Sunday, January 5, 2014

Everything in it's Place

Happy Sunday to all! It is a cold
and snowy day here with bitterly
cold temps on the way.

As we know it is a new year and
what better time to talk about
cleaning, organizing and de-
cluttering than today.

I'm sure that like me you have
leftovers coming out your ears,
if not-good for you! But for those
of us with them here are some
storage ideas.

1--Shop Smart
When shopping pick up
perishables last.
Put food in the fridge or
freezer within 2 hours of
purchase, 1 hour if hotter
than 90 degrees.

2--Keep it light
Do not overload your
Make sure there is room
for air circulation for
even temperatures.

3--Avoid a mess
Refrigerate meats on a
serving dish, this keep any
juices from dripping onto
other things.

4--Pitch it
Those leftovers we all
have need to be pitched after
four days. Put a date on the
container so you know how
long you have had them.

5--Make it smaller
Divide large pots of soup
into smaller containers.
Large pieces of meat should
aslo be divided, packaged and
put in fridge or freezer.

6--Salads and such
Egg, chicken and tuna
salads can be refrigerated
in containers for 3 to 5
Mayo based items can be
frozen but might loose
some of their quality.

7--Know your fridge
Meat, fish, eggs and dairy
go to the coldest part of the
Condiments and non-dairy
items can go in your doors.
Keep your fridge at 40-32
Keep your freezer at 0

8--Yolks and whites
Raw eggs in their shells
are bet left in their carton.
They can be refrigerated
for 3 to 5 weeks.

For more on food safety
Click Here:

~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. Great ideas.....I always have these wonderful plans of organization, in January......I really do plan to stick to my guns this year...
    Stay warm.

    1. Great plan. Hopefully we can all stick with
      our organizing plans this year!
      Our wind chill here is - 30 below 0
      today-one more day of winter break. Woo

      Stay warm too!

      M : )

  2. Were you in my kitchen? I did a good cleaning. I'm convinced I waste too much food and want to make sure I use up what I have, so I started by cleaning out the refrigerator. Have a great week!

    1. What, you didn't see me?

      Sounds like you are on top
      of things!

      M : )

  3. You would not believe how many leftovers I have especially with being couped up the last few days and eating all our meals at home. Thank goodness that my daughter in law and son take some for their lunches. Stay Warm! Just had some peppermint hot cocoa yum!

  4. Leftovers work well for lunch.

    Good that you have someone to
    eat yours.

    M : )


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