Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Do You Entertain Outside in the Summer?


Good Afternoon friends! I 
hope your Tuesday is going

Since it is now Summer, I
thought we would chat about
outdoor enteraining...Do you
have a porch, patio or deck in
your backyard?

Most of you know that we have
a deck and it is used as much as
possible! Even if it is chilly we try
to use it. That's what cardis and
hoodies are for right? If need be
we can break out the blankets.

This is our deck with our table and
seating for four, we can pull over
others if need be.


This is the view from the back
door. Straight ahead is the
"grillmasters domain." We are
big grillers--food just tastes
better off the grill as far as I
am concerned.

And...this is my domain! Reading
and a glass of tea--it's a happening
spot. I also supervise the "grill-
master" here  :) Sometimes my two
cents is needed.

We have celebrated birthdays, some
holidays, other misc fun and of course
many, many dinners have been eaten
on the deck.

So what happens at your house in the
Summer? Enjoy and have fun.

Being outside is good for you mood,
the sun provides vitamin D and time
passes at a slower pace when you can
enjoy the oudoors. I realize that there
are those with allergies but we can all
enjoy the outdoors in our own way.

~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. Looks like a great space to spend summer afternoons, and evenings!
    We too love grilling.....esp. in the summer months.

    We have a patio at this house. It's nicely situated, with a view of the mountains, meadows and the elk farm. Shady in the evenings too... always a plus.

    Have a great day tomorrow!


    1. Sounds lovely! We are lucky to.have shade in
      the evening.

      M : )

  2. We really do not entertain a lot outdoors. Sam and I have been working on an area to add a big patio with lights. Perhaps then, we will make up for the lack of outdoor entertaining. This year, the mosquitoes are way too bad to be outside...

    1. Darn bugs! Your patio sound great especially
      if it is screened in.

      M : )

  3. Hi Melinda! You have a beautiful outdoor space! We don't do much entertaining and our back yard is ugly:( Twyla

  4. We never seem to eat outdoors at our house. We grill all the time, but always bring the food in. We have a patio, but it is not right by the house. We also have lots of shade and, unfortunately, lots of mosquitos -- often even in the daytime.

  5. That is a great space! We grill a lot, but hardly ever eat outside. I need to remedy that!


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