Saturday, April 8, 2017

Famous Women---G


Our famous G is :

Georgia O' Keeffe (1886-1987)


Quick facts:

American Artist known for
painting large flowers, New
York Skyscrapers and New
Mexico landscapes.

She has been recognized as
"the Mother of American

Received her formal art training
at the School of the Art Institute
of Chicago.

Other jobs:
Commercial illustrator

After working in the art world for
several years, O'Keeffe moved to
the southwest. At this time she
began painting the landscapes of
New Mexico.

Awards and honors:

She was presented the Presidential
Medal of Freedom by President Ford
in 1977.

In 1985, she was awarded the National
Medal of Arts by President Reagan.

In 1993, she was inducted into the
National Women's Hall of Fame.

Ms. O'Keeffe passed away at the age
of 98 in her home.

The Georgia O'Keeffe Museum was
established in Santa Fe, New Mexico
after her death.

Here is another famous woman with
much written about her, if any of this
interested you, check her out.

Tomorrow will introduce you to
Famous H.

~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. Very cool idea! Just stopping by to say howdy. :-)

  2. I'm going to Santa Fe next month. There are so many art museums and exhibits down there, but I didn't realize that's where her museum is. See you tomorrow for "H"!

    1. Yes, make sure to go to her museum. So interesting.

      M : )


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