Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A Cool Treat


In honor of Summer's arrival
in four days and the GRAND
OPENING of Baskin Robbins
here in our fair city, today's
Trivia is about....can you

Ice Cream!

A variation of ice cream
was first recorded around
200 BC.

Ice cream as we know it
was invented in the 1600's
by the chef of Charles the
1st of England.

The "walk away" cone made
it's debut at the 1904 St.
Louis World's Fair.

According to August issue of
Midwest Living--a vendor at
the 1904  St. Louis World's
Fair ran out of cones so
another vendor nearby who
was selling waffles, began
rolling them up in a cone
shape and ice cream was
put in them.

Last night we paid a visit
to our new ice cream store
and I had a cone with
Chocolate Chocolate Chip-
no sugar added and Mr. Ken
enjoyed a cone with Black

What is your favorite ice
cream flavor?

Do you prefer hard or soft

Another added bonus for us
here in the Kansas City area
is that the Belfonte Ice Cream
is made right here! So when we
are in the grocery store we can
purchase ice cream right here!

Celebrate SUMMER and enjoy
a dip OR get wild and have
TWO!!!  :)

~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. Oh my sisters first job was at a Baskin Robbins and I would love going up to see her because I would taste test lots of ice cream. And I have bought plenty of ice cream birthday cakes.

    1. I bet you liked that she worked there!

      M : )

  2. mudpie ice cream is a combination of oreo and coffee ice cream and it is fantastic!!! : )

    1. Hum, interesting combo. Is this a Leslie combo?

      M : )

  3. How lucky are you to be getting a BR! They have all closed down around us. Their pralines & cream is the best.

    1. When I first moved over here we had one, then
      all of a sudden it closed. Boy was I sad!

      I think the new one will be a success!

      M : )

  4. I love ice creams. My flavor is butterscotch. Thanks for the info about the ice creams!

  5. Well, thank you! Glad you enjoyed.
    Thanks for joining the fun here at
    Dreaming and come back often!

    M : )

  6. Lucky you, to have a B&R's open up in your city!
    Very informative post about ice cream.. thanks.

    My favorite flavor is anything chocolate**smile*.


    1. I am right there with you!
      We are excited to have it back.

      M : )

  7. Lucky you! I love ice cream and BR, but sadly it has closed here. My fave is about any ice cream, esp. if it has cherries in it.

    1. Maybe it is making a come back, we
      can hope right?
      Mr. Ken like some of the cherry stuff.

      M :)


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