Friday, October 30, 2015

Last Minute Halloween Fun

And I do mean LAST MINUTE!

Left picture:

Small candy bars (Milky Way, 
Three Musketeers) Chocolate 
Licorice cut in small pieces 
and candy eyes. (Not sure how 
the "legs" are attached,
couldn't really tell in the 

Middle Picture:

Decorated with frosting 
of course)chocloate chips, 
peanut butter cup,chocolate 
candy pieces.

Decorated with frosting and 
sprinkles,peanut butter cup, 
orange jelly bean, Oreo 
opened up and chocolate
candy pieces.

Right Picture:

Kit Kat bars, green 
frosting,candy pieces, 
Rolo and candy eyes.


Red apple, piped frosting,
candy eyes and a Halloween

Fresh Fruit Cups:

Raspberries. whipped 
topping and a Marsh-
mallow Ghost.Great 
for your Halloween 

These cracked me up!

Fill a cleat treat bag 
with cheese balls. Seal 
and add a tag with 
"Pumpkin Poo" written 
or typed on it. These 
would be fun for those 
"special trick-or-treaters" 
that drop by.

These were being offered
at a Fall Open House for
a new store.

The other ideas came for 
our grocery add. Use these 
ideas now or file away for 
next year.

Happy Halloween! Don't let
the Spooks get you!!

~Keep on Dreaming~

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Halloween Fun

It wouldn't be Tuesday without 
Trivia. Halloween Trivia.

Questions first, answers last.

1. Every year Linus and Sally 
wait for who to appear?

2. What veggie were Jack-
o-lanterns first carved out of?

3. What colors are popular for

4. In what country did Halloween
first originate?

5. How long does it take a pumpkin 
to grow?

6. Other than eating apples how else
are apples used on Halloween?

7. If you have a fear of Halloween
what phobia do you have?

8. What was the trick originally in
"trick or treat."


1. The Great Pumpkin

2. Turnips

3. Orange and Black

4. Ireland

5. 90-120 days

6. Bobbing

7. Samhainophobia

8. Singing to the person giving 
you candy.

How did you do?

~Keep on Dreaming~

Sunday, October 25, 2015

That Old House 2

We continue our tour today 
with The Steven's House.
This Colonial Revival was 
built in 1902 for ONLY 
I am sure that was a lot back 
then but now it does not seem 
like a lot. The homeowners are 
waiting on a nomination from 
the National Register of Historic 

One of the beautiful windows off 
to the side of the four columns 
that are over twenty feet tall.
There is a ballroom on the top
floor. We did not get to see this

This beauty is in the entry way.

I love this piece of furniture and 
our guide gave the name of it but 
I missed it. The ladies of the house 
would stop here and check their 
coats and then look in the bottom 
mirror to check their petticoats.
You can get a glimpse of the
beautiful grand stairway in the

This chandelier was in the Men's
Parlor. The decor was in a
"hunting theme."

We are now in the Ladies Parlor.

This corner held a beautiful
antique organ with family
photos on top. Not pictured-
the opposite corner held a
grand piano, that was being
played by the homeowner's

From the Ladies parlor, we entered 
the dining room. The table is set for 
eight but can seat sixteen! French 
doors led off to the a screened in 

This delight was above the dining 

This pretty little room is off the
galley kitchen. Antiques and
family heirlooms filled this 

This is the Herman F. Schmelzer 
House. Built in the early 1900's. 
The owners were living in the home
 in 1908 when they were approached 
by Robert F. Long,(see previous post) 
Mr. Long wanted the whole square 
block to build on. 
So they agreed and had the house
moved across the street by men 
and donkeys--a very slow process. 
EVERYTHING was intact after the 
move. Nothing was broken!! One of 
the guides had a picture of the men 
and the donkeys moving the house, 
very interesting to look at!

The beautiful front door is the only 
other picture for this house.
The current owners purchased the 
home in 2015 and are rehabbing the 
entire two and a half story home. 
Due to it being neglected, gone 
through and a squatter living there 
it went into foreclosure.
It will be a beautiful home when it 
is finished but I will say I was a bit
disappointed after seeing all the 
other beauties before this one.

