Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Two in One


Today is National Chocolate Day!


Tomorrow will be National Candy
Corn Day!

In honor of both we have the annual
"150 Calories
or Less" post. The yummies
below are listed at 150 calories or less and
can be used as a sub for their larger friends.

5 pieces-136 calories and 6 grams fat

Junior Mints:
2 Snack-Size Boxes-150 calories and
3 grams fat

Blow Pop:
2 Lollipops-120 calories and 0 grams

6 Rolls-150 calories and 0 grams

Plain M&M's:
2 Fun Size Bags (about 35 candies)
140 calories and 6 grams fat

Charleston Chew:
5 pieces-150 calories and 5 grams

Jolly Ranchers:
6 pieces (hard candies)- 140 calories
and 0 grams fat

If the above news wasn't
exciting enough--guess

The Kansas City Royals are
playing in game 7 of the
World Series TONIGHT!
What a fun ans exciting time
it has been for the K C Metro
Everywhere you turn you see
blue. I have worn more blue in
the past several weeks than I can
remember and I have more Royals
clothes too than I had before all of
this fun started.
So if you are watching the game and
you want to root for a team, root for the
Royals! Winning will bring the trophy
back to KC after a 29 year drought!


~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. I LOVE Halloween candy!! Especially candy corn.

  2. Isn't candy in their own food group?

    M : )

  3. So sad for the Royals... and I love both of those candies you pictured. Trying not to eat as much Candy Corn this year as it is straight sugar.

    Saturday is the craft fair!

    1. Yes, a tough loss for the Boys in Blue but they
      have SO much to be proud of!

      We are trying very hard to stay away from the candy too. Tough sometimes.

      Craft Fair yea!

      M : )

  4. I was sad about the Royals.. but they sure did great this year!! Have a great weekend!! -Tammy

  5. Yes they did. It was a good run.

    Happy Halloween!

    M : )

  6. Hope you had a nice weekend.
    All the leftover Halloween candy needs to go away now :) Gotta be good and save up for pie now...***smile**.


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