Thursday, October 23, 2014

Baby Gift

Hello Everyone--

Several weeks ago we had a baby
shower at work. Now, I'm not one
to buy the traditional baby goodies,
I like to make or find something
useful but different.  So I dug
into the deep reccesses of my brain
and came up with something that
I think is pretty neat!

I made:
Diaper Changing Table Mats-
You know the ones that are in
public restrooms? Well, they

don't look very comfy so I
made baby H three different 
mats that her Mom can use for
her to lay on. These would also
work on a bed too.

To make: ( these are guestimations)

I made my pattern out of heavy paper,
14 1/2" wide and 33" long. One yard
of 45" fabric for both sides worked for
me. I used contrasting fabric for the
back and the front. You will also need
12"of ribbon so they can be rolled up
and put away in the diaper bag. Look
closely at the top of the pics and you
can make out the different fabrics and
the ribbon used.

Lay your pattern on your fabric, cut
out, place fabrics right sides together,
tuck your ribbon in the top (I folded
mine in half-*before sewing make sure
that when you turn your mat right side
out that the ribbon's front side shows--
one of mine came out backwards), pin
together and sew. Start on one long side,
go across the top and down the other side.
Turn right side out-iron if need be. Tuck
the bottom end inside and finish up. Ta-Da
you have a diaper changing table mat.

Make one or ten that way the new Mom
will have a clean one when needed.

I was very pleased with the reactions these
got at the shower--everyone really liked
them. :)

~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. Great idea! Now, if only I could sew!!


  2. Thanks!
    You could have someone
    else do it for you.

    M : )

  3. Look how smart you are.....such a neat idea. Wish I could sew...but just never learned. Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend.

  4. Great idea and such a thoughtful gift too!


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