Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Books and Stories and Characters OH MY!

Did you know????? It is THIS week. Yes it is.
Children's Book Week has been celebrated
nationally since 1919. It is celebrated in
schools, homes, libraries, bookstores and
any place there are children and books.
Franklin K. Matthiews--librarian for the
Boy Scouts of America decided that books
can change lives. So in 1913 he began touring
the country to promote higher standards
in children's books. He suggested creating a
Children's Book Week. This is a time to
celebrate books and reading in classrooms,
homes, libraries and bookstores.
In 1944, the newly established Children's
Book Council assumed the duties of book
week. In 2008, "Every Child a Reader"
assumed the duties of promoting this week.
Also, in the same year book week moved from
November to May.
Ideas for celebrating Children's Book Week:
1--Create your own story books.
2--Make bookmarks and pass around.
3--Create word puzzles.
4--Have a party and read books.
5--Hold a book exchange between
friends and family.
6--Donate books to a family shelter, a children's
hospital, your child's classroom/school library,
a local preschool or your Dr's office.
7--Give a book as a birthday present.
Reading to or with children creates a bond
between child and adult that strengthens each
time you are together. It is also a quiet time to
spend with each other after a busy day. Read to
those you love any time you can.
I applaud my Mom for instilling in me the love
of reading. Thanks! Mom.
Just wanted to show you MY library that I use
with my kids at school. It is located on the top
shelf of a closet that I store my school stuff in.
It has "spilled" down to another area of the
closet because I have run out of room on the
shelf as you can see.
Pick up and good book and ENJOY!
~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. OH I love children's books of all kind. I am especially drawn to the wonderful graphics of vintage books but even the newer books tug at my heart. I just purchased a wonderful vintage book at an estate sale this weekend. It is full of charming stories, poems, songs, and childrens verses. I first noticed it with my husband on our first trip to the sale. But I usually don't pay more than a dollar or two and the price was five. I put it back and knew that after 1:00 all items would be half price. I took a chance that it would be waiting for me. When my mom and I returned quess what --it was there :) I was delighted. I will be scanning and sharing some of my favorite pages on my blog soon. Today I read some of the stories to the little girl I babysit--it was fun to revisit those wonderful old stories. It looks like you have a great library of books. Thanks for sharing this fun trivia--I had no idea there was a week to celebrate these treasures.

  2. I love childrens books! I miss having little people in the house. There are certain books that me and my girls ( now 19 &11) still read to each other ~ mostly seasonal books.

    Have a happy Wednesday

  3. Did ya know that was my dream when I retired from the school system. I have a stack of completed books barely submitted anywhere when I got pulled into parental elder care which is totally life consuming. I so need to activity peruse my dream again. Thanks so much for the trivia....it's always enjoyable sweetie!

    God bless ya and have a marvelous Day!!!

  4. I love children's books...Someday I'll need to go through the ones downstairs in the basement and divide up and sort...or maybe I'll just keep them all for grandkids!!! I don't know if I want to part with any of them!

  5. I still love to read good children's books! I re-read Little Women every ten years or so.

    Reading is so important -- but it's funny how reading to kids isn't always so easy! My younger daughter -- now 22 and an AVID reader -- would have stayed glued to my side forever while I read to her.

    But my older daughter had no patience for sitting still and listening to me read! She would sit for awhile, then bounce off the sofa and be gone playing. And what is she doing now? Pursuing a PhD in Philosophy, which entails a HUGE amount of reading and writing. And she is a book nut -- haunts used book stores like other 24 year old girls haunt boutiques. Go figure. But, even though she didn't sit and let me read to her, there were hundreds of books in our house, and she saw both her parents reading -- really, is there anything better than a book?
    Well, yeah -- chocolate!

    Best wishes, Cass
    PS Dion doesn't like to sit and listen to books. He will eat cookbooks, though, if they've fallen in the soup.

  6. i love childrens' books. i always have. what a great collection you have. your students are lucky! :)


  7. Can you ever have enough children's books?!!!

    Love Children's Book Week...I also think it is important and empowering for children to see adults reading on their own. I believe it instills in the child the sense of importance that the written word has in our own lives. It's not just a school subject, but a gift you give yourself (when you learn to read) forever!!!

    BTW...thanks so much for dropping by and leaving your name suggestions! Enjoyed reading them and have to tell you that Matthew is on our short list. The name means "gift from God".


  8. I want to steal your post and put it on my blog. (But I won't, I promise.)

  9. Hi Melinda. You can NEVER have enough books, children's or otherwise! I love your collection, by the way.

    I have an award for you over at my Hot Flashes From Hell blog! ♥

    Happy Spring!

  10. Twenty-eight days and counting!!


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