Thursday, April 6, 2017

Famous Women---E


Our famous E is:

Eleanor Roosevelt (1884-1962)

Quick facts:

Niece of Theodore Roosevelt.

Married her fifth cousin one removed,
Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Former First Lady of the United States.
Longest-serving First Lady of the United
She held this post during her husband's
four terms in office.

Mrs. Roosevelt made many appearances
on the President's behalf due to his
development of Polio.

In her later years she was a highly
respected First Lady yet some viewed
her as controversial at the time for her outspokenness.

As a First Lady and then as a political
figure, she wore many hats.

By the time of her death, she was viewed
as "one of the most esteemed women in
the world."

**I could go on, there is so much that
could be written in this post but  I am
trying to keep each post short and sweet.
If you find Mrs. Roosevelt as fascinating
as I do, find some time to read more about

Tomorrow will introduce you to
Famous F.

~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. Melinda, I'm really enjoying this series! I have some books on Eleanor, and I'm making notes on some of the other women you mentioned. I'll have a lot of reading to do, but I find women's history to be so fascinating.

    1. I am so glad to hear that you are enjoying this series. It has been pretty interesting for me too.
      Happy reading!

      M : )

  2. Hi Melinda! Eleanor is an interesting person to read about it. Her early life and her married life were both complicated at times and she persevered. I've read several books about her and enjoyed them all. Great post!

    1. Thanks!
      Yes, she is a very interesting
      woman. I learned several things
      about her while researching her.

      Thanks for stopping in, come back soon!

      M :)


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