Tuesday, October 28, 2014

This and That


Good afternoon, hope you
are having a SUPER day!

Remember my friend in the pic
above? I got him at the Barn Sale
we went to. Well, for several years
now I have wanted one of these but
they we either too beat up or too
expensive. Much to my delight they
had two at the sale and this one came
home with me!


He has been transformed into a
Jack-O-Lantern. If you have
been blogging for awhile, they
were quite the thing. I first saw
this on House of Hawthornes
blog by Pam (see sidebar for her
blog) and it has taken me this long
to find one that I liked.
I used Acrylic paint and a foam brush.
Starting at the top of a section, brushing
down, go back up and back down. I did
this all away around the base of the can,
using five to six coats to get the look I
wanted. I did not paint anything else
because I thought it look stemy (new
word) enough.
Mr. J has joined the wooden candy corn
from the Spinach Fest and I brought
another "J" home after craft saling over
the weekend. This is knitted or crochet
to fit around a babyfood jar, these ladies
were so creative and they threw in some
candy corn too!

Here is another Fall idea. I found this
on my Gooseberry calendar.

"Frost is on the pumpkins"---
Spray a pumpkin lightly with spray
adhesive and sprinkle with clear
glitter. Set on a cake stand for a
centerpiece. Surround the pumpkin
with Fall leave etc.
These would make pretty Thanks-
giving centerpieces.

~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. Oh my goodness Malinda......so, so cute!! You are so clever!!

  2. Thank you, but I did have a little help.

    M : )

  3. What cute and fun ideas. Happy Halloween and go Royals!

  4. Thanks for the complement and the cheers!

    M : )


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