Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Where in Missouri is...?

Good Afternoon!

It is another fiercely
windy day today so
hold on tight because
we are headed south
for N. As you can see
we are off to Noel,

The map shows us that
Noel is located in the
south-western part of
the state, it is on the
Missouri and Arkansas
border along the Elk

Noel is a small town, the
census in 2012 showed
that the population was

It was named after two
stockmen and owners of
a sawmill. CW and WJ Noel.

Each year tens of thousands
of Christmas cards and letters
are sent to the Noel post office
to be stamped "Noel, Mo 'The
Christmas city in the Ozark
Vacation Land.' "

Visitors to Noel will find plenty
of camping and canoeing also.

It is a short drive to Branson
and Eureka Springs in Arkansas
from Noel.

Back to Kansas we go to find
O tomorrow.

~Keep on Dreaming~

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Where in Kansas is...?

Over the border we go back
to Kansas. We are on the hunt
for M. Down the road we will
go to "The Little Apple" or
Manhattan, Kansas.

Located in the northwestern
part of the state at the junction
of the Kansas and Big Blue Rivers
in the Flint Hills region. The Flint
Hills are continious rolling hills
with tall grass. Visitors will find
the Flint Hills Discovery Center.

The city was founded by the New
England Emigrant Aid Company.

Best known as the home to
Kansas State University.

One of the things Kansas
is known for is tornados.
Manhattan lies in "Torndao
Alley." The last tornado was
in 2008. Lots of damage,
especially to K-State but no
loss of life.

On a personal note. If you ever
have the oppotunity to visit the
Flint Hills DO IT! It is a beautiful
and peaceful area. We went to the
hills on a summer day several years
ago to hear the Kansas City Symphony
play. What an awewome experience!

Tomorrow will be N in Missouri.

~Keep on Dreaming~

Monday, April 14, 2014

Where in Missouri is...?

We are staying in Missouri and
going down the roadway a piece
for L as in Lexington. It is
located in the western part of the
state on the bluffs of the Missouri
River. Lexington is about 40 miles
from Kansas City going east.

The Battle of Lexington State
Historic Site is located here.
It was established in 1958 to
preserve the site of the American
Civil War battle. The battle was
between the Confederate Troops
and the Federal Troops in 1861.
During the first battle a cannon-
ball got lodged in a pillar of the
courthouse. Visitor's can see it
today. There was a second battle
later in 1864. As always for more
historic battle information check
out Google.

Lexington is also home to the
Wentworth Military Academy
and College.
This is a four year college prep
high school and junior college.
It is the oldest military school
school west of the Mississippi
The campus is on the National
Register of Historic Places.
Founded in 1880 by Stephen
Wentworth after the battle of
Lexington took place.
Seeing that there were several
girl and young women's schools
in the area but none for boys
or young men he started
Wentworth. It was a memorial
to his late son.
Moving many years ahead,
with enrollment struggling
1993 saw the first women
cadets on campus. Today
they make up about 25%
of the corps.
Wentworth offers many
programs and activities
for their students. Grads
are not obligated to
military service though.

Lexington offers many
things to see and do.

Antique stores
A variety of dining
Gift stores
Bed and Breakfast Accomm-

If you are in the are stop in,
I'll bet you will find something
that will pique your interest.

Tomorrow is M.

~Keep on Dreaming~

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Where in Kansas AND Missouri is...?

Well, friends brace yourself--no
don't run away. I think you will
find this post interesting.
It is another double city post for
K. We have Kansas City,
Kansas and Kansas City,

There is always some confusion
between the cities due to name
similarity and location of each
city. So let's see if we can work
on that.

First up: Kansas City, Kansas
aka: KCK

It is the 3rd largest city in
Kansas and the Kansas City
metro area. This city is located
at the junction of the Kansas
and Missouri Rivers.

It is a diverse ethnic city.

Within KCK their are many
neighborhoods, some with
historical significance and
some were sites of certain

Two that standout for me are:

This would be the city that now 
is the site for "Legends." An area
that houses Legends Outlet Mall,
T-Bones Minor League Baseball
Park, Sporting Kansas City Soccer
Stadium, Kansas Speedway
and Schlitterbahn Water Park.

Strawberry Hill:
It is located on the bluffs over
looking the Kansas and Missouri
It is mainly a South Slavic
Community. The neighborhood
was built so that the residents
could worship, celebrate and live 
their lives as closely to their Slavic
heritage as possible.
The Strawberry Hill Museum
and Cultural Center is located
here also. Visitors can learn more about
the community and the heritage of the
area. At Christmas, the volunteers
decorate the museum to the hilt!

Now we will go over the rivers
into Kansas City, Missouri.

KCMO is the largest city in

This is a city full of history, there is
so much that I am not going to focus
on it, but I know that you history
buffs can find out all you want to
know on Google.

Notable places in Kansas City,
Location of several battles during
the Civil War.
Downtown--the "center of the city."
It is making a reappearance from a
time of blight.
Power and Light District is located
in Downtown.
Sprint Center is located in Down-
town also. Site for concerts, basket-
ball games and other events.
City Market
CrossRoads District
18th and Vine District--Known
for Jazz and Blues.
Country Club Plaza
Nelson Atkins Museum
Kauffman Center for the
Performing Arts

Two very diverse but similar
cities. Located so close that
they are confused but residents
have worked hard to seperate them
and highlight them.

Tomorrow is L, we will be back then.
Please come by, enjoy and leave a
comment so that I know you have
been by.

~Keep on Dreaming~

Friday, April 11, 2014

Where in Missouri is...?


