Sunday, January 20, 2013

Yummy Good and a Head's Up

Sunday Savor is back too!
Today's recipe is soooo easy.
So pull up a chair and relax. Enjoy!!!

I need to give Ree Drummond
aka: The Pioneer Woman credit
for this recipe.

Chili Stuffed Peppers

I'm going to make this really easy.
Cause I don't need to tell YOU
how to make Chili.

Peppers (as many as you want)
cleaned out
Pot of chili (your recipe)
Toppings (we like cheese)
Fill pepper cups with chili and top
with cheese etc.
Bake in a heated 350 degree oven
until bubbly.
Serve. Told you it was easy. :)

It's that time again. Get your crafty
MOJO on.
I will be doing the Valentine Card
shower again this year! We have ball
with this and most of you asked for a
reminder ahead of time.  
I will do a whole post on it tomorrow
so for those newbies to this fun activity

~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. Never thought of making chili stuffed mama always made stuffed peppers when I was growing up and I loved them!

    How's the new semester going...hope it got off to a great start. We're doing good, despite sickness. Ben has been struggling with learning to read his sight words, but then I decided to attack learning to read from a more sensory-experience (rather than reading the sight words off of index cards) and he has made such great strides. His kindergarten teacher even called to talk to me b/c he had been so excited sharing the games that we were doing at home!

    Makes me miss my teaching days. Sort of. :)


  2. Looks good! My goal for tomorrow is to get to Michael's and get some Valentine fun things.

  3. Love this recipe! So very easy. Looking forward to tomorrows post. Have a great Sunday!

  4. I was going to email you and see if you were still doing the Vday cards. I have a few card making dates next week and we are looking forward to participating. Those peppers look yummy!!!!

  5. Oooo I pinned this from Pinterest today, it looks really easy! Am going to try it this week, heaven knows we'll be cold the next two days!

  6. What a good recipe! I would never have thought of this.


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