Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Around Town.


Hi! Hello! Howdy!

We are live from Noah's Ark
tonight. Actually I am posting
from my couch but it could be a
n ark. We have had over 8" of
rain in the last few days. We
needed the rain badly but not
all at once!

Before it rained FOREVER, we
had the pleasure of several sun-
sets as the one above.

We have a great museum here in our
area that has an All Electric 1950's
House. A real house right inside the
museum that depicts what life was
like for a family in the 50's.

This is the living room---check out the
d├ęcor! It has been staged for the summer
season but at Christmas they have the tree
that twirls with the lights under it.

 What movie shall we watch tonight?

Master bedroom. Mom has her dress
picked out for her outing. Love the
makeup vanity and the exercise machine.

Off the Master is the baby's room.

Hallway bathroom. Check out those
color choices.

Such a fun house to go through,
one of our favorite exhibits in the
museum. It's fun to watch the kids go
through it with their parents and listen
to all their comments.

Fired up the firepit a couple of  Saturdays
and got rid of a BUNCH of yard waste.

Enjoyed breakfast with some of
my favorite people. Former co-workers.
Fun to catch up with everyone.
Oh Blogger why do you do
this to me?
Hit one of our favorite "patches"
between raindrops.

So many fun varieties.

A soggy beanbag toss game.

So now you know what we have been
up to. Hopefully the rain will be ending
soon. We will be in the 50's starting
tomorrow going from the 70's. Our low's
will be in the 30's. Mother Nature is a mess!

~Keep on Dreaming~

Monday, October 1, 2018

Happy Fall


Fall leaves, those dreaded things
that fall off the trees and makes
a mess out of everything.

Well, I have some other uses
for them besides bagging
them up.

1. Use them for craft projects.
Leaf people, animals etc.

2. Make a Scarecrow--
Stuff the head and shirt
with leaves instead of

3. Create votive holders--
Use Mod Podge to stick leaves
to a mason jar and let the warm
colors and let the warm colors
give your home a cozy glow.

4. Turn those beauties into
confetti by using a hole punch
then sprinkle on your table.

5. Use a leaf that is in good
condition as a stamp. Cover
with paint and use it to stamp
a leaf print on napkins or a table

Did you know?
The color of the leaves depends
on the tree species--makes sense
to me.
Sugar Maples are reddish orange
Oaks turn  red, yellow or brown
Aspens are golden.

We have two Maples and one Oak.
Our Oak is always yellow, I'll have
to watch our Maples now.

~Keep On Dreaming~

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Our Trip East Part 3 a



Vacation continues, on this day we
are at Navy Pier. Heading for the
Ferris Wheel.

So many great city shots from
the pier.

Here it is!

Sights from our Gondola. Their website
states that visitors have unparalleled 360
degreed views of the city and Lake Michigan
and soars nearly 200 feet in
the air.

Fun stuff down below.

Very smooth ride. I think we took
three or four turns before the next
group got on.

Oops photo out of order...but
Garrett Popcorn, we hear is THE
popcorn of Chicago. Yes, we
bought some. Pretty good!

Beautiful container gardens and

On the top floor of the shopping area
of the pier is this beautiful indoor

Such a fun place with so much to see.

Next time our tour continues with the
afternoon activity on Pier day.

Thanks for your patience with my
posting absences, for some reason
school is just not going as smoothly
as hoped for. :(
Hopefully October will see a turn for
the better.

~Keep on Dreaming~

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Our Trip East Part 2


First full day in the Windy City took
us to the Shedd Aquarium. Helpful hint:
GO EARLY. When we left the steps under
the awing were full.


These two sculptures are made from
debris found in lakes, oceans etc!


Inside the aquarium, zoomed view of
the waterfront.

Scenes from the Pacific White-Sided 
Dolphin show.


The Sea Lion stole the show for me.

Outside we went to see and touch the

Unbelievable that one can stick their
hand in and wait for a Stingray to come
by and let you touch it!

Back inside.


Water views  from outside the Aquarium.


A fun day but time to head "home" to
rest up for day two.

~Keep on Dreaming~

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Yea, We Did It!!!!
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