Thursday, May 17, 2018

Wednesday Write--Thursday's Version


Posting today instead of yesterday
because I was a little busy.

Last night I had the honor of being
invited AND attending the high
school graduation of a former
This young man has Autism and
when he was in my class he kept us
on our toes. :) He loved fire hydrants
and could tell you where they were
located around  the city, he went
through a Richard Scarry faze and he
could access a computer like nobody's
Fast forward to yesterday, through hard
work, family and school support he
was able to graduate. I am soooo proud
of him!
Going to graduation reminded me why
I do my job, some days I wonder if I
still have the stuff it takes and last night
validated that I DO HAVE THE STUFF!!

What a wonderful event.

~Keep on Dreaming~

Monday, May 14, 2018

Other Uses for Terra Cotta Pots


Hello, I am back!

Happy Monday!

Hope everyone had a wonderful 
Mother's Day!

Do you use Terra Cotta pots when
planting in the Spring? Do you have
a plethora of

Here are some ideas for uses of the
over flow.

Build a cake stand:
Glue a 10" saucer to the bottom of a
4" pot. Spray paint a fun color and
seal with clay pot sealer.

Container for just cleaned produce:
Place your fresh picked produce in
the pot, wash, rinse and let drain.

Garden Tool Storage:
Fill pot with sand, place tools inside
pot. They will be at your ready when
you need one.

Paint project elevator:
Balance wood or trim on two pots, as
you paint the sides will easily accessible.

Make a twine dispenser:
Place a ball of twine/string in the pot.
Thread one end through the drain hole
to prevent tangles.
**I like this idea but the pot sits on the
twine/string, I would thing it would be
hard to get the length of string you need
without having to move the pot around.

Did you know?
Terra Cotta, the most common type of
flower pot is Italian for "Baked Earth."

There you have it new uses for those extra

~Keep on Dreaming~

Saturday, April 28, 2018

A-Z Crafts



Well we have come to the last post
in the challenge. I don't have
anything for Z-zip so...

This post is for YOU! You my crafting,
creating, blogging friends.
Thank you for hanging with me through
this year's challenge. I hope you enjoyed
each post and maybe learned something
too. Each year I say "that is the last
challenge I do!" But then each year some-
thing nudges me to do it again.
I learn too when I look up information
for each post some more than others.

So again THANK YOU!!

Posting will resume on May 6th. Taking
a  bit of a break after the challenge of
blogging almost everyday.

~Keep on Dreaming~

Thursday, April 26, 2018

A-Z Crafts


W--Wearable Art

Who would have know there was
an actual category for this? I
thought I was making it up. :)

According to Wikipedia, this is
"Artwear or art to wear."
These are individually designed
pieces of (usually) handmade clothing
or jewelry created as fine or expressive
art. The term "wearable art" implies
that the work is intended to be accepted
as a serious and unique artistic creation
or statement.

Wearable artists use a variety medium
in their creations. Fabric or other fiber
pieces are used as materials made
from non fiber pieces ie: leather,
plastic, metal, sheeting etc.

Information listed above is from Wiki-
pedia, if you want to read more on this
art form check out the rest of this article
and others listed when you Google
"Wearable Art."

As I said above I thought I made up this 
category due to the fact that I could not
find too many crafts that began with W.

When I thought about it, I was thinking
decorated T-shirts, jewelry etc. But
what I read was interesting, again who


X is up but I have nothing for it
so  Y will be the post for Saturday.

~Keep on Dreaming~ 

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

A-Z Crafts



Victorian crafts were a highly
ornamented style of decoration
that was popular in 19th century
Young women were expected to
be proficient with a needle and
were encouraged to knit or
crochet for those in need.
This gave them something to do
with their time while "the men"
Fathers and brothers attended
to business.

Victorian crafts have been broken
down by:
Needlework-embroidery, macramé 
and hair braiding.
Sculptural-shellwork, featherwork,
mosaic and beadwork.
Pictorial-textile or china painting,
arranging dried flowers, leaf work
or  etching.

Also known as "Parlor Crafts."
Women gathered in the parlor,
sipping tea and working on their
current projects.

Today, Victorian crafts can be

found in antique shops. Some are
inherited from a family members.
It is said that this particular craft
should not be ignored due to the
highly skilled craftsmanship.

W is up tomorrow!

~Keep on Dreaming~

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

A-Z of Crafts



The definition I found states that
Unique is being the only one of
it's kind; unlike anything else.

Now I am going to stretch this a
bit and say that arts and crafts are
unique. They are done by individual
people the way they want  do them.

Take making jewelry for instance,
one might see a bracelet, necklace
or earrings and decide to make
them but in a different color, pattern,
use different materials etc. They are
unique to that person because they
made them.

Scrapbooking can be the same way.
You want to make a baby book, you
look for examples of pages but you
as the crafter you change paper,
fonts for wording, the wording
itself and so on.

Knitting or crocheting. One picks
a pattern but uses different yarn,
thread, floss. You can change the
color scheme, it all depends on
what you are making the item for.

Blogging is definitely unique.
Each of us has a different theme,
we either use Blogger or Word 
Press. We design our own pages 
etc. None of our blogs look alike,
they are different to suite our needs.

I think you get where I am going with
this. Thought I would throw that in
for U.

V is up tomorrow.

~Keep on Dreaming~

Monday, April 23, 2018

A-Z of Crafts



This will be an obvious post for some.
Here we go!
Tools for Paper crafting-

Scissors and paper trimmer
Paper punches
Craft knife (X-Acto)
Circle cutter and mat
Mod Podge and Foam brush
Hot Glue gun and sticks
Scoring Board and Envelope
Washi Tape, Twine and Ribbons
Chalk markers
Regular markers, Gel pens
and Colored Pencils

Tools for Sewing-

Sewing machine
Tape measure
Marking pencils
Ironing board

Tools for Jewelry making-

Stretchy bands
Pliers--Needle nose
Jump rings
Earring pieces
Magnifying glass

Tools for Painting

Paints (depends on the project)
Canvas or Fabric
Cleaning agent
Tarp or newspaper
Mason jars
Craft boxes (Blank)

Most crafters have a stash of tools
depending on our projects. It is
always a good thing to do an
inventory each time a project is
finished in case something needs
to be replenished.

My rule of thumb is  to have more
than I need so I don't have to go buy
something for a particular project.
But there are times that you will
have to go get one thing cause you
don't have it.

What is in your tool stash??

I am skipping U so V will be up
on Wednesday.

~Keep on Dreaming~

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