Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Garden Party---5

Good Evening, hope everyone
is having a wonderful week!

We are here at the fifth garden
on the tour. This is a heavy pic
post and I think you will under-
stand why. If you are interested
in structural/architectural
elements this is the garden for

WELCOME! The tour begins on
the south side of the house in
front of the garages.


In the side yard, we see an old
ladder as a plant stand.


A sitting area on a side porch.


A multiple plant stand in front the
pool fence. I need one of these!


use of the sewing table as
a plant stand.


Look closely, this is a HAND
PAINTED tablecloth! The
plants show different stages
of blooming. It a vinyl material
with a hole in the middle for
the umbrella. If I remember
correctly, the homeowner did
the painting. WOW!


What a great area right outside of the
backdoor! Another sewing table, a
great plant stand and don't you just
love the barber pole?!


Our friend here is dressed
for a garden party, she is
sitting to the right of that
fab table.


These fascinate me. I may
plnat a version of the Allium.
So fun.


When guests step off the deck
and go to the left they will find
this quiet place to take a break.


A large ceramic leaf with some


Moving around the towards the
west side of the yard, we find
another cozy spot for a rest.




This house is situated so that
the south side faces one street
and the west side faces another.
This is a side porch to the front
porch. The front door is off to the
left of the chair.


This combo is just to the left of the
chair we just saw...teapots and a
great big iron cauldron greet
arriving guests

More lovelies to greet guests.

A little bit about this garden.
It borders a golf course, so
you see a lot of greenery with
pops of color here and there. 
They deal the wildlife--ie:deer
by planting in the containers
and pots and
around the deck
where it is fenced in.
Entertaining and antiquing are
favorites of the homeowners
as we saw in the backyard and
garden spaces.

One more garden next week
and then we will move to
another  garden and who
knows where else we will

~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. Lovely! Our garden tour is in July.


  2. This homeowner has some great pretty and interesting! Can't beat a well decorated home or GARDEN!

    1. No you can't!
      They have done it
      very well too.

      M : )

  3. Another great garden. There are some really talented gardeners in your area.
    Love the re-used every day items that they've incorporated into their gardens. The sewing tables are awesome!!

    Have a happy day, and thanks for sharing.


    1. Glad you enjoyed!
      Don't you just LOVE the
      sewing tables?

      M : )

  4. That is a beautiful outdoor space!! I'm afraid my gardens wouldn't be worth a tour right now. : ( soon though.

    1. Yea, We would need to do
      a bit more in order to on a tour.

      M : )

  5. I like the way they topped the old sewing machine treadle base with a grate. I've seen them topped with wood, but the iron makes it suitable for outside. Great idea.

  6. Very inspiring. I would be happy for my yard to look even one- quarter as lovely.

  7. I love how she used the quilt in her garden. What a cute idea. What a pretty garden!

  8. Yes, it looks like a cozy hangout spot.

    M : )

  9. Really nice picture Melinda. Thanks for uploading and sharing. I'm ready to get my garden now and create!

  10. Glad you enjoyed!
    You go girl.

    M : )


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