Monday, October 13, 2014

R is for AND S is for...


R is for ...

Raking Leaves

I am sure that this is EVERYONE's
most favorite activity in Fall! When
my Mom was little they could burn
theirs, she loved the smell of burning
leaves. Our fair city will not allow
us to do this so rake, rake, rake is
what we do.


R is for...


Fall is the time of year when
we start thinking about those
comfort foods we love. Fall is
also a time when we cook more
and concentrate on trying new
recipes. Of course, there are the
upcoming holidays to think about


S is for...


The month when Fall arrives.
School begins for most and
days begin to get shorter.

S is for...


We saw this one at our
favorite pumpkin farm.
I liked her because you
don't see many female
scarecrows. She is all
dolled up to greet the

As you see I have skipped Q.
nothing came to the brain for
it. If you think of something,
please share it with us.

Tomorrow will be T

~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. Q is for... The Orioles are making me Quiver, Did they Quit.. the Quacked Royals are Quickly knocking us out of the playoffs!!! Ugggghh. : )

  2. Very Quirky!
    Hold on to your hats.
    We'll see what tomorrow brings. Hopefully
    no rain!

    M : )

  3. I don't like to rake, but I do love to jump in the leaves that my husband raked! :)

  4. I bet that really impresses him!


    M : )


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