Saturday, September 14, 2013

A Day in the Garden--Part 1

On Labor Day, Mr. Ken
and I took a day trip to
Kingsville, Missouri.
It is located approx. 30
miles from Kansas City.
Kingsville is home to
Powell Gardens, a not-
for-profit botanical
garden. (More about the
garden in the last post)

Other than the obvious,
the reason for going to
the garden was the LEGO
sculptures / displays.
Throughout the gardens
there were 27 sculptures,
14 displays and 500,000
individual LEGO bricks used
by atrist Sean Kenney. Mr.
Kenney is one of 14 people
in the world to become
a Certified LEGO Professional.
Mr. Kenney describes himself
as "a professional kid", now
wouldn't THAT be fun? Learn
more about the artist at

Our first stop begins in the
Visitor's Center with this

There are 2,300 pieces in 
this display.

Next is a replica of the
Marjorie Powell Alan Chapel.
The actual chapel has played
host to many weddings over
the years.

The LEGO total for this
sculpture was not given.

Upon leaving the Visitor's
Center we saw this hanging
out in the flowers.

This beauty was made
with 31,565 pieces.

Moving down the path, quietly
hanging out was this.

15,581 pieces were used to
make this display.

Going on farther, we found
that someone had left this

I think Mr. Ken thought it was
real. Shh... :) 13,704 pieces
were used to make this very
realistic lawn mower.

A ways down the path and
around the bend, we arrived

The Koi fish (look in the
middle off to the right a
teesy bit) is made with
1,937 pieces.

The water platters were
made with 10.598 pieces.
It was a little hard to tell
which platter were real
or LEGOS. You had to look
really hard!

Our last stop for today
(there is more coming
so stop back by) is this

The rose was made with
41, 242 pieces.
This was so much fun!

There will be two more
posts in this series:
2---More LEGO sculptures
3 The Garden

These will be "Pop-up"
posts so stay tuned to
this blog channel!

~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. We were quite taken with the Lego sculptures at Disneyworld in Orlando. They're HUGE.

  2. Thanks, Melinda. Give us lots more Lego. I was thinking, too, of the fabulous Lego sculptures at Downtown Disney in Orlando. I took a lot of pictures there. Have a great Sunday!

    1. You should do a post.
      I would love to see them!

      M : )

  3. interesting....and Fun! I would have never gotten Sam to stand behind the mower...real or not! He's not a fan of mowing. so much to see here...

  4. What a cool place. Love the koi fish! I can't imagine making it with that many pieces.

    1. They were truely amazing!
      Watch for the next post in
      this series.

      M : )

  5. I saw this display at Reiman Gardens last year... it was a doozy! Very creative!


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