Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Wednesday Write Up


Yes, I am still here and after
you read this post you will be
caught up on the goings on at
our house.

On Labor Day weekend
(Saturday) to be exact we went
to see the sunflowers. 40 acres
of them! They were planted in
July and began blooming right
before Labor Day weekend.
A little back story here. Farmer
Ted plants the sunflowers for
the seeds which he in turns feeds
to the birds. Several years ago
when he began planting the fields,
he had no idea they would become
a MUST SEE event for young and
old alike. There were sooooo many
people coming to the farm on Labor
Day the police became involved in
traffic control!

A little visitor enjoying his visit
to the farm.

EVERYWHERE you look there are

Look who popped up in the field!

Visitors can pick these beauties for
a donation, Farmer Ted has collection
buckets for $1 donations in various
parts of the field. We brought one
home and thankfully I found it on
the ground and we did not have to
try and pull it out of the ground.
They are sturdy buggers. Next
year we will need to bring a cutting
instrument with us!


Before we even got to the field that
morning we experienced our first
Earthquake! Yep, I said it. Came up
from Oklahoma at 5.8 on the scale.
Not they way I would recommend
waking up but hey. Bed moved a
little that was all but very weird for

On Labor Day Monday in the evening,
we went to one of the local parks and
watched the Kansas City Symphony
perform a free Labor Day concert. It
was a bit hot before the concert but
once the sun went down it was a
beautiful evening for a picnic and
symphony music.

On the second Saturday of this month
we went to the Lenexa Spinach Festival.
Held each year to celebrate our city's
claim to fame--as the "Spinach Capital"
of the World. Back in the day the Belgium
farmers planted spinach here. There were
lots of crafts, music, kid's activities, Popeye
and Olive Oil made an appearance plus
lot's of food to choose from. Our fave food
booth is the Spinach booth of course.

The week of September 12th came like a
whirlwind both of us started our work
week sick which did not bode well for
the wedding activities happening later
in the week, thankfully it was a one day
thing for both of us. Gift wrapping,
getting clothes ready, rehearsal to
attend and the BIG day last Saturday!
We had had some rain during the week
but Saturday dawned with fog and then
the sun came out.

This would be the new Mr. and Mrs.
My brother-in-law and my new sister-
in-law! We are so happy for them!

They had a cupcake and punch reception
plus their own cake to cut.

This is Julie's bouquet. Each flower
has a vintage pin for it's middle.
This was such a great idea!

Well that is it for now, more fun
coming in the next few weeks so
stay tuned!

~Keep on Dreaming~

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Wednesday Write-Up


Hello! Yes I have actually got this post
on a Wednesday!

I am back with the second part of our

Most of the pictures tell their own story
so there (hopefully) not be a lot of

The first five pics a of t he different
areas in the barn and outside.






These beauties are in the Exercise


As our tour guide talked the horses
came over to see the visitors.

So beautiful!


This is Duke. he has been retired
and given other "official" duties
on the ranch. On this day he
helped with the "horse bath"

Kinda looks unimpressed
doesn't he?

This is one of shoes. It was heavy!

Touring in style. When they tour they
either hang in the trailer or at a
predetermined ranch along the way.

Momma and baby. So sweet.

Duke is back to formally "meet and


We had a fabulous time at Warm
Springs Ranch. If you are coming
to mid Missouri and are going to be 
in the Boonville area make sure to 
book a tour at the ranch. But
do it WAY before your trip.

Come back next week for a post
that is a treat!

~Keep on Dreaming~

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Wednesday Write-Up


Hello Everyone!

You have heard the saying
"a day late and a dollar short"
That is me--the day late part.
Thank you internet!

Anyway wanted to share our
adventure with you. Last
Saturday I took Mr.Ken on a
secret adventure. I had kept
this secret for THREE long
One has to book their tickets
EARLY to this beautiful place!

This is Warm Springs Ranch
home to the Budweiser


This very large metal "W" is
15 ft tall and weighs over 2000

As the sign above says. The "W"
was part of the Bevo bottling plant
for more than 30 years. The whole
sign was replaces in '13 and the
"W" was installed at the ranch.

Beautiful landscaping an a replica

Welcome come on in.





This is one of the actual wagons that
these beautiful animals pull.

These are examples of all the
equipment the horses wear to
pull the wagon.

This is Part One of our adventure.
Come back next week for Part 2.

~Keep on Dreaming~

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Autism Acceptance

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