Thursday, January 31, 2013

They are Pretty

Today is Thursday and
in honor of yesterday's
snow our Thought for the
Day is:

Snowflakes are one
of nature's most fragile
things, but just look
what they do when
they stick together.

  -Verna M. Kelly

~Keep on Dreaming~

***If you are participating
in the Valentine Card Shower,
the deadline is approaching
to have your cards to me.
Thanks to all who are making
cards for the kids.


  1. ARGGHHHHH I'm getting them in the mail on Saturday, is that okay????

  2. Snowflakes are so beautiful. I always loved reading Snowflake Bentley to my class! Sorry I was unable to make Valentine's with my own kiddos this year. Flu bug got in the way! :(


  3. Melinda I'm so sorry I can't participate this year! I've been sick for the last couple weeks. I hope you have a good response!

  4. We're looking for snow this weekend. I've loved the warm weather this week, but it is winter. Cards are in the mail. :)

  5. Mine went in the mail yesterday. I hope you like them. The kids had fun making them!


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