Tuesday, December 26, 2017

More Christmas Tour


Happy Boxing Day and Kwanza. For
those who celebrated Christmas I hope
it was great!

Today we will finish our tour. We will 
continue with the dining room.



This is the entry to the pantry. A definite
baking theme here.

Now we go up the grand staircase to
the second floor.

The military theme was prevent in this

The little girl's room.

Such a cute dollhouse. When it was
purchased for the little girl. It cost
$ 5.00. Back then that was a lot. The
furnishings have been collected
over the years by a variety of people.

Marriage license of the homeowners.

Master bedroom.

A hanky tree hangs on the door of the
sewing nook. So cute!

Yours truly, Wanda--our AWESOME tour
guide and my tour buddy Nancy.

I hope you enjoyed the tour. We had so
much fun. As I said, Wanda was awesome,
so knowledgeable and fun!
A great way to spend a Sunday afternoon
during the holidays.

~Keep on Dreaming~

Friday, December 22, 2017

Christmas Week Fun Part 2


Welcome to the Bingham Waggoner
Estate in Independence, Missouri.
My hometown.
In early December my friend Nancy
and I toured this beautiful home.
The home known for it's colorful
owners and the historical significance
of the area that the home was plotted
in in 1827. The home resides on 19.2

Come on up.

"I'll Be Home for Christmas" was the
theme for the home this Christmas
season. The beautiful tree above is in
the entryway.
Each area and room were decorated
by different volunteer groups.

As you enter the front door off  to your
left is the Ladies' Parlor. Pretty and

Off to your right is the Men's study.
More of a masculine feel in here.

We are now in the Music room.
There was a variety of musical
pieces here. A Piano, Organ, a
Victrola and record player.

This is the beautiful record player.
When it was found, they opened
 the cabinet doors to find sets and
sets of 78 albums. Remember 78

I didn't catch the name of this piece but
I know that the men in the back move
when the piece is turned on.

Here is the organ.

Moving into the hall now.
Beautiful side tables on each side.

Hope you enjoyed this part of the
tour. We will see more next time. 
There are more pretties on the way!

~Keep n Dreaming~

Monday, December 18, 2017

Christmas Week Fun Part 1


Hello Everyone!

My goal is to post ALL this week.

Today we are starting with some Trivia
because you wouldn't be at "Country
Dreaming" at Christmas with some

Here we go!

1.  "Christmas Towns"

North Pole, NY
Bethlehem, PA
Santa Claus, IN
Christmas, FL
Noel, MO
Elf, NC
Humbug, AZ
Shepherd, TX
Rudolph, WI

2. Glaedelig, jul
means "Merry Christmas"
in Danish.

3. Sinterklaas comes with
gifts on December 5th in the

4. According to tradition, in Greece
the "Great Log" burns in the fireplace
for 12 days between December 25-
January 6th.

5. Alabama became the first state
in 1836 to recognize Christmas as
a legal holiday.

6. The needles of the Eastern
White Pine are edible and a
good source of Vitamin C.
They have five times the
amount of  Vitamin C content
of lemons.

7. The Salvation Army has been
taking donations in the iconic
red kettles for over 125 years.
The Christmas season in 1891
was the first collection season.

8. AND last but NOT least.
Mistletoe means dung plant.
Ho! Ho! Ho!

Come back tomorrow for a
Christmas Home Tour.

~Keep Dreaming~

Monday, December 11, 2017

Ribbon, Ribbon, Ribbon


Good day!

Tis the season for ribbon...
What happens to all the ribbon you
have left after Christmas?

Today I am going to offer you several
uses for ribbon.

1. Hang pictures with it. By using it as
the hanger on the back of a lightweight
frame or loop the ribbon on your nail.

2. Add bling to a zipper by looping the
ribbon through the zipper as a pull.

3. Use it as a measuring tool. Need to
know the circumference of an object?
Wrap the ribbon around the object,
mark the ribbon then stretch over a
ruler or yardstick.

4. Tie a ribbon around sheet sets and
place in your linen closet.

5. Organize your keys. Pick a different
color of ribbon for each spare set you
may have, so that you will know where
each set goes.
If you are like me you will have to make
a list noting each color and what they go
to.  : )

Did you know?

If every family reused just two feet of
ribbon, the cloth saved could tie a bow
around the Earth!!

See you Wednesday!!

~Keep on Dreaming~

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Wednesday Write Up


Hi Everyone, I hope you are still with
me! As you will see by the next few pictures
we have been some busy  bees here!
Some of this has been posted on Facebook
so if it is a repeat, sorry.

As you can see we had a dumpster in our
driveway. We spent a couple days over
Thanksgiving filling THAT puppy to the
brim! It is amazing all the stuff that
accumulates over the years!

We had dinner with friends, Dan is out
of town a lot so we don't get together as
a foursome as often as we would like.

Had to get a rental over Thanksgiving
break. I was able to find time to get mine
into the shop from when it got hit at school.
Not fond of rentals. :(

The lights are up and we are going to
add more off to the other side of the
front door.
Ours are the "Traditional" bulbs--ie:
the big fat ones like when I was growing
up. Love them!

Last Saturday we started celebrating our
18th wedding anniversary by going to a
Brazilian Steakhouse!!!
It was awesome.

Complimentary dessert too! New York

Monday was our actual anniversary.
Ready for 18 more!

THE BIG PROJECT---Painting our
I am too old for this but it is going to
look so good when (if) it gets done.
We have been painting each evening .
OH BOY! More pics later!!

Hopefully I will see you Monday!

~Keep on Dreaming~

Autism Acceptance

Autism Acceptance

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Yea, We Did It!!!!
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