Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Famous Women---U, V, W and Y


Our Famous U is:

Uma Thurman (1970-    )


Quick Facts:

Father was a Buddhist Monk.
Mother was German nobility
Received a Buddhist upbringing.

Began at the age of 15.
Magazines to her credit Glamour
and British Vogue.

In eight grade, she found her love
for acting.
Has many films to her credit. One
being Pulp Fiction.
Dropped out of  Prep school to
pursue acting.

Mom of three.

Active in several charities.


Our Famous V is:

Vanna White (1957-    )


Quick Facts:

Television personality:
Hostess on Wheel of Fortune.

Her first appearance in a game show
was on the Price Is Right as one of the
first four contestants. She did not make
it though.

She took over the hostess spot as a sub
on wheel in 1982. Later in the year she
became the full time hostess on Wheel.
Still fippin' letters today.

In 1992, Guinness Book of World
Records recognized Vanna as
"televisions most frequent clapper."

In 2006, Vanna received a star on the
Hollywood Walk of Fame.

She is mom to two children.

Avid knitter and crocheter.
Has her own line of yarn.


Our famous W is :

Whoopi Goldberg (1955-    )


Quick Facts:

Her stage name "Whoopi"
came from the Whoopee

Movies to her credit--The Color
Purple, Ghost, Sister Act, Sister
Act 2 .
She has won an Emmy, a Grammy,
A Tony and a an Oscar award.
She was the second black woman
in the history of the Academy
Awards to win an acting Oscar.

From 1998-2002, she was the co-
producer for the Hollywood

Black Comedy, Musical Comedy,
Satire and Observational Comedy
on a variety of subjects.

She has written a number of children's
Whoopi's Big Book of Manners
Sugar Plum Ballerinas Books 1-5
Sugar Plum Ballerinas: Dancing Divas

Is it Just Me? Or Is It Nuts Out There?

Television Host:
Whoopi has been on The View since
2007 when she took over for Rosie
O' Donnell.


Our famous Y is:

Yvonne De Carlo (1922-2007)

Internationally famous
Hollywood star in the 40's
and 50's.
Played Sephora in The Ten
One of her best known
characters was Lily Munster,
wife of Herman in The Munsters'
from 1964-1966. She reprised
her role in Munster Go Home!
and a role for TV, Munsters'

For her work in a variety of
films she received two stars
on the Hollywood Walk of

Made several recordings.
Genres: Blues, Jazz and

Worked in nightclubs.

Ms. De Carlo passed away
in 2007 from heart failure.


Well, that is it I have completed
THE challenge! A little differently
but it is complete.
I hope you have enjoyed these posts
and picked up something interesting
from them. I know I have.
Thanks to those who have stopped by.!

We will resume regular programming
next week with "Wednesday Write Up"
so pop by!

~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. Great group of women, esp. Uma and Vanna! I enjoyed this series!

    1. Thank you!
      I am glad you enjoyed the series.

      M : )

  2. Enjoyed.. M could have easily been Melinda!!! Interesting, smart, raised in Missouri... lives in Kansas.

    1. Aww thanks, Shug . You have made my day!
      Glad you enjoyed.

      M : )

  3. Catching up today since I've been out of town. This has been an interesting series, and I really enjoyed these last four. Every one of them had me thinking, "Wow! I didn't know that!" Nice job, Melinda!

    1. Thanks Karen!!
      Glad you found out something new with this series. I did too.

      M : )

  4. Fun post, Melinda!
    I've been MIA for quite some time, but I'm back now and looking forward to reading your posts!

    Have a lovely day.

    1. It is so good to see you!
      Glad you like the post.

      M : )

  5. Liked your series, but like you, I'm done with A to Z. I'll finish at my own pace in May -- posts are figured out and I have the pictures -- but I really liked the previous format.

  6. Thank you, glad that you enjoyed it.
    Finishing on your works. There is a survey on the A-Z bog that you can fill out and tell them you liked the old format better.

    We may have not done the A-Z way but we did our way and that is what matters.

    M : )

  7. Hi Melinda. I never stopped back, but love your final lineup here. Uma's background is fascinating. I didn't know this about her. So did you finish with Z? Don't see, but no bother. Huge congrats anyway. You made it through the long haul!!

    1. Thanks!
      This is my "finish post" and I
      am fine with it.
      Z is a hard letter.

      Congrats to you also!!

      Come by again soon.

      M : )


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