We have come to the last home
on our tour. We have the side 
yard but I really was interested 
in the double chimneys-one is 
wider than the other.

Welcome to the English Home. 
The first owners bought the land 
in 1904 for $ 4,750 a then in 1905 
built the all brick home in the style 
of American Foursquare with Prairie 

Check out the details of the homes

As you come in the front door, 
off to your left is the living room.
I thought the decor was a bit too
 modern for the home and I couldn't 
figure out why the visitor made 
himself  at home on the couch.

A beautiful window.

Check out the dining table and
chairs. The dining room was a
dark blue. The artwork plus 
three more on the ledge were 
done by one of the homeowners.

A beautiful light in the galley

A beautiful "eat in" area off the
kitchen. Love the bar cart.

The original "icebox."

The original coal box.

The last few pics are of other homes
in the neighborhood.

A great entry way.

A beautiful area off to the side of 
the home.

This one feels like it has a Spanish 
influence to it.

The landscaping was gorgeous!

Hope you enjoyed the rest of the tour.
If you missed the first part of the tour,
please scroll down to the previous post.

Come by this week for some Halloween 

~Keep on Dreaming~

Thursday, October 22, 2015

That Old House

Last Saturday, Mr. Ken surprised me
with tickets to a Historic Homes tour.
The Northeast Kansas City Historical
Society sponsored this 4th annual 

We began our tour at the Robert
Alexander Long Mansion aka
The Kansas City Museum.

Long began the building in 1908
and the 70 room Beaux Arts
mansion was completed in 1910.

Beautiful windows.

Cabinets in the library.

Massive fireplace, check out 
the clock and the candle holders 
on each side.

Everyone needs a Grand 

A beautiful stained glass 

This is the window from picture 
three but from the inside. I 
believe it was in the dining room.

This 1894 beauty was going 
to be torn down! What??? 
I know!
It has the original fireplace 
mantel and surrounding tiles, 
woodwork and pocket doors.

The side porch shows respect to 
the importance of porches and 
that they should be enjoyed. 
The current homeowner has 
completed the replacement
and repainting if the "fishscale" 
Queen Anne detail on the front 
of the house.

Also original to the home are the
stained glass lights and windows.
The light is in the home's entry.

This is the window on the landing.

As you can see this one is above 
the front door.

I believe this door with the beautiful
window goes out to the side porch.

There were six place settings on the 
dining room table. Each one had a 
different saying on the place mat. I
thought they were too stinking cute!
The dining room was added on to 
the original structure and relocated 
in the back of the house off the 
kitchen and up two or three stairs. 

The back door off the dining 
room leads to another porch 
and this lovely area.

Come and sit a spell.

The house next door to the 
one we just came from is a
1961 Mid Century Modern 
and I did not get a pic for some
reason but it was pretty cool
A 30's ish women owns it and 
is putting her stamp on it with 
fun decorative ideas, in keeping 
with the 60's decor.
The pink bathroom is hers and
 is original to the home. I told 
Mr. Ken that our master should 
be pink but he wasn't buying it!

The blue one is for guests. Fun
aren't they?

Down the street we go to 
another beauty. This all 
stone two and half story
home with a limestone
foundation was built in 
1901. The exterior is 
considered Mission style.

When this home was originally
built it had two arches but one 
was removed and the porch 
was extended. (off to the right
in this photo) After seeing a
"before" photo we like this
much better and it makes 
more sense.

The inside of the house was
gorgeous and I was so busy
looking at everything that I
forgot to take pictures.
The current homeowners 
have been in the home since
April of '14 and are continuing
to improve upon what was 
done to the home in the past.
Lots of upgrades have been 
made but preserving the
charm is a goal too

I hope you enjoyed, I know it 
was a lot but there is so much 
to show!
We will continue our tour next 

~Keep on Dreaming~

Autism Acceptance

Autism Acceptance

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Yea, We Did It!!!!
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