Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Wednesday Write Up

Hello Everyone, yes it is me. The
absent blogger--I must apologize
again. Just WAY too much to keep
up with right now.
The journey jar is being filled again
this month as best we can.

If anyone is out there, let's catch up. 
I want to say a BIG THANK
YOU to Leslie at Dandelion Sprinkles
and her creative Valentine's elves for
helping out with the Valentine Card
Shower this year.

They did an AWESOME job!! Combined
with my cards we had over 70 cards that
were sent to Children's Mercy Hospital
in Kansas City Mo.

All the cards were packed and ready to
be sent to hopefully brighten a few kids

Sunday was the day we celebrated. We
enjoyed a nice brunch in the late morn-
ing and then went to the Old Red Bridge 
to check on our lock.
If you remember from last year, Mr. Ken
and I took a lock out to the bridge and
locked our love there. It is tradition that
couples do on Valentine's Day.

Off we go to look for our lock. I must con-
fess, I was getting a little nervous because
we weren't finding it but then we did.

There is it right in the middle of the
two silver ones. The writing has faded
but we could make out what we had
put on it in 2016. (We checked our pic
from last year) Some people add a new
lock each year so next year we are add-
ing locks for both our Moms.

A little look at our Valentine d├ęcor.

Hope everyone had a SPECTACULAR
Valentine's Day!!


Update on Mr. Ken

He is doing GREAT! Doctor appointments
are fewer and far between now, which is
nice. He isn't missing so much work now.
He still has a couple of procedures later
on down the line but right now things are
moving right along.

Thanks for hanging with me!!

~Keep on Dreaming~

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Wednesday Write Up


Happy February to all. I am
certainly glad to see a fresh
new month! Hope there are
a few of you out there and
you haven't given up on me! :)

Super Bowl 51 is this Sunday,
anyone have big plans? Ours
will be low key this year. Not
a big fan of either team so it
is hard to get geared up for it.
but we will still have some good
eats, watch the game and the 
commercials plus try and catch
part of the Puppy Bowl too.

Valentine's Day is on the way Mr.
Ken and I combine the holiday
with the next day because we still
celebrate the anniversary of our
first date. This year will be 19 years!
We have plans for brunch the Sunday

Speaking of Valentine's Day, it is time
for the annual Valentine Card Shower.
If you would like to join me in making
some cards for the kids at Children's
Mercy Hospital here in town, please
let me know. The cards above were
made last year. I will need them by
NEXT FRIDAY--February 10th.
If you have questions, let me know.
This is a fun activity for scouts and
other groups too.
We have continued to have some
spectacular sunsets. This was
taken in late January. So pretty.


I did not pick a "word" for this year.
Partly because I couldn't decide on
one and then life jumped in. So
I decided to do a "Journey Jar."
Each piece of paper has something
on it that happened each day. ie:
"It was 60 today and the sun came
 out." The jar is emptied into a baggie  
at the end the month and we start fresh
with the new month.
At the end of the year we will read each
slip of paper to see what we did in 2017.

GROUNDHOG DAY is tomorrow --Will
he see his shadow???


Mr. Ken is doing great, progress is made
eachday. Work keeps him busy too.
He has a couple of big things coming up
so the continued prayers would help.

We would like the thank EVERYONE
for those prayers and good thoughts,
they are very much appreciated.

For those of you who are continuing to
hang with me and my erratic posting --
THANK YOU! I had so many things that
I wanted to do with Dreaming and I still
will but it may take a bit. We can't always
plan what comes down the road so I do
appreciate ALL of YOU!!
Keep on hanging with me.

~Keep on Dreaming~

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Wednesday Write Up


Hello Everyone!!

It has been awhile since I was here.
As you can imagine it has been a
busy time for us.
Last time I posted, Mr. Ken was in
the hospital. He was there for 5 days.
Which to my surprise was much
shorter than I thought .
He is doing great and is minding his
Dr.'s also. He has a lot of work to do
but is willing to do it so that is half the
He went back to work yesterday and
did pretty well.  We would still appreciate
your good thoughts and prayers as we
mosey through this new journey of ours.

