set feeds 3 meals
to a hungry child.

Currently they have several
items on sale for .1, yes that's
right 1 cent!

Soooo if your child needs
school supplies or YOU
need some "new goodies"
check out all those "Back
to School" sales.
I have picked up my new
markers ALREADY!
Woo Hoo!!!!!

Update: PLEASE
go to my sidebar
and click on Calamity
Acres-Mary Ann has
written about something
we need to be aware of.
Scroll down her current
post to the "Bouncing"
information-please read.

~Keep on Dreaming~

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