After our whirlwind trip across the
states yesterday we are staying in
Missouri to find J. We will head to
almost the middle of the state for
it. It is also midway between Kansas
City and St. Louis too. Looking at the
map above, you will see Jefferson 
City is our stop for the day.

Located on the southern side of the
Missouri River and on the western
edge of the Missouri Rhineland-
one of the major wine producing
regions in the Midwest.

Jefferson City is the capital of the
state. It is named after Thomas
Jefferson our 3rd president. It was
chosen to be the capital in 1821
while Jefferson was still alive.

It is the 15th largest city in Missouri.

Rand Mc Nally named it America's
"Most Beautiful" small town in 2013.

I'm not sure how it can be a large
city and a small town too????

For those of you like wine come to
Missouri. The wineries here have
some of the best wines you'll taste!

We can thank the German immigrants
for planting the vineyards. They are
located in the small towns on both
sides of the Missouri River.

Jefferson City is the sister city to the
German city Munchburg. The historic
German section of the city is called
"Old Munichburg."

Come by tomorrow for K.

~Keep on Dreaming~


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Where in Kansas AND Missouri is Independence...?

Today we are doing something a little
different. I am featuring 1 city but in
both states. By the end of the challenge
I have a couple of days without letters, so
I thought this would work. This will be long
so please bear with me. Thanks!

Today is I day and we as I said above
we have one city but it can be found
in both states and that would be

We'll start in Kansas. Independence is
located on the Kansas/Oklahoma border
along the Verdgris River.

It is the County Seat for Montgomery
County and was designated so in
1870. The land was first settled by
the Osage Indians, they purchased it
for $50 !

The first night game of professional
baseball was played here in April
1930.The Muscogee (OK) Indians
beat the Independence Producers

Miss Able a rhesus monkey and
Miss Baker a squirrel monkey were
the first two monkeys to go into space.
They returned alive on May 28, 1959.
But Miss Able passed away four days

In late October on can attend the
Neewollah Festival. (Halloween
spelled backwards) This began in
1919 as an alternative to pranks.
It began as a three day event but
has grown to a ten day celebration!
There are parades, food booths, crafts,
a chili cook off and much much more!

One area attraction I found interesting
was-that near Independence one can
find the childhood home to Laura
Ingalls Wilder and her family. This
was the area that Charles Ingalls
family lived in between 1869-1871.
It has been designated as an Historic
Site. These were some of my favorite
books to read!

Mr. Ken and I may have to check this
hidden gem out!

Now we are off to Missouri to
find out about the Independence

This is my home town, I lived
here from the time I was a year
old up to the year I moved to
Kansas and Mr. Ken and I got

I attended elementary, junior and
senior high here. In high school,
I worked at the public library and
then during college I worked part
time in childcare. When I graduated
from college and began working full
time in the Education field.

Independence had another popular
resident (other than me :) ) President
Harry Truman our 33 rd president. Mr.
Truman AND his wife Bess grew up here
on the same street! Before becoming
President, Truman was a judge-
administrative not judicial. Also in this
lovely city one can find the Truman
House and the Presidential Library. I
have been to the the Library but
not to the home. Who tours their
own hometown?

Some of the other interesting things
about Independence, MO are:

It is the fourth largest city in Missouri.
It is considered a satellite city of
Kansas City, MO and part of the
KC metro area.

Back in the day Missouri and Osage
Indians inhabited the area.

Independence was founded in 1827
and became an important Frontier town.

Independence became part of the United
States with the Louisiana Purchase of

Lewis and Clark dropped by in 1804.

1831 saw the arrival of the Latter Day
Saints and is home to the headquarters
to the Community of Christ church.
They have a temple and a visitor's
center also.

There is so much more but I will
stop now. If you are ever in Indep-
endence, MO  stop by the historic
square and find out more in regards
to the history of my hometown.

Thanks for bearing with me through
this post. I appreciate you taking the
time to read it.

On another note-Tomorrow is
National Pie Day. Enjoy a


~Keep on Dreaming!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Where in Missouri is...?


We are off again and since it is
 windy today, you may want to
keep your window up a bit
so you don't get all mussed up.
We are back in Missouri looking
for H. This is a city I have been
to and really enjoyed visiting. We
are going to Hannibal. Check
out the map above, there is a red
arrow pointing to it.

Hannibal is located in th upper
eastern part of the state-right
next to the Mississippi River.

Before it was a city, Hannibal
was occupied by early settlers
and Native American tribes.

It was laid out as a town in 1891
by Moses Bates one of the first
settlers here.

Hannibal gained "city" status by
1845 by having access to the river
In 1850 the railway arrived.

As we know from our history classes,
Hannibal is the boyhood home to
Samuel Langhorne Clemens, the
author of The Adventures of Tom
Sawyer and Adventures of Huckle-
berry Finn.

There are numerous historical sites
relating to Mr. Twain and his stories.
One being The Mark Twain
Boyhood Home and Museum.
The museum celebrated it's 100th
anniversary in 2012 and has seen
visitor's from all fifty states and sixty
plus countries.

With all the historical sites to see
related or non related to Mark
Twain and Samuel Clemens, the
city sees many American and
International visitors.

When we visited Hannibal, I think
we were there on an "off" day
because if I remember correctly
some of the sites were not open
on that particular day. We did see
some cool things though. I especially
enjoyed seeing the picket fence that
Tom painted in Tom Sawyer.

If you are going for a visit, double
check times etc. so you don't miss

On a different note--I'd like to
welcome my new followers,
glad to have you joining
us here. Come by often!

~Keep on Dreaming~

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