Since we were off on Monday and I actual
had time to do something fun and not
running here and there I changed up a
wall in our dining room. We call this the
"wedding wall" but since we have been
married for awhile I wanted to switch it
up a bit. The shadow box contains our
wedding program, my hankie, a penny,
my gloves and a blue ribbon that I attached
with an angel pin. The picture frame on the
far right has a picture of us on one side and
our wedding invitation on the other side.
Both are matted and I wrote our vows
around the mats.

This is the after picture. I took down the
shadow box, it will hang in another room.
I moved the left picture over and hung up
a new cross. A friend of mine makes these
and sells them at craft shows. I really like
how it turned out. Sometimes you don't
realize things need to be changed up till
you do the changing.

Thank you for your patience with my
absence in blogland. There is so much
going on and so little time to do every-
thing in.

I hope everyone is well and the creepy
crud has not got you.

~Keep on Dreaming~

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Humps and Bumps in the Road


Hello Everyone.
Well, I hope everyone's January
has started off on a better foot
than ours has!
I have been MIA for a reason and
may continue to be for awhile.

He is my reason for being MIA.
Mr. Ken became sick on Monday
evening and I took him  to the ER
where he has been a "resident"
since then. I am not going to go into
details but I will say it was pretty
serious for a day or so.
He has made such great progress.
We still have a ways to go but hope-
fully he'll be released mid week next

Some of you know about this via
Facebook and your thoughts and
prayers have been so helpful.

If you could continue to keep us in
your thoughts and prayers would be

I'll see you soon!

~Keep on Dreaming~

Saturday, December 31, 2016

2017 Is Around The Corner!


From Mr. Ken and I to YOU!!!

~Keep on Dreaming~

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Wednesday WriteUp


Happy Wednesday to you.
This will be our last Wednesday
Write-Up for 2016.

Today we will catch up with
Christmas. Mr. Ken and I
visited the Magic Christmas
Tree. This little tree hangs out
all  year but at Christmas it
gets dressed up for the season.
Visitors can bring canned goods
to donate to local food banks
when they come for a visit.


Such fun to see the lights and
listen to all the oohs and aahs
from everyone.

Our fave park got all dressed up too.

I guess we were good this year since
Santa dropped off some goodies at
the house.


My intention was to get our (all)
village pieces out but that did not
Instead I did  a couple of small
vignettes.  Number 1 --Ice
skating fun. I made the button tree
this year. I picked up the tree at
a craft fair in the fall and then a
friend showed me her co-worker's
button tree on her desk.

I picked these stockings up at another
craft fair for $1 a piece and the best
thing is that they are reversible! The
right one is the inside of the left one.
So fun!

Aren't these cute?
I found four of them at a thrift store,
these are green and the other two are
red. Love them!

Vignette # 2 -- Train Station.
The train set was a stocking stuffer
for Mr. Ken last year and everything
else is new to this year. The little house
is hand painted and has a secret drawer
in it.

Cards , cards , cards. We received
more cards than I thought we would.
Mine will be "after Christmas cards." 
I still love to get cards.

Went with a plaid theme this year.

Made a couple of  fancy paper chains.

Another project complete!  A star
wreath, sounds simple right? It
was a bit tricky getting the ends
together but I prevailed! It has
been hanging out in the kitchen
ever since I finished it.

More fun things to hang in doorways.

Fun with the family. Mr. K is opening
a white elephant gift at the family
gathering. Ha! Ha!

Unwrapping complete with lots of
great goodies from Santa.


Our poinsettia--this one has been a
little tough to please. It doesn't seem
to get enough water and we
have had so many cloudy days.


I am a bit obsessed with these critters.
The top two and the one on the right I
picked up at Target and the gray came
from Michael's or JoAnn's.  I was in
Target tonight and got another one for
half price. I just think they are too
cute. They will hang out through


A friend of mine made this cute
Santa luminary. I added the plate
and colored ornaments.

That is it for Christmas 2016.

There will be some changes in the new
year for the old blog. Good ones I think
so stay tuned and I am thinking about
my "word " for 2017. I haven't been real
good the last couple of years with my
particular word, I hope to do better in

~Keep on Dreaming~

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