Friday, October 3, 2014

J is for...


J is for...

Jack Frost

When I was little my Mom would tell
me that Jack Frost was the one who
made all the leaves turn colors.
He would kiss each one and it would
turn colors. We would drive down a
particular road and as you went down
it you could see the different colored
tree tops showing where Jack Frost
had been. I would have her tell me
this story each Fall as we drove down
the road.

Of course, we know that he is responsiible
for making our windows Frosty each day.

J is for...


I love a good Jack-o-lantern,
it is fun to see how people carve
them. I am not too creative when
it comes to carving these. Mine
are pretty basic. I admire the
more elaborate ones.

***I am a day behind due to the
baseball playoffs, got to watching
our team (Kansas City Royals)
and forgot to write a post yesterday.

Tomorrow is K but at this time I
have nothing for it, so we will see.

~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. That's a true story re Jack Frost. My mother told me!!
    Have a colorful weekend.


  2. K... well that's easy.. K is for Mr KEN!! : ) Jack frost is definitely knocking on our door tonight. Brrrrrrrrrr.

    1. Well, of course! He enjoyed that!

      Yes, we have met with Mr. Frost the
      last couple of days. Tomorrow is supposed
      to be warmer.

      M : )


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