Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Word

                  THE word for 2012

                  THE word for 2013

As you can see my word is:
JOY. I chose it in honor of
a friend of mine. It is her
name and she was a joy to
be around! She has been
an angel in Heaven for
fourteen years now.
During the Christmas
season I have something
that says JOY on it to remind
me of her.
As I was thinking about a new
word for this year my eyes
landed on the Christmas blocks
that say "JOY." My lightbuld went
on and I thought--that's my
word for the year!
My goal is to find joy in the
little stuff, the BIG stuff and
the stuff in between.

May 2013 bring LOTS of
JOY to all of us.

~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. Great word for the year and what a nice reminder of a close friend. May 2013 bring you and Mr. Ken much joy!

  2. Me, too and literally. Lots of joy in 2013 and lots of enjoyment, too.

  3. Love it!
    Nice way to remember your friend, a wonderful way to look at the New Year.


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