Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Trivia Tuesday is ALIVE and KICKN'!

Did you know that today is:
National Hat Day?

Do you wear HATS? What kind?
Are they for outside only?

I guess I am too much of a girl cause
I don't like them messing up my hair. :)
I will wear them if it is REALLY, REALLY
cold outside otherwise no.

A neat website:
www.ehow.com lists some instructions
for celebrating National Hat Day:

1--Wear a hat
2--Make funny hats
3--Buy a new hat
4--Change hats all day
5--Talk about famous hats
(ie: Lincoln's Hat)

My suggestion is to read:

Caps For Sale
By: Esphy Slobodkina

~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. I guess we have to wear a hat while we are eating our strawberry ice cream! haha Nice to hear from you, Melinda...hope your new year is great!

  2. I Soooo love Caps for Sale, and made sure I read it at least one of the storytimes I did each year, and had the children act it out.

    I wear winter hats to keep my head warm.

  3. For some strange reason... I knew that it was hat day. The only tome I wear hats is when we are on the boat or if there is a blizzard . :) cant wait to wear some sun hats!!!

  4. I think hats look so adorable on some people. Just not me. LOL! Thanks for the scoop on a fun day.

  5. I love Caps for Sale! Such a great book. I don't wear hats or caps very often.

    Have a great day!

  6. I love hats, I just don't look good in them! Wish I did though. My daughter looks fantastic in all kinds of hats. Lucky kid!

  7. I don't really wear hats. I have a fleece hood that I put on my head if it's cold outside. :) Unique post, Melinda... Take care, Linda
    I love your places to wander and end up going all over the place when I come visit here.

  8. Hi Melinda,
    Thanks for the bit of information.
    I learned something new :)

    I do wear hats, on occasion.
    Straw hats in the summer for gardening, and knit hats in the winter to keep my ears from freezing off .


  9. Nope I don't wear hats but I think some people look good in them. My dh wears them sometimes so his bald head doesn't burn...lol

  10. Back in the day (late 60's-70) I used to have a hat to match each outfit. I was an Ozarks fashionista back then.

    Today I slap on a hat to keep warm...especially lately. Heeehehehe!!! Baby, it's cold outside...and icy! Burrrrrr!

    Fun post!

    Have yourself a 'warmly' blessed day! :o)


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