Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Big Sunday

It's Trivia time!

Super Bowl Trivia

The 1st super bowl was
on January 15, 1967 in LA.

It was simulcast on TV by two
channels instead of one.

A ticket cost $12 and some felt
that was an outragious price!
They should see the price now!!!

Fans will see the 47th Super Bowl
this Sunday--February 3rd.

The 47th Super Bowl will see two
brothers at the coaching helm.

Super Bowl 46 was the most
watched Super Bowl--with 113.3
million viewers.

The San Francisco 49ers with a
5-0 record are the only team to
appear in more than one Super
Bowl without losing.

Seventeen of the 46 bowl games
have been decided by 7 points or



Super Bowl Sunday ranks second to
Thanksgiving Day for the highest food
consumption in the United States.

The Haas Avacado Board says 71.4
million pounds of avacado -that's
142 million avacados- were consumed
during last year's Super Bowl.

These are "The must have" foods
for the Super Bowl:

1--Salsa, dips and/or spreads-69%

2--Chicken Wings-63%




What do you serve for Super Bowl

Do you have a party/get together?
Friends are coming over and we will
enjoy a Mexican fare.


The Puppy Bowl

You can find the Puppy Bowl on the
Animal Planet Channel each Super
Bowl Sunday--check your local listings.

The first one was on February 6, 2005.

The puppies featured in the model
stadium are shelter dogs.

This year's show was filmed in west
midtown Manhattan and features 63
puppies-10 on the field at a time.

 Filming occured over two days..

Check this show out--the puppies
are ADORABLE!!!!


~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. I am not much of a football fan....BAD I know!!! LOL but I think I will tune into the Puppy Bowl...now THAT looks like a good sports show! LOL

  2. Melinda, I learn so much from all that you share on this blog. It is fun how you share it all too. Thanks for the trivia